29 July 2011

WF2011 Summer Figures: WANT

When was the last time I wrote a post about figures? I have no fucking idea.

Don't get me wrong. I still love them figures and I still buy them when I see something of my fancy. The last figure I bought was of Krauser II by Revoltech. It is still in the box unopened, among many other figures like Haruhi (the Disappearance version and nendo), Kyon, Lucky Star puchi, Konata and few others, including a One Piece figure that I got for my birthday. Some, like the Bakemonogatari Puchi, I got for almost over a year now and still unopened.

I am sure that many have covered the whole hoohah of Wonfest Summer 2011. I am not going to do the same. I am merely gonna post up some figure pictures that have caught my attention at the festival. I may or may not buy them in the future. We'll just have to wait and see about that.

Urgh, why must they produced one of my most favorite accessories she has ever wore...

her bike

As I watched Fireball Charming, and saw the latest gadgets and accessories Drossel used week after week, I know it is only a matter of time before they get on sale. I'm sure the price will be ridiculous for this one. If only they would just sell the accessories... I am so tempted.

those staves are tempting me though
edit: thanks!

I am a big fan of The World God Only Knows anime. Keima is probably one of the most memorable character I have ever encountered. If only they have a Keima puchi too in the middle, I would not have to think twice about purchasing these dear things. Although I have warm up to Elsie in season two and does like Haqua, I don't think I would spending my money on them anytime soon.


Harribel is not my favorite espada. She's just okay in my opinion and I blame Kubo for making her death so lame. But Bleach characters have a spot in my hollowed heart despite how unfavorable they are in anime/manga. I would still buy them if I can get my hands on them. Otherwise, I wouldn't have an Inoue figure in my collection now, would I? SO WANT.

cuteness overload! hnnnnnng!!

Whoa, just look at that, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée already have figures coming out? When can I get my Takanashi figure!! I didn't know that they are that popular. But then again, I saw a lot of figures from shows that I don't give a fuck about. The Japanese people are weird like that Having said that these puchi is too darn cute to ignore. I am tempted just because that kimono looks so good on Yune. Not to mention puchi Claude! Tempted as fuck!

THAT helmet...

Kamui Kobayashi got himself a figma deal. Not really a fan of his but he does drive for one of my most favorite Formula 1 team: Sauber F1 Team. There's nothing much about the figma if you take the helmet away but damn... that helmet is the selling point of this figure for me. The details!

However, I have a learn a lot since I first collected these figures. I used to buy anything that I seem to like but not really, like them Vocaloid puchis. I only like Kaito and that's the only reason why I even bought them. I feel sorry for those tiny things for getting neglected which is why I sold them to a kid in neighboring country where they will get the love that they deserved.

From now onwards, I am gonna be a tad more smart at choosing figures that I want to buy so I won't waste my money nor feel guilty for neglecting them.

For my figures, click here though I haven't updated it in a while >_>


The plural of "Staff" is "Staves" :D

The Harribel figure is win, as is the Drossel, definitely.

Thank you for the life lesson ^___^

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