21 December 2010

Kuragehime episode 9: I want Kuranosuke all to myself ♥

This episode started off bad for me when I saw the whore tagged along when Shu decided to go home and explain to his dad the 'situation'. Seriously, the whore is getting on my nerves and my mood is fucked off to begin with. I don't need her to make it worse.

Kuranosuke was kinda spending the night with Tsukimi. Too bad though. I was hoping he was there to help Shu out. I'm sure he will uncover the truth in no time... wait a fucking minute. He too misunderstood the situation when he heard it from Tsukimi and jumped into conclusion. Argh dammit.

He was at the Nunz place to help Tsukimi making the jellyfish wedding dress. I lol'd when he drew something and Tsukimi totally went berserk, correcting him on what a certain jellyfish should looks like. Gotta love otaku...

Know your jellyfish!

Oh wait, since he doesn't want to wear lady's clothes, and Tsukimi doesn't want him to be exposed, they are going to his place. This mean that things will finally get more than just interesting. I can't wait to see what everyone's reactions would be.

But what you whore?

The whore just never knew how to give up. She showed the picture and as expected, Tsukimi was a tad too emo about it. I want to smack her head for being too fucking childish about this things. It's not like Shu confessed to her or anything so she's making a fool of herself for acting this way. Not to mention that Kuranosuke is a victim too.

Who am I kidding. Not every girl is as fucked up as I am. At least she's honest with her feelings.

And I can't believe that Shu ended up having a drink with the whore after that. If that's not enough, his dad and his uncle were celebrating the fact that he has lost his virginity. Jeebus. That just pissed me off even further. How can they fucking believe a blatant lie like that? O_o

Oh for fuck sake!

Once again I gotta hand it to Kuranosuke for calming me down. What's so great about Kuragehime is the simple gestures that warm your heart considerably. Shu did it when he held Tsukimi's hand. And now Kuranosuke helped carry Tsukimi back to her bed. Things like that what makes me fall for a guy and I just fell hard on my ass for Kuranosuke.

With only few more episodes to go, I can't wait to see how this one will conclude.


I have a prediction for the ending:

Shu is going to realize his feelings for Skankosaurous, and rail the shit out of her so hard that she's going to fall deeply in love with him. (well, I think they're going to pair up anyway, and I can see it totally working out). Then She's going to pretty much become his slave and do whatever he says. The shoe will be on the other foot, the tables turned, and the clocks moved ahead by an hour, so to speak. The housing will be stopped and the day saved, all thanks to Shu's massive dong.

On another note, how can Shu possibly get Tsukimi confused with her "after" form? Personally, I kind of prefer her before form anyway, but they don't look THAT different from each other.

I can't wait to give this a 5^^ rating.

NO I DON'T WANT THE SKANK TO END UP WITH SHU! Shu's massive dong only belong to me - I mean, Tsukimi!

Shu definitely has a screwed way at looking at woman. Maybe because the shit he saw or he was used to Kuronasuke sense of what a lady should looks like. Either way, the normal Tsukimi he have seen so far was always so disheveled. So maybe that's why he didn't recognize her?

I personally likes the normal Tsukimi too.

and now I can look forward to your review ^^

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