04 January 2010

First Impression: Aki Sora

You know something is wrong just by looking at that screen cap

  • they are brother and sister
  • the sister is a pedophile
  • they should not even take a bath together at that age for fuck sake!
But this does not comes as a surprise to me as I kinda know what to expect after I took a peek at the manga. This is borderline hentai. The family members are so fucked up. The brother has a sister complex and vice versa while the twin sister is a lesbian. I would be surprised if they don't end up doing a threesome.

But I am deviating. Nothing to say about this OVA really. It just fucking pissed me off for no reason at all.

art 4/10
story 4/10
sound 4/10
character 4/10
enjoyment 3/10
overall 4/10


Lol. I am SO watching this shit!

the brother annoyed the hell outta me, but i watch it through to see the fun bits lol i must be twisted.

I read the bullets and realized that I will never watch this ever.

@blur, tell me if they ended up doing that threesome thingy.

@rockleelotus, what fun bits?

@glo yes you are the man, I should have known better after checking out the manga -_-

OMG INCEST this is so not hot.

I SOOOOOO WANT TO SEE THIS!!!!! A little of Kiss x sis with Aoi hana.....? Yeah, it equals EPIC.

@Cid Evil, no it is not. Not unless it's Noe =3

@FaS, you scares me =\

I'd watch this.
I don't care if it's incest.
Sum incest is hawt if it's animated.
Live action incest is another matter for me tho...

I approve of the incestship in True Tears but this is too blatant for my liking

You know they don't have a threesome but you can just assume that if there was a 3rd arc that they would. I mean since he has had sex with both...
I am soooo late to this discussion. I feel like I got to the part 7 hours late and all the alcohol is gone :(

wait... what? He fucking bang his twin sister too? SCORED!! hahahaha I dunno why but I feel like patting that bastard's back all of a sudden lmao

lol, you gotta sorta admire for his ballsiness (is that even a word?)

what ball? He freaking looks like a girl. No wonder the twin sister allowed him to fuck her since she's into girl. If threesome happens, its like watching yuri >_>

only you would find the yuri in him doing his sister lol.
anyway SPOILER, the sister does the nasty with the girl she likes, sort of...

sort of? I guess she can only finds pleasure doing the nasty stuff with her twin brother. I swear that dude makes a whore of his sisters.

i don't see the attraction.

If you are his brother, you'd fucked him too. That's the attraction I'm talking about.

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