09 February 2010

Black Popobe

My boyfriend travels a lot and during his recent trip to China, he brought me the Popobe bear. Technically he didn't bought it since he got it for free when he bought the McDonald meal. Yeah, he's a cheap bastard but I love him all the same.

The Popobe are released by McDonald in conjunction for the Valentine's Day. There are several designs and I actually glad that I get the sleek black one. I forgot to ask if he gets a matching Popobe too. But I doubt it.

I decided to name him my Black Popo. Lame, I know but it suits him best.

All the limbs (hands and feet) are movable. So is his head. All these just add to the cuteness of him.

Aight here are more photos of him from different angles.

I love the fact that his body is full with the heart prints. It makes it feels like he's covered in hickeys ^__^

I actually kinda like the Popobe from when I first laid eyes on them but for whatever reason I have never felt any inclination to buy them. Maybe with my first Popobe I'll start buying them? I dunno... It will depends on my moolah.

Grr I wish McDonald Malaysia will come out with cool toys like this instead of junk toys that are not worth to be collected >_>

That's all folks! *waves*


It's cute, and funny ^^

that's cool that he thought of you while away - even if it was a freebie. I guess he is off the hook this weekend since Valentine's Day is coming now.

Black rights son! February! Valentines! Good mix McDonalds, I didn't miss it!

black popo is very cute, that should explain why hes covered in hickeys :P

@Leonia, which part of it is funneh?

@Bluedrakon, he's not gonna be around anyway. India.

@Glo, WTH is Kid KaBoOM? And I don't celebrate Valentines.

@rockleelotus, heh I wonder who gave him the hickeys between the leg :P

We never get good McD toys here. It's always some crappy ugly thing from Disney or Pixar.

I'd link you, but I can't paste things into the comment box.

I guess you can view the page on my ISSS called Loo$e Change.

Hey your bf got this for you while he dine at mcdonald in china? I actually came to know about it few week ago and I have to say that's a fine looking toy. To think China mcdonald give designer toys is something sort of a breakthru.

@Yi, same thing over here :(

@Glo, HOLY FUCKING FUCK! I didn't know you are a rapper in a swimming trunk! FTW man!! Lets get married!

... oh wait, we already am ^__^

@LEon, yeah I read your post and when I googled it, most of it came back to that post. Heh. I wish the other McDonald will follow suit after this. That would be freaking awesome.

I have added your link to that post so others can read your toy review. :)

Aww thanks. Very much appreciated LEon ^_^

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