31 December 2010

Welcome 2011

On the same date last year, I wrote a closure for 2009 and set few resolutions for 2010 while I was at it. I'm going to do the same shit again. It made me reflect and see how much I have grown in the past year, of what I have achieved and things that left me disappointed.

First of all, let see if I have accomplished my resolution for 2010. I set myself to complete 15 animes and I managed to do that, surprisingly considering how uber busy I am with work. I couldn't believe that was all the resolution I set last year. How simple minded I was.

There were few things that made me disappointed and frustrated in the past year. People, person, human beings. My heart kinda got broken. Kinda but not really. I was expecting it I guess. *shrugs* I wish him happy and well.

Then there were things that made me happy. I fell in love, it was short-lived but who cares. I also had one of my biggest crush ever. Again, it was short-lived. I got bored LOL but it was a fun month. I have my first niece in April. She is a bundle of joy. Someday I'm gonna kidnap her, run away and claimed her as my own. I got to do a lot of things that I enjoyed doing: I traveled on whim, I didn't give a fuck about financial, I went to my first ever comic convention, bought more figures, writing, doing this blog. Things like that.

as free as a fucking bird ^_^

So what changed? I am no longer a manga whore. I still read them occasionally but I haven't picked up any new manga since March I think. I am not even up-to-date with some of the manga that I am reading. Because work was crazy I needed to choose whether to spend it on anime or manga. Obviously I chose the former because that is where my passion truly is. So basically as of right now, the only manga I'm following week to week is Bleach.

Also, I think I am a more sociable person now than I ever was. I may not like it but I am better at handling almost any situations presented. I can initiate conversation with strangers now. Before this, I usually just pretend that they don't exist. I still wish I could but work won't allow me to be an introvert anymore. I'm definitely out there when I'm working so I cherished the moments where I can lock myself up in my room, stripped from all the clothes and just sit and enjoy an anime or two, or simply just doing nothing but writes.

Speaking of work, things were really adventurous and entertaining when I first started but I begin to find it boring nowadays. I am the kind of person who is not suited for the same shit. I am constantly wanting something different. Something that will make my blood rushed again and gets me all jittery and stuff. That feelings had disappeared and is replaced with a feeling of hollowness. I am ready for a new adventure.

All set?

Not yet.

I still need to figure out what I want to do. I have think long and hard. Next year, I'm turning 30. Jeebus. 30. Can you believe that? Most of my friends are married and have at least a kid. What do I have? A room full of anime DVDs, books and figures. Well, to be fair, they don't have a fucking business of their own and they led pretty miserable ordinary life. I can't say that I'm not envious. I am if only a tad because my dream has always about having kids of my own. Fuck husband. They are just tools to ensure that my dream can and will come true. But yeah, for me to able to achieve that, I need to get married. Here's the hard part. I sucks at relationship and don't really give a damn about it. Some of you would probably want to say why I don't just fuck someone till I get knocked up? Here is the thing. I truly believe that the guy who I will marry one day is the right one so I'm not going to give up my chastity belt for anyone. I mean, seriously, only guy who has the courage of Kyon would ever want to marry a difficult, insatiable girl like me. That is one special guy, isn't it? It will worth the wait. Ordinary guy can fap to themselves or be gay for all I care.

So here comes my first resolution of 2011. No more fucking around (hypothetically speaking). I am ending my open relationships. Enough with the fun. Time to get serious.

Now with that out of the way, I can talk about what I want to do with my life next year. Like I said, my current job has started to bore me so within the past week, I have been thinking. I already have that dress making business which no longer interest me so much but I still like the creative part in it so I'm gonna keep at it. But I won't be satisfied with just that. So I came up with a new idea. I'm going to be a patisserie. I'm planning on quitting my job in a few months and enroll myself into the Academy of Pastry Malaysia. Crazy, I know but it's challenging. I love challenges. After I got the certificate, I'm going to open my own cake shop. It won't be just any cake shop either. I have all this vision and plan in my head. I am so pump up and already started with the proposal. I can't wait to get started. I'm gonna start baking cakes from now on whenever I'm free and see if I have the talent for that.

And that's my second resolutions. I want to get a cert in pastry and do something totally whacked and out of character. When I started making dresses, no one believes me. So same shit. I just love to prove them wrong.

If that didn't work out, I can always go back to writing. A romance novel perhaps?

My third resolutions combined a few things which include me doing whatever the fuck that I want, just like I did this year. I'm going to

  • continue watching anime
  • talk about anime with people who doesn't have a fucking clue what I'm talking about.
  • continue with this blog.
  • concentrate more on writing my books and complete at least one.
  • going somewhere far. Prague maybe. Or Italy.
  • get myself a PS3

Anime has become a great part in my life to the point that some people said that it defined me as person. I am not sure about that but if a person take a look at my facebook, I can't blame them for having that pre-notion about me. I did talk about anime 95% of the time. I used to be klux the motorsport enthusiasts. Now I'm known as klux the crazy-anime-fan-with-yaoi-issue ^__^

Either way, I am at happy with who I am and that is all that matters.

What will make 2011 awesome as fuck?

  • 30 in March. That's a milestone, fuckers.
  • the return of Gintama
  • Bleach 4th movie
  • Volume 10 of Haruhi Suzumiya novels
  • My own cake shop

Now am I all set? I certainly fucking am. Roll on 2011 and happy New Year everyone!

the crooked world. I just have to make the best of it I guess
(c) Archlich


I think the only reason you want to go to the Academy of Pastry Arts, Malaysia is because the chef's head and hat from the logo kind of looks like a cock & balls.

Anyway, women who own their own businesses are insanely hot. I can only assume the guys around you are all losers for kluxobasan to still be unmarried.

