25 December 2010

My Top 10: Pokémon

(c) 84k

I haven't forgotten about the challenge yet. Just pretty busy with work and shit to actually do this on daily basis. I have promised you guys that I will answer all the questions and I will deliver!

The third questions is from Chester. He asked me of my favorite Pokémon. He was just trying to make my life miserable by forcing me to remember all the names and what they look like. The last time I watched Pokémon was when I was 14. That was 15 years ago. At that time, I didn't even know that they were actually came from the Nintendo games. Yes, I have definitely out grown them though at one point I did memorize the lyrics of Gotta Catch 'Em All (yes, I watched dubbed).

Looking at Pokémon now, it just left me clueless. There are Green, Yellow, Blue, Whatfuckingever Pokémon. The only Pokémon I know were from the anime series which I didn't even complete. I am only familiar with Ash, Brock and Misty and have forgotten the name of the two twins that relentlessly trying to fucked up Ash's life.

Right, enough of me ranting. Lets get back to the task at hand. Now I'm gonna list down my top ten Pokémon characters. Even though I have left the world of Pokémon behind, I am still a big stalker of fanarts and I have came across the Pokémon fanarts countless time to at least have some ideas of who the characters are. Some even becomes my constant amusements especially when it comes to yaoi/BL fanarts. Yes, you know where this is going, aren't ya? XD

Before I list down my list (as usual, from 10 to 1), I like to mention a character that almost made the list.


(c) haru

I was attracted with his emo/depressed attitude. I mean, I saw many fanarts where he was fucking a girl and looked totally bored. That was made of win. That reminds me of Gin in one of my fanfics.

10. Pikachu

(c) teru sakura

I don't usually like anything yellow. I often associate the color with shit for whatever reason. Go figure. But I was amused with it back when I was following the show. It is incredibly cute and yet has such deadly attack. It feature that I like the most is probably it's lightning shaped tail.

9. N


I thought he has one of the most interesting background. He has mission bigger than the rest of them. However it could very well be an impossible task to free the pokemon from the human. Mysterious character always has this cool persona about them. Also I approved the shipping between him and Black. I wish he would cut his hair though. It's so gay. Oh wait -

8. Takeshi / Brock

(c) mm

How can I forget about Brock, the womanizer. He was always one of the fun characters in the anime. His antic can get a little old sometimes but I thought he was charming in his own perverted ways.

7. Matsuba / Morty


I think it has becomes a rule that I ended up liking every male Gym leaders. I like him in particular because he reminded me of Lavi from D.Gray-Man somehow. Maybe it's the scarf and the head band that did the trick. I also think that he has one of the coolest ability. Ghost-type pokemon are awesome and he's an expert, so yeah. Win.

6. Silver

I don't know why they call him Silver. There's nothing silver about him. He should be called Crimson or something along that line. He's one place in front of Matsuba because his yaoi/BL fanarts. To be honest, I dunno much about him aside that he's a bishie and make one really hot uke. LOL sorry guys. From what I can see, he's quite the cold heartless guy too. That itself is a recipe for win.

5. Pidgeot


Personally, I think Pidgeot is the most beautiful and elegant pokemon around. Enough said.

4. Hyouta / Roark

He's an expert with rock-type pokemon hence the safety helmet and the suit. He seems to be without problems, always smiling and such. That's one of the main reason why I'm so taken by him. Also the megane... I'm a sucker for that. He must be hot underneath that tee. Goddammit!

3. Gold / Hibiki /Ethan

Ah, here comes the famous pairing for Silver. You can tell from that picture that he's pretty mischievous, even more so than Red. I think I'm attracted with how carefree and spontaneous he is though.

2. Red

With that kind of face, he clearly asked for more. How can I say no? Red is the most common character that people will recognize I guess since clearly Ash was molded to be like him. He's number 2 in my list because I thought that he looks vulnerable and has so much potential that shouldn't be wasted.

