24 December 2010

Shu is a really complicated man: Kuragehime episode 10

With only one episode left, I'm bracing myself for what might happen in this episode. Hopefully nothing that will crush my hope for this show.

Tsukimi might never know who carried her to her room last night. Maybe it was better that way, so that both of them didn't get their hopes high for something that is intangible at this point. Kuranosuke in denial of his feelings while Tsukimi still hung up over Shu. This way, both of them will not be hurt.

Kuranosuke is a good man. If only he doesn't cross dressing as much #ohwell

He went to the Nunz's place earlier than usual so that he can get an early start with the skirts. Of course the Nunz including Tsukimi were clueless but did not reject Kuranosuke's ideas. Once again we got to see Chieko master hands at work, even though she wasn't much of a help when it comes to western dresses.

That's impossible

I don't have a fucking clue what's going on when Maya and Banba walked into the room, saw the white fabric and start doing something only they would do with the fabric. I mean, was this the first time they ever saw a bolt of fabric or they just did that to annoy Kuranosuke. If it was the later, they had succeed.

They really don't have any pride, do they?

Gotta LOL'd at Kuranosuke method of making a skirt though. Since none of them had any idea how to make a skirt, Kuranosuke stripped (lucky Tsukimi. If it was I, I would have a fatal nosebleed and probably jump him after that. That white fabric will no longer be white when I'm done with him *chuckles*) and lied down on the fabric. He instructed Tsukimi to cut whatever shaped that she thinks will make a skirt. I'm not exactly an expert but I do own a dress making business and that is NOT how you cut your fabric to make skirts. All you need is measurements of the hip and the waist. Then the length of the skirt. That's for one layer skirts. For what Kuranosuke had in mind, they have to cut several layer of fabric with different length. After that make the necessary ruffles, and put them together. The beads and the lace come after the basic skirt is done. Gah, Kuranosuke should just call me up for help, really.

Well at least Tsukimi has some idea how a flower hat jellyfish should look like so that help a bit. Since it wasn't fluffy enough, Kuranosuke suggested that they continue at his place but he made a mistake of mentioning Shu in front of Tsukimi. Naturally the girl went on emo mode. Not to worry though since Kuranosuke just know where to push her buttons to make her feel A OK again. Awwww...

I must admit that at one point in my life, I did feel the same way. I mean, why complicate things?

They did went to his place with Chieko and Jiji tagging along. It was a miracle that they managed to make the skirt, using the pearl necklace left by Kuranosuke's mom as the finishing touch.

The end product

Naturally, Kuranosuke tried it one and look mighty delectable in it. He really is a princess in his own right.

The problem now is, since no one was at the Nunz's place (Maya and Baban went to Chinatown), their house were guarded up by the reconstruction company. Oh shit.

That's not all. I'm not happy at all with the fact that Shu is going according to the whore/skank/slut pace. Dammit, why must he be a virgin and so naive? He kept calling her who was drunk as fuck and mistaken her slurring as a sign of suicide. So he rushed over. And just like a naive virgin, he started to cry when he found out that he had been punk'd. Seriously Shu, WTF?

If this by any chance caused the whore/skank/slut and Shu a changed of heart, I'm gonna spit on the director's face.

Hmm, then again maybe there was a reason behind Shu's reaction. I wonder what it was. I figured it has something to do with Kuranosuke's mom. Did she kill herself? Was that why Shu was so panic about it? I think despite he's naivety, he is a really complicated man with many secrets that obviously a burden to him.

Anyway, he decided to go straight to Narita aiport after he left the whore/skank/slut's place. I know that Kuranosuke mentioned about him leaving town for work but I really am restless thinking of him leaving with so many loose ends that he had to deal with :(

On the other hand, glad to report that the whore/skank/slut has only one suit in her wardrobe. She has worst fashion sense than the Nunz. While she talked about the redevelopment, Shu's mind was somewhere else. Unfortunately the whore/skank/slut haunted him even in his day dream. Poor Shu. At least we know where his heart is :3

Also, without Shu's knowledge, his dad asked Hanamori to investigate Tsukimi as well. I dunno where or how did he finds out about her but Hanamori has asked Sugi for help again.

Glo commented on my last post about Kuragehime that he thinks the normal Tsukimi looks way better than the "after" Tsukimi. I kinda agree at first but when I see how Shu pictured him in my mind, I kinda understand how he didn't recognize Tsukimi with megane and a sweat suit.

Just look at the differences

The last episode better be epic with all this build up. I expect second season because I don't think they can resolved all the dorama in just one episode. If they did... well, they better not butcher this awesome show is all I want to warn.

By the way, I like to wish all my friends a very Merry Chritsmas ♥


O wow...Shuu might actually end up with the Skank...

A virgin and a skank...terrible. =(

This series is so sad.

*whiplash* NEVER!!

Shu snapped, there is much we dont yet know about. I think the slut will still string him along for a while... i dont want to see them together so if a change of heart happens then crap XD

I have to agree Tsukimi looks great just the way she is, but she really shines when excited about jellyfish :3

merry xmas klux! hope we get another season of Kuragehime lol

I am worried about Shu more than anything else at this point :(

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