30 November 2009

Top 10 Anime WTF?

Anime Rags has done it again. They have came up with the ranking for Top 10 Anime. When I saw the list I was like... WTF?

  1. Macross F
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  3. Hetalia Axis Power
  4. Kobato
  5. Gundam 00
  6. K-ON!
  7. Code Geass R2
  8. Darker Than Black
  9. Fairy Tail
  10. Sora no Otoshimono
I assumed the list is not limited to fall season but freaking jeebus... is this for damn real?! *facepalm*

It just goes to show how weird Japanese are with their fetishes. Kobato and Sora no Otoshimono are prime example of shitty anime of the season and they are up there with Gundam 00 and Macross F. Trapeze, the most trippy anime of the season however, wasn't. It just doesn't make any sense =\

When did the quality of anime dropped this low? Oh right, when moe-shit started to invade. K-ON! was the epitome of that shit (even though I find it acceptable, the rest are just... bad).

Just look at the difference from last year winter season and this year's. Last year we have 25 or so anime excluding the OVA. This year? A mediocre 15 with only a few promised quality anime. Will this trend continues?

I really hope it doesn't.

Anyway, enough of that rant. Here is my top ten anime.

Hah! I got you there, didn't I? LOL

fanart by lokieternal

Gintama IS my number 1-5 anime. Why? How come Bleach isn't my number one? Because Gintama and not Bleach is the GREATEST GAR SHOW EVER!! For someone who doesn't watch or follow Gintama, they would say that it is full of bollocks with no real plot in sight. Well, to that people, go take a cucumber and shoves it up your ass or suck hard on an analog stick because you are a fag with capital G! This show is so funneh, it is not comparable to any other comedy show on earth. The randomness is so full of WTF and FTW moment that it will give you countless of BAM moments. Gintama has been a good source that keeping me sane. Whenever I feel depressed or down, I just have to watch an episode of Gintama and I'll be fine and dandy in no time. This show saves me ton of therapy money. Also, I want Gintoki to be my waifu ^__^

With number 1-5 done, the time has come for number 6-10. In no particular order (because it is impossible for me to rank them so), here they are:

fanart by sbel02

See that girl with the spear? Her name is Balsa. She is the most GAR woman in the history of anime. She can single-handedly kicked numerous men's asses, either with her spear or with her fist. She has amazing fighting skillz with will made of iron. But she alone does not make Seirei no Moribito the amazing series that it is. There are Chagum (I want to adopt him), Tanda, Torogai, and Jin among many other wonderful characters. Read my spazz about this series and submit to it's greatness.

Ookiku Furikabutte. One of the most awesome sport series I've ever watched. This show ranked above all others in the same category/genre. In case you are a retard and could not tell what the series is about after looking at the above picture, let me enlighten you. 'Oofuri' is about a no-name baseball team who went from zero to hero. Sounds cliche, you said? Well you sucks. End of story. The show is very well developed and almost everyone who have watched this series will agree with me when I said this show is made of win. It's freaking ah-mazing.

Those who know me would have no doubt that I will certainly include The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (both seasons) in my top ten list. I know there are so much hate for this show, especially towards Haruhi. I think among my anime friends I'm the only one who like this show. I am also gay for Haruhi. If we are married, it would be like self-cest because Haruhi (personality-wise) is practically me in real life. Yeah, I'm a bitch. And I have no problem with the endless-eight. So what?

My list will not be complete without DMC: Detroit Metal City. This show, I swear, is the fucking shiznit! Why? Here are some good reasons:
  • Krauser will fuck you
  • The president will fuck you
  • You'll be fucked
Awesome... If you haven't heard or watch this anime, you're so fucked up.

Other anime that in my opinion worth a mention, because I really like them are (in no particular order):


Seriously, that list is weird, at least for me. I would not choose any of those as top 10. I can understand FMA or K-On!, or even DTB, but the others? Completely weird.

Your list is better. I liked Samurai Champloo, and Hyakko too.

Lol. I was so bored at work today, I actually thought of some animes which would go on my Best list.

But referring to the animes in this post. I'd agree with Macross Frontier, Seirei no Moribito (OF COURSE!), Kannagi.

Wooo... I didn't know you had a thing for Shikabane Hime though. :p

My other nominations would be
- Clannad (but I know you hate it.. klux. Lol!)
- Basquash!
- Hajime no Ippo
- Hatsukoi Limited
- Munto Tv
- Toradora
- Sengoku Basara

Actually I could go on and on... But that would become a top 20 or something.. -.-"

Great list. I love bleach.

Any list without DMC can go to hell.

If you want weird, then that would be me. Cos the best anime in my list is Dragonball. If want up to date will be Dragonball Kai. LOL

I watched DMC movie before and it funny and I like it.

@Yi, exactly. No wonder the quality of anime has deteriorated this low -__-

@blur, the one you mentioned is a 9/10 for me except for Clannad

@Anime, I love Gintama. Bleach anime is way down the list^^

@Baka-Raptor, lol that's only appropriate XD

@LEon, I should have mentioned Dragonball. My bad. It still is an awesome show.

This post was so fucking awesome that it made me want to find a girl named awesome and then fuck her, but even then, I would not be fucking awesome like this post is.

Gintama kicks aceeee and I NEED TO WATCH IT.

I also need to watch Seirei no Moribito, I was going to watch it, and then I must have forgot about it. Yessss.

DMC is also on my top ten (it has to be)

How the fuck was K-ON on that list? Why do people like it so much? I don't.

That is the best comment ever! It made me wanna change my name to awesome and make it legit XD

Anime Rags list couldn't be real. I think they got paid or something. I'm happy that hetalia's on the top 3 but I doubt it has beaten code geass's popularity. the list is shit.

I like your list~ haha! (ah well, mine would be different in ranking, but I love those you have mentioned too . . . at least those that I'm familiar with)

Your list is pure awesomesauce

where is one piece???
regards from my unintenionally visit..=)

I don't know why but I have never like One Piece the anime. having said that, I have begin reading the manga though

I'm so into your list..go to hell wif k-on & so on...juz fucking annoying to me..if you wanna good x- rated comedy, try seto no hanayome - not some cheap porn show...always go for the comedy...bleach is still owkey to me..& DMC is kewl,period!!...hope God forgive me for being a man & not some faggot perv...

I've tried seto no hanayome and didn't like it for some reason. I failed to find what's so funny about it =\

Gundam 00 is really nice anime, i wonder why it comes at 5 place?? What K-ON lacking is a guy character. Well they should make one or two their group band member as a guy

Yeah I think with some love interest (the normal one, not yaoi), I think I can like K-ON... a bit.

manga ftw! also gundam 00 is fantastic

errr yeah... whatever you say dude *rolleyes* spammers >_>

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