22 February 2010

Bleach Trading Figures Series 1

The complete set of series 1

This is my favorite Series so far because Ichigo and Rukia technically are my first ever figures that I bought. I still remember how fucking excited I was back then and I still am. Part of the excitement comes from the fact that I am a HUGE IchiRuki fans (for canon OTP).

They look great together, don't they =3

I really love the details on these figures

This is, I think, is her trademark pose

The only problem with this figure is Ichigo's butter knife zanpaktou. It bends after sometimes which kinda makes him looks like a pussy with bended sword like that. Other than that I am freaking happy with these two.

I got Renji few months later together with Gin and Aizen. You can't see from the pictures (because I was such a n00b with a camera back then and is too lazy to take another picture of him), but the details on his face is great. He got the tattoo and all and with his hair down like that, he does look slightly badass.

Zabimaru is made of the same material as Ichigo's zanpaktou but since Renji's zanpaktou can bend and what not it does not irked me like Ichigo's does. Again, I love the details. Bandai did a good job with these figures imo.

I actually has found Hitsugaya unfortunately the one that I found has lost his zanpaktou. The person who sells it even argued with me saying that the figure didn't come with any other accessories. I wanted to smack her face. Clearly she is useless and does not has a clue about the figures she is selling. She even think that Hitsugaya and Gin are the same person, only with different pose. I was like, shut up you whore! You are insulting a Bleachtard!

Gah people like this left me frustrated. /rant

For my other figures, click here.

p/s: I am re-doing this post because previously I put Renji in Series 2 because of some misunderstanding with the information.


Sounds like Zabimaru's ability to bend is something they only incidentally got right.

On the other hand, actual hard materials fashioned in the shape of swords (which are of course pointy) would probably provoke rage and lawsuits from overprotective parents at some point.

lol yeah I'm sure they didn't meant to get it right either XD

The zanpaktous after this series are all made from hard materials so I dunno what they were thinking. Maybe this first series was sort of experimentation? *shrugs*

These figures look realy nice. And they were very well made!!!!!!!!

Yes they are. Ichigo has a permanent scowl on his face ^^

Renji's is so awesome! For some reason, I really like Zabimaru. Maybe it is as you said... it bends.

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