27 March 2010

Gintama ends?

Yes, Gintamards, after 4 years running, the anime has finally comes to an end. They ended it at episode 201. The world wept at the lost of the greatest anime series ever made.

But all hope is not lost. The reason they ended it was because the anime has caught up with the manga with only 7 chapters left. This could mean that they are taking a hiatus until the manga gets a few chapters ahead of them.

This is why Gintama is made of epic win. Not only does it has everything that all anime should have: awesome characters, humor, drama, action and blood. Instead of doing a filler like Bleach or Naruto, they decided to stop production and let the mangaka create the story, not the anime production team.

I really hope the rumor is true. I don't mind if Bleach (anime) ends at this very minute but Gintama has to continue for eternity!

p/s: I know that this might be another April Fool stunt they are pulling. I seriously hope so *crossfingers*


This news made me go on a Gintama binge.

Personally, I highly doubt we've seen the last of Gintama as an anime series.

i killed everyone who said Gintama is ending for real with a pen.

According to one of the directors of the Gintama series (I forgot his name.. x.x;; ), he announced AT the Gintama Spring Festival 2010 [tentative name] (you can find clips from the sold-out live show on YouTube) that Gintama HAS NOT ended! And, the rumor is true. In fact, Hideaki Sorachi was not present at the show because he was working on the next chapter to be released in Shonen Jump, and the production team hopes that he will be able to write even MORE stories to be turned into anime! ^^

So... NO HOPE IS LOST!! >v<

Yeah I have heard of it too and is a happy camper. This is awesome news indeed

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