10 July 2011

First Impression: The iDOLM@STER

Like I said in the preview, the only reason I am looking forward to this show is because my favorite animation studio, A-1 Pictures, is producing it. I know that the game hit it big and I understand why they pick this up. I just hope that this is not as bad as I thought it would be though. Girlish anime isn't really my thing.

In the first minute of the show I was a tad confused, thinking who the hell do these girls talked to. All I see if subs of questions asked and then it hit me that this is a show about girls wanna be idol and thus it is as if we, the audience, are the one interviewing the girls about their routine etc. I can't really say that the idea is appealing because I think it's kinda stupid and pretentious.

That's pretty much how the show goes. We get to meet the wanna be idols and see their activities at home or at the 765 Production studio. It appears that these girls are "aware" of us scrutinizing their daily life to become an iDOLM@STER. Some are more forwards while the others are camera shy. Some even play around trying to enter-frame at every chance they got. It may add to the 'realness' of the situation but I still think it is stupid.

Since there are 12 idols plus the producer, etc, I can't keep up with the characters or their names. Some stands out more than the others like the girl with stuffed usagi or the girl who sleeps a lot. The place is a havoc since each and everyone of the idols have different personalities. They don't exactly get along well with each other either. I certainly DO NOT WANT to be in that closed space with any of them. I just might bite their head off for being too annoying.

This is just like watching a reality TV searching for an idol. We had one in Malaysia called Akademi Fantasia who used the same format as this anime showing everything from them eating their meals to practicing their vocals and dance. I hated it too.

Having said that, I have warm up to Makoto. Her personality shines through. Miki seems to be among the most popular one though and I can see why.

The cast for this show is huge, given the nature of the game and the genre itself. Since it is mainly featuring female seiyuus, I am not really familiar with any of them except for Rie Kugimiya who is doing Iori Minase. I guess Glo has a solid reason to watch this show now.

As expected, the idols performed the ED and as expected the song is typical idol song that isn't really my cup of earl grey tea. The dance training is nice though, thanks to the fluidity of the animation.

I am on the fence with this show. It's not bad. It is just terribly boring unless you are into the games, or a nerd who jerks off to these 2D girls as hobby. Thankfully they introduce the producer at the end of the episode. At least it has a male cast now so I won't be feeling too neglected. Maybe I'll end up enjoying this. Maybe I don't. *shrugs*

A-1 Pictures did a splendid job with the adaptation. Though I think the approach is stupid, I have to admit that it's different. Even I was taken for a ride with this documentary way of doing this show. The weakness of this show show is also the selling point of this show: the content (read: iDOLM@STER).

art and animation 7/10
story 5/10
characters 6/10
sound 6/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 6/10


I enjoyed the show quite a bit. It's nothing really incredible, but I found it to be entertaining. I'm just waiting for them to actually sing.

Oh, and some of them didn't really have legitimate reasons for become idols. What do I care, though?

They are selling this idols in term of their personalities, not by their talent. Apparently.

I thought the structure of the first episode with the text and stuff was pretty... stupid too, but I also don't care too much for the whole idol culture. I found this anime boring as well, and probably won't stick with it.

i really want to like it though. I really tried.

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