20 December 2010

Star Driver Episode 10 and 11: oh shit, Bleach!!

Heh, this is my 666th post and I'm talking about Star Driver. The devil must felt ashamed XD

It's the tournament day in episode 10. I love episodes like these just because I can watched the random bishie they served as the appetizer. There are all sorts of random romance going on as well which just made it better imo.

Tako was talking with Marino who was wary of Takuto but the other girls got jealous where else Takeo was jealous of Takuto because he obviously like Marino. Mizuno was nonchalant as usual and did as she pleased.

The random said bishie

As expected it was Takeo's turn to challenge Takuto in zero time. Sugata was once again stopped by Wako from using King's Pillar. I can understand how that will make Sugata frustrated in the long run. But yeah, the fight just got harder for Takuto however with every new tricks from the enemy, Tauburn always have something up his sleeves to defeat them. Kinda unfair if you asked me.

Other facts that was revealed in episode 10:

  • Sugata, Wako and the class president were once the best of friends.
  • Mizuno and Marino's mom left them
  • We got a new song for fighting now that fish girl is gone, sang by Mizuno.
  • Marino too ended up liking Takuto. How cliche.
  • Marino is a big fan of Aqua Timez

Overall it was a really fun episode, quality wise. We got to see all these really funneh cartoonish expressions. I just wished we get to see less Takuto and more Sugata for a change but that will never happen.


But it was alright though because the start of episode 11 made me laughed. The reaction from the whole class, including the teacher, when Ojou-sama Watanabe started talking was priceless. Though this episode was actually focused more on Simone than anything else.

We already knew she was unhappy since the beginning. She also liked Takashi who I assumed is Watanabe's personal sex toy so I can understand why she hate her mistress. I mean Takashi is kinda the most memorable individual that Takuto had to fight so he's definitely up there in my book. To see him giving Watanabe the massage irks me too.

Oh but Takashi is more than just meets the eyes. He was manipulative son of a gun. I'm so glad that my choice of characters are still as good even after all these years. One dimensional characters are fucking boring. So Takashi convinced Simone to use her Cybody while he piloted it.

The fight, as expected was great. Not only because of Takashi, but because Sugata interfered as well. I'm so glad that he didn't listen to Wako. The fight wasn't fair to begin with so it was fine I guess.

Tauburn and King's Pillar combo

Anyway, here are the other facts from episode 11

  • Sugata went to a park and met with Head. Oh shit, did I just get what I wished for? O_o
  • Leon Watanabe is Simone's father
  • Simone's real name is Pamela
  • Watanabe has been using her Cybody for personal use
  • Simone misunderstood about Watanabe but that doesn't mean she doesn't hate her any longer


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