22 December 2009

Kubo the Troll

Lately the Bleach fandom has been in an uproar at the ridiculous plotkai plot twist that Kubo has presented us with. Demented fly? check. Useless wolf? check. Even more useless animal? check.

Aye, Kubo who we knew loves big tities as much as he loves that ridiculous sunglasses has turned into a the world's most professional troll in manga fandom.

Will I continue being a Bleachtard though? Hmm... I am not blind as to deny that the plot as of late has been pretty weak. But that is because we keep comparing the Hueco Mundo arc + winter war arc with the Soul Society arc. Since I rarely did so, I think I'm a pretty good.

Make no mistake though that I am mad that he killed Ulquiorra and other bad characters in the series. Some, in my opinion, died too easily considering their ranking but meh bad people needs to die in shounen right? Right. If he would have kill at least one good characters (let say... the old fuck Yamaji) than I think the fans won't be too mad. If he does that, he might be able to save himself from getting his head decapitated.

So my answer to that question is... yes. I am a Bleachtard at heart and as long as I am aware, nothing can changed that. Except if he does an IchiHime. If he does that, I'll personally will kill him again and again and again, making sure he suffered more than he did the last time. Why? Because in Kubo's world...


p/s: this post is a half troll


Not that I can condone murder or anything, but I'm kinda hoping Ichihime will happen just to see your reaction.

Haha, I love your rant on Ichihime.
Agreed with TJ.

Be damn sure that I'm not the only one who wants his head/analog stick on a spear if IchiHime happened. We are going to RAGE!!

well, they always kill the bad guys that I like and keep the bad guys I don't like alive or, worse, turn them into good guys X_X
BTW, thanks for adding me into blogroll (added you in return)

which character(s) that has gone from bad to good?

(don't mention it ^_^)

Plotkai... Wuuaaahhh Wuuuaaahhh Wuuuaaahhh..
Nice laugh.

But Ulquiorra (Wow. Just realised how spelling ticky his name is) died?!! o.0!
Must... Not... Ask.. For.. Details...

And seriously, anything which can cause klux to doubt herself as a Bleachtard is something seriuosly serious. As in. Seriously serious shit.


Ulquiorra is not dead. I is living in denial.

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