25 March 2010

Anime and sexual deviation

This post is an answer to what Ningyo is asking in his recent post on youth and sexual breakthrough. I think it is too long to post on his comment box.

I guess I'm not affected much by it as a kid since the anime that I was watching as a kid were mainly comprised of dragon ball and Doraemon.

It is only in my late teen that I seriously got back to watching anime again. That's when I learned what hentai means, and the existence of several ero-manga websites. Do I get turned on by the 2D characters doing sexual stuff? Well, sometimes I do but most of the time I am just looking at it as if I am learning something from a text book. It was all very technical. To this day, I am way more comfortable watching 2D hentai than watching real life porn.

The sexuality theme in anime nowadays has indeed goes to another whole different level compared to those of 10 years ago. Just look at the amount of ecchi shows in every season to see the proof. They are getting bolder, destroying the taboo wall of incestship, robotic deviants etc. It creates more weird fetishes than I care to imagine.

One way or the other, for better or for worse, anime kinda makes me more acceptance of yaoi and yuri. I have no problem with people who swing that way. I think they have the liberty to choose their own orientation. It just happens to be that I am comfortable being with a guy more than with a girl so I guess I'm straight as a board (pun intended). I also found out that I am more fascinated with yaoi than with yuri. Kinda like guys-are-more-comfortable-with-yuri-than-yaoi sort of thing. I am not fit to be labeled as an obsess yaoi fan yet but is very close to.

I found salvation when I look at the bishounen characters. They created this ideal image in my head of a perfect guy: funny and nerdy with a pinch of badassery. Obviously a chance of a real life person to have those traits is close to zero but as long as there is a small percentage that there might be someone just like that, I don't mind waiting ^^

Trap? bring it on!

It also set the base or idea of the kind of romantic rendezvous that I am willing to be a part of. The normal relationship bores me to death. I want adventures and sparks in my romance hence why my relationships didn't last long. I need someone who can excites me. That's why that a pinch of badassery is a must!

Anime also provides a sort of conformity, a sense of confidence that I can be whoever I wanted to be, without allowing opinions of others get to me because I see how Konata or Shiki or Haruhi get away with being who they really are. Inspirational indeed.


My next post actually deals somewhat with incest, and Japans obsession with it.

Boring relationships are indeed boring which is why all of my relationships fail after 2 weeks. My last girlfriend discovered that I dumped her because I felt the relationship was boring. Normally guys like it when a girl does anything they ask (this girl did everything I asked). Well I hate it.

I need someone who will fight me, be open about everything, try anything once (like skydiving WHOOP dee WHOOP), and have a whole lot of sex with me. Is that too much to ask for?

I prefer the forbidden kind of relationships. Incest mostly. :|

I have no idea why, but i like it when brother and sister fall for each other. More acceptable to the public when it's cousin/cousin.

its prolly more interesting cuz it leaves room for much dramu to be had. XD


I'm fuckin' weird aren't I.

And this evolved into your love letter to romance. It's so fun, watching the turn of ideas.

I'd thought that anime sexuality shows the evolution of pop-culture sexual notions, but it seemed Tezuka had very offbeat fetishes as well. Still, forgetting him, I'd like to think that as true. I'd be hard pressed to name other mediums that has such a dynamic base of fetishes.

Anime sure has been a vehicle in exploring homosexuality - I suppose two and two was put together, with how the sex embedded into the medium combined with how it's drawn and easily represented.
I'm the bona fide straight guy, so I reject yaoi and partake generously in yuri... My liking for Hideyoshi is probably just euphoria.

See, again with the idols - anime creates somewhat of a utopian worldview, of dubious effects to us. Oh well, we are capable of rationalizing things. I suppose if I really were crippled by anime sexuality in my childhood, I wouldn't be here writing in retrospect and discussing it with people.

I too actually has a post drafted about incest. Great minds think alike, I guess. I am exactly like you Glo except that I don't have a dick but a vagina as my private parts. How one can sustain a boring relationship is beyond me. Day in and day out with routine... jeebus. I can't live like that.

Jubbz, incest baby is more likely to get diseases or just plain dumb ^^

We are as normal as one can be, with all these influence from the anime and manga, Ningyo. I wouldn't want to change anything about myself. Knowing that if I wasn't influence by these culture, I am probably married and is sitting at home, preparing dinner for my husband day in and day out with no life and probably depressed as fuck. That is just sucks.

I believe these sexual deviation have been around forever. The anime just started to express them more openly. But anime itself isn't responsible for such tastes or action.

And yes, I like incest, too, as long as the anime is done well ;)

It is the truth Canne. I mean, porn has been around since before the technology. It is only because anime is accessible for all ages, including kids, they kinda blame it on anime for an easy way out.

Baka to Test: Incest done right.

One must know what is fictional/fantasy but it hard for some young chap to know where to draw the line I guess...

Even I is having a hard time :P

I just CAME across this post again, and simply wanted to say that I CAME across it. Get it?

*chuckles* I get it and is happy about it \^o^/

some says that its more comfortable to watch anime porn than the real thing.
well,thats what i think :D

btw where did you get that death the kid picture?

real life porn scares the hell out of me =\

I got that from danbooru. They don't say who the artist is so I neglected that part.

i want this site

Offer me a price

I like this picture the girl reminds me of myself. I tottaly agree with you about your girl troubles. I mean I'm not a lesbian but I get what your after. Forbidden relationships are a turn on. This coming froma weird teen. lol. freeeakkkkyyy....

First of all. What girl? All the girls up there are either trap or Shiki.

Somehow I don't see gay relationship as forbidden anymore, thanks to anime. I kinda accept it like it is any other heterosexual relationship. The forbidden stuffs that are left in my book is incestship. I'm okay with some but can't totally accept the others. For example, I want Sora and Haru to be happening (Yosuga no Sora - twincest in the making) but totally loath the idea of Kyousuke and Kirino (OreImo) together. Fucking eeuuwww...

incest is an odd subject. I completely support all efforts to prevent birth defects in children and certainly large scale incest has very negative effects for a population, but I see no moral evil in an incest relationship. In fact I find it immensely romantic. There's a certain fondndess and trust between close siblings that would translate into an unbelievable love given the chance. Who knows you better than a close sibling? not your parents or your best friend. It would be a special love indeed.

Also klux, my friends would say that I fit your description of your ideal guy perfectly. I will pass on relationship drama though. I am quite taken, and quite across-an-ocean, but well, we do exist.

I am very selective when it comes to incestship. It's a rare occasion that I approved of female/male siblings incestship (I can only think of Yosuga no Sora for an example). Usually my incestship involves two male bishie because then they don't have to worry about birth defects lol.

I don't appreciate drama in a relationship either. What I mean is trying out new things together, that sort of things like killing zombies or fighting evil magus for example. Heh.

I am married to Quam in my internet life, and to Glo in my ani-blogging life. Both are the type of guy I would marry in real life. Too bad they are across the ocean, just like you so yeah I know they exist. I just need to find someone closer geographically XD

I like hentai
It definatly is more comfortable than real porn
however, im okay with yaoi and yuri
but i dont like it when it gets TOO strange
(incest is okay if they arent BIOLOGICALLY related)
and no tentacles please o-o

Dear anon, in anime everything goes. Strange or weird is not in their vocabulary.

The more taboo the incest is, the greater the appeal. But this only applies for certain siblings, apparently.

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