03 December 2010

Gintama anime to be resumed

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My man Glo brought me the good news this morning. He asked how would I feel if I were to find out that Gintama TV anime will return.

I did a motherfucking jig.

Yes, needless to say, I am more than elated upon hearing the news. It just means more awesome moments to come. This also means that I need not to worry about my financial status since there will be plenty of Gintama to cure any of my illnesses.

The news was announced in the 53rd issue of Weekly Shounen Jump.

Let's celebrate! Gimme the mayonnaise!


Yesss, I love this series. :)

Mayonnaise? Are you planning on making your vagina really shiny?


Well, I was referring to different kind of mayonnaise. The Kardashian must have had someone lick it off for them or something otherwise they won't be bothered

LOL. I thought I should start watching it since it ended T_T

you SHOULD watch it regardless

I really recommended this series for those who haven't watch it. This is awesome series that you'll never regret watch it, at least for now.

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