22 January 2010

Ladies vs Butler: Episode 3

I dunno why the heck I am writing an episodic review for this shit. But I am. So deal with it.

say that when you have grown couple of tits

Remember that loli who wasn’t really a loli in my first impression review? I guess they decided to introduce her properly in this chapter.

Saikyou offers Hiro to be her partner for the exam since servant-ed obviously needs someone who they must served in order to pass the exam. I get a feeling that drill-bitch will ruin this partnership somehow because it would ruin the fun. Just look at this:

oh the promise of evil!

Saikyou is so awesome, she makes Hiro beg for it XD


Urgh crap, what did I just say...


Of course she got rejected and vows to take revenge. Like I said, idiot.

Saikyou 1 drill-bitch 0

And so the exam starts and to pass the exam, all that servant-ed has to do is be faithful to his/her master. Heh, and so the evil scheme of Saikyou begins!


Oh man, if only she gets on with it. Unfortunately she just asked Hiro to follow the loli around (her name is Osawa Mimina btw). However, the most unfortunate thing is, Celnia always appeared to ruin the moment.

Saikyou 2 - drill-bitch 0

And the rest of the episode bores me to death. So instead I’ll post some random screenshots for my amusement.

now they bother about censorship? O_o

err... forget that I said anything about censorship >_>

this dude here is a voyeur but he can never surpassed Tsychiya!

After three episodes, I must say that Saikyou is the only reason why I even bother with this show. The prospect of evil things she might do to Hiro excites me. Or maybe I just want Hiro to end up inside her pants, is all.


Another reminder of something I haven't done yet. Well, since I did promise myself to watch the series for this expected excessive loli episode, I'd better man-up and do it now.

Celnia. Flameheart. Hah. I LOVE this woman's name. It exceeds Ryuugamine. It almost beats WOLFGANG AMADEUS.

HA! The dude in the last picture looks like he's peeking at the loli in the inapropriate picture above him! Classic!

(yup, just stated the obvious.)

Still not going to watch this.

@Ningyo, don't make fun of Ryuugamine >_<

@Glo, you won't miss much. Wise decision.

I jest not. Ryuugamine and Wolfgang are the awesomest names.

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