1. Green

(c) ishida shouji

I got interested with pokemon fanarts when I first saw the above picture of him. I was smitten. There is something about opposite attraction that you can't deny. When Red and Green joined together, they were sizzling. And dammit he has green eyes. That alone is enough to make me his fan. He reminds me of Ulquiorra. It was thanks to this particular fanarts that I become a stalker for pokemon bishies.

And that's it. End.

I must thank Chester though. I had fun looking for the fanarts and it sparks new interest. I'm losing sleep because of this. It has pass 4am on Christmas Day by the time I was finished. You better appreciate this!

Also, Merry Christmas everyone :)


So when's your list of top ten favorite pokemon coming out?

I'm not even going to bother because I have completely forgotten most of them and there's no way I'm gonna spend my Christmas researching on the damn monster

Chester just have to settle with this I guess ^_^

Oh dear..Pikachu so hideous on here, whyyy?? >_< pikachu should be the cutest one <3 and N is super cool :3 I barely remember anything from pokemon xD Merry Christmas klux! hope you have fun over the holidays ^_^

That picture of Pikachu reminds me of Joker "why so serious". I admit that I have to get to know this kids and not just judged them by their physical attraction. Merry Christmas to you too and hope you had a blast during the holidays :D

I absolutely love that picture of Pikachu. If I could command light bolts, I would look like that myself :P

Where's Blastoise aka TORLAPS!! SMEE SMACK!?!?!?!? OHHHHHHH SHIT!

Can I keep you, Canne? ☺

I'm sorry Glo. That doesn't ring a bell. Like I said, I have totally forgotten most of the shit about Pokemon.

I loved this post. Probably because I'm a Pokemon girl through and through (I sold multiple games in order to place HeartGold on preorder and I'm sure I'll end up doing it again for the sake of Black...if I can afford it, both Black AND White, in fact).

But one of my favourite men didn't the list, sadly. Two of them in fact. Steven and Riley. Both are just so badass.

Still, awesome fanarts!

I shall now do my research on Steven and Riley! Perhaps you could educate me about these boys here?

Oh you so tricky. Thanks anyways. Tis great. ^_^
Silver is actually fangirl bait because he was (in manga at least) the badboy. Though he grows up over the series, he is still pretty badass. Also we find out he's Giovanni's (the leader of team rocket. y'know, the actual threat) son. Apparently he was called silver for his silver eye color. Whatever.
Gold is freaking awesome. Only dude with a extendable pool cue as a weapon. And his best pokemon is a bear with a fire-mane. Automatically awesome. =D
Steven Stone is the Champion of the Hoenn Region (3rd gen games). Rich dude who gives his life to tame three legendary Pokemon (he's brought back to life via time travel) and he looks pretty handsome for gray-haired young guy in a suit. =P (kidding, I wouldn't know handsome if it smacked me in the face.)

Wait... what? They have manga? O_O
Jeebus how much of out of touch can I be. Team Rocket Giovanni! I always thought he looks handsome back then. It's only fitting he has such good looking son too. Damn, that is the second time I heard about Steve.

Chester, I'm serious. You have got to educate me about these shouta.

Yup it's quite an awesome manga at that. The creator of Pokemon said that this manga is more in touch with his vision of the Pokemon world than that crummy anime. He loves it and so do us crazy Poke-fans.
If you want to read it start here:
That's how I read it all. Beware though! It's fairly long and it appeals to me because I'm still a strong Pokenerd. It might not appeal to you since you're a *ahem* reasonable and sensible adult. =P

What's the *ahem* for?! >=(
but thanks! :D

The *ahem* is for the fact we know you're not a reasonable and sensible adult. XD
When I have time, I'll find you the best moments of awesome from the characters above in the manga (if they even have them in print yet)

I would appreciate that ^_^

The fanarts make everyone look cooler.

Even the creepy Pikachu? =P

Damn, both Gold AND Green look SOOO sexy. And a Red and Green yaoi pic (Reds' picture) *Squeels*.

But then I see that Pikachu picture...

disturbing isn't it? :D

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