23 May 2008

Sensitive Pornograph

My friends came over the other night for dinner. They got bored after dinner so they browsed through my 200GB worth of anime including the DVDs. They came upon an anime titled Sensitive Pornograph. Being GAR men as they are, they quickly assumed it was hentai. Being a cunning bitch myself, I let them assumed whatever they want.

I told them that if I were to let them see that anime, they have to sit through it till the end. Being morons that they are, they didn't stop a minute to think why was I so adamant about it. Ah, I love these morons...

So I locked the door, bat in hand and press play.

The very first minute they saw it, they were howling with disgust and begged me to stop it. I said not a chance. They wept.

Somehow they survived the first part of the anime. Came the second part, the howling was replaced by gagging. It proved to be too much for GAR men like them to handle but I still did not move an inch from the door.

Two of them ran to the bathroom to puke right after the 'hot scene' ended. The other three just sat there in silence. I have scarred them for life.

Now they dubbed me the queen of evil: must be avoided by all GAR men at all cost.

However, they can't seem to stop talking about it. I just got a call from one of them wanting to borrow it. They gonna torture their GAR friends as well.

My wings of evilness has spread.

I cackles.


Hahaha! I'm really feeling sorry for them now. I felt sick watching it alone.

Imagine how much worst they would have felt watching it together as a group of guys. RoFl!!!

Eviiiilll... :p

Oh? I never thought about it that way. LOL thank goodness they didn't start getting a b0nar and do each other right then and there. Don't think I can handle that ^^"

If that really happened. You could always bat em! :p

They might have a sore head in the morning. But at least they didn't turn gay. Lol! They'd thank you!

lol, I have a better idea. I would have grab a video camera and have that as proof so they'll bow and worship me for the rest of their lives! >=D

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