24 August 2009


Taddaaaa!!! This is my version of K-ON! review because god knows how many reviews are out there about this show who has taken the anime wurado by storm. Hate it or love it, you must have seen it, or at least heard of it. If not, you are not deserving the animetard title.

Most of my guy friends who have seen it hated it. I can see why because K-ON! is definitely full of cuteness and girls stuff which only females or gay guys can relate too. Although I am not girly by all means, I still find some of the jokes funny. Yes, K-ON! makes me laugh... occasionally.

There isn't too much depth in K-On! storyline. It pretty much about girls doing girly cute things. 4 girls (will be 5 later on) joined the Light Music Club and having fun while trying to achieve their musical goal. Most of the time, it wasn't even about the music as they have teas and fucked around the club room doing nothing but discussing mundane thungs. These are the moments when the girls antics will either entertain you or makes you wonder why are you wasting your time watching this shit.

Each of the girls have their own distinct personalities. My favorite, Ritsu Tanaka is the lead of the group and the club president of the club who takes the role of energetic idiot. She plays the drum and pretty much dragged everyone else into the club to attain her own dream to play music. Mio Akiyama, the moe of the show, is Ritsu's bestfriend. She's the voice of sensibility in the group and always appeared serious but quickly turn moe/meek whenever someone teases her. Mio writes the song and play the bass. Yui Hirasawa, the main character of the show, is an airhead in every sense of the words. She is clumsy as well which only add to her adorableness. She plays the lead but has zero knowledge on music. She learns by listening to the music, which is quite impressive in my opinion. Tsumugi Kotobuki is the pianist, but since they don't have a piano, she ends up playing the keyboard. She is filthy rich and responsible for their tea breaks. Azusa Nakano is the latest addition to the group. At first I thought she was Mio's little sister because they are very much alike. She plays the guitar and the driving force for all the practice sessions.

Supporting characters like Ui, Yui's younger sister, Sawako, the club advisor and Nodoka help add more spice and humor to the show.

K-ON! is produced by the same Kyoto animation that did Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kanon and Lucky.Star. You can pick up a hint of resemblance here and there throughout the anime. The character designs are really cute. It pretty much help exudes the cuteness level of the show. The background art is consistent with the animation which provides good fluidity. You can see another level of details being displayed whenever the group does a concert to the point you can lips read the lyric (given that you are excellent in Japanese, that is).

From the OP, to the ED to the songs that are sang at the concert, they are really light and fluffy, a perfect match for the overall theme of the show and they are pretty catchy as well. Fuwa-fuwa time...

Overall, I do enjoy K-ON! but I'm not like 'O-Emm-Gee!! this is the best show on earth evar!!!' because it is not. Watching K-ON! is like eating cotton candy, nothing more than a tasty treat. For a good meal, I watch something like Seirei no Moribito.

Art 8/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 6/10
Characters 7/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 7/10


If you've seen one K-ON episode, you've seen them all. Except for episode 5. Episode 5 was actually good.

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