I dont think the question is finding a guy who has the courage to marry you, but finding someone who you wont get bored with? XD at least you are happy with who you are, not a lot of people can say that.

how long is the course for that certificate going to take? I need a plan too but cant think that far ahead, i may be screwed.

Happy new year klux, i wish you much success in 2011!

LMAO I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out, Baka-Raptor. Now I am more eager to enroll. Speaking of which, men in chef's clothes are extremely hot. Just look at Souma and Satou from Working!! :3

Problem with Malaysian men are, they are easily intimidated. They don't have the fucking balls, just a limp dick. They can't handle the unconventional me. Fucking losers.

The course is an intense course of 3 months. Then I need to take extra classes for other shits like cake deco etc. Overall it would take around 6 months. I'm ready to rock and roll.

Thanks for the wishes. I hope everyone has a great success as well :)

Sounds like you had a really fulfilling year: crushes, passions, love, anime, new experiences.

Good luck with 2011 and your resolutions! ^ ^

Now that I think about it, it was a fulfilling year. Hopefully 2011 will be more fulfilling and better in terms of love and passions and experiences :)

The same wish goes to you, Yi ♥

Talk about a busy new year - here is hoping all the crazy dreams come true.

Best of luck in getting "your man". My wife said all men are the same way, not just in Malaysia (except me - LOL)

heh, thanks dude. My brain is constantly thinking of the proposal and business shit so hopefully it will work out. I just need to figure how to come up with 400K for the shop =\

Atm, I don't really need a man in my life. He'll just be a distraction. Eh wait, that contradict my first resolution. Orz

Heeeeeey klux ;)

Still not fixed a broken heart, ya ? Who cares about kids ? At least you can sell a room filled with manga/anime/figures and make some cash ^^

Fuck the new year, if you want to make a totally different move for your life, you should consider comming visit brazil ;) I bet it will change your life forever S2

But seriously, i want to run a business too, it is a lot more fun, because, if you´re beeing raped by work, at least you can be raped by something that is trully yours...that you´ll see the money coming and not being raped to get others rich...

Fact is, wanna be rich ? stop working, because i never knew someone who got rich by working...people who work hard don't have time to get rich...after you realise that, put people to work for you, and now, you'll see it coming...fresh for you ;)

Hope this becomes a fine year to you lady-lady, nevertheless, i am chering for your hapiness and success.

If you someday manage to achieve your hard earned objectives...don't forget to drop by, and visit the friends =)

I wish i could see you more online, so we could talk...i guess you're not the only one who is beeing raped by work... sorry... =(

Meh, my heart is not that broken. It just got lonely sometimes is all. And I care about kids. I adore them so shut up. I will only sell of of my anime related stuff when I totally give up on the anime itself which I don't see happening ever.

Making a cake is something that is totally different in my life. I have never bake anything in my life before and after two attempts, I think I do have what it takes to be a patisserie. Who would have thought. You never know unless you try and that's the truth.

I do not plan to get rich but if I do get rich along the way, well, that's totally freaking awesome. I'm doing all these stuff is because I want to fulfill whatever I had in my mind so I know I won't regret living my life and asked that damn question of "What if?" And by having a business, I have my own sets of minions who I can order around but I still have to do my part partly because I want everything to be done just right. Just like I want it to be done. Not really a perfectionist but close to :P

I will now include Brazil in one of the places I want to visit before I die. And meet you :)

I'll send you some sperm in the mail. With it, you'll be able to have the world's finest child. But it goes bad in 5 minutes!

You live in Zora's Domain right?

Fuck. I want that sperm!

You can visit me anytime lady, you're welcome at my humble place (inside a tree) in deku forest.

but seriously, i could show you around the town, travel with you to the beach, go more inside the country for an unforgeatable mountain training...show you the flora and fauna, the smog and dirty... we could drive the highway with my motorbike at hundred miles speed.. we could eat some stuff you won't find anywhere in the world... i could burry you in the red land or in the dunes, we could watch anime in a cinema, visit some old buildings, meet a lot of black and white skinned couples, ride a skate, play tennis at the park, walk through the streets at night and see they didn't put away the christimas ligths yet...et cetera,

Kids can be annoying sometimes, you have to wake up every hour in the night so the baby can sleep for an hour and cry for another, you have to change diapers 10 times a day, you have to clean every shit they make, they'll bite you, spit on you, laught at you, slobber at you, you have to bring them to evey fucking place you go, or if you leave them alone, they'll break everything around them (pretty much as "breaking" themself), they'll kick the dog, pick on the cat's tail, blabbermouth to the parot, throw the fishes outside the aquarium, you have to...and that too...also that...

do you still want to have them ?

Remember people have free will, if you boss others around too much, people will get mad and do stuff their own way on purpouse...(like i do) or if you be mean to them, they'll start to watch anime when you're not around... respect other's difference, perceptions and point of view... try to bring the best of all... this is my tip to you.

I've to sleep...wrote too much...zZzZzZzZ

You are tempting me too much. Careful now. I just might fall for you *chuckles* ^_^

I have been there and done that. I took care of my youngest sister when I was 15. As I get older, I volunteered to take care of my cousin's kids. Still am actually and has been doing that since he's 2 months old. He'll be 4 years old this year. I also adore my baby niece and will go visit her 400km away whenever I miss her. I see kids as a joy to have, not a burden. So yes, I still want them babies in my womb. Preferably now LOL

and don't worry. I treat my minions with respect. They love me. Well, I paid them to say that they love me. LMAO kidding but yeah thanks for the advice. I am an employee too so I know how it feels to be treated like slave :)

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