13 December 2010

My STGCC 2010 trip

This is my first trip to a toy/anime/comic convention. I never feel inclined to go to any of the conventions before but thought that I need to at least give one a try and see what's the commotion is all about.

So out of all the conventions, I chose Singapore Toys, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2010 to deflowered my convention-virginity. I don't have any specific reasons. I could actually wait for a week for Comic Fiesta that will be happening next week at Berjaya Times Square but it feels like a week too long. I like to be spontaneous sometimes I guess.

I went on the second day. The place was already full with cosplayers when I arrived. I loved the one with the full monster body suit. But too bad I'm too lazy to take any pictures of the cosplayers because they are not my main reason to be there. And I'm sure there are plenty other blogs out there that covered the cosplaying shits. This is not the first time I saw people cosplaying though but I am still amazed by the effort that these guys put and the amount of self confident these guys have. I mean, some were flat out fugly.

My initial reason for going to STGCC was to check out the toys. (Thanks to LEon, I was excited with some of the toys that are offered. He pretty much convinced me to make the trip across the Tambak Johor. It has been so long since I last set foot in Singapore.) However, when I entered the hall where the convention took place, I was greeted with rows of artists whose artworks blew my fucking mind away.

The friend that I brought along knows nut about anime or games or toys. He was there because I forced him to be my slave for the day. Despite being a total n00b, his jaw dropped when he saw the artists's works. He was totally giddy and keep repeating how cool this whole convention is. Looking at his expression was priceless. At least now he got some idea why I'm so obsessed with all of these stuffs.

He was very taken in by this dude here. Part of it is because this dude is from Malaysia I guess but yeah, look at his work, man...

There was also a long queue of people waiting to get their stuff autographed by Ivan Brandon (who is a hottie) and Salvador. I'm not into comic much so I didn't get in line to meet these talented people. I just took some pictures of them which turned out to be blurry and shit. Goes to show how much skillz I have >>

As usual, I looked around and checked out all the booths before I made up my mind of what to buy. There were few figures and toys that caught my attention. Two in particular definitely stood out. Too bad they are for display only

They also have Neliel from Alpha Omega at SGD$60. I totally have my eyes on her. But I made a mistake of not purchasing her on the spot. I ended up forgetting about her when I went back to the artists corner. This was where I spent most of my dough on. SGD$200 on fanarts alone is insane.

But how can I resisted when I recognized some of the fanarts (in case you don't know, I'm quite a stalker of fanarts). Getting to meet the artists in person was quite a priceless experience. Getting an autograph from them was just icing on the cake. I love how humble these people are even though they are fucking talented. I am definitely envious.

Without further delay, these are my loots from the trip

The posters, postcards and calendar

The books

The toys

The freebies

Like I said, my focus totally shifted when I reached the convention. Toys were no longer my priority. I was too excited meeting the artists of fanarts that I have used for my profile pictures on facebook. I didn't remember who the name of the artists are but I do know their fanarts. For example, Asuka111 from Thailand. That painting that I bought from him holds a lot of memory and happy times. If you are the initial member of the Gotei 13, you know that that was the dress/costume I wear during our first ever Valentine party. Surovi and I chose that outfit ourselves. It also has been my profile picture before my previous account got blocked by facebook. So naturally I became a total fangirl when I met the artist. I even got him to sign the book/poster.

Meeting Asuka111 made the trip all worth it

I also got few other autographs. My friend was kinda confused because I didn't bother to get an autograph from the Marvel people but was willing to queue for these unknown artist. I didn't bother explaining.

It was creamy... I mean, dreamy

This is at the back of Keitopia sketchbook from Ean (he's from KL). I got the no.15 copy out of 200 books. Btw, Eileen is what my family and my close real life friends call me. Now you know >>

I spent over MYR500 at STGCC. Now I'm dead broke. I guess I need someone to adopt me now because I need at least the same amount of cash for Comic Fiesta this weekend. I know what to expect at an anime convention now and I found myself more interested with the doujinshi and fanarts than the toys/figures. This surprised even myself.

I guess this is what they called experience.

As for Nel, Gintoki and Hijikata, LEon said he knows where the shop is so whenever I want to buy them, he's kind enough to help me out. I don't feel like such a twat for forgetting to buy them now.


I love conventions ^_^ there's so fun and a great place to spend lots of $$$ .. wow I'm pretty amazed at the fanart you got, you have really good taste :3 the d gray man ones are so incredible, how much was each of them? Hope you don't go broke for the next convention~ lol I'm guessing you probably didn't dress up? xD you should try, it'll be a fun experience~

The D.Gray Man cost me MYR30.

No, I didn't dress up. I just wear what I usually wear but was a head turner nonetheless. LOL kidding kidding.

It is my joy to read that you enjoy STGCC. I have to say this year it was a total step up. Like you, I kinda tired to see cosplay stuff as many events they will be around.

I was equally impressed with the artist alley and Asuka111 has a lot of potential. Now all he need is his characters and comic.

I guess this convention cover every aspect of what you like. A little here and there. A good mix.

Ah, reading this has made me so much more impatient for Ohayocon to roll around. I need another con between then and now, but there aren't any I can make it to, sadly. My last one was Youmacon at the end of October, and Ohayo is at the end of January.

Definitely easy to blow a ton of money at all cons, though. Worse when you have the hotel costs to contend with.

Glad you enjoyed the con :)

I can't wait to see your loot LEon. And yes, I did enjoy myself despite the rush. By the way, are you going to ComicFest this weekend?

I am not into con really. The only reason I am going to another con back to back is because I will be in KL on the same day so might as well check the ComisFest.

I need to restrain myself from spending too much this weekend though :(

The posters and the postcards, and various artworks look so incredible!!

Yeah, it was unexpected which was probably why I was blown away. It was awesome.

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