24 July 2011

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Trailer

Exactly a year and two days ago, I wrote a post about the comeback of a series beloved by all, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I am the first to admit that I'm an avatard and thus has boycotted the crappy movie made by M. Night. That movie doesn't do justice at all at how fucking awesome this series are and so I won't blame anyone if M. Night got murdered because of it.

But I'm here to spread the good news for all Avatards who certainly, just like me, is having a fappable moment. I present to thee the trailer!

She can water-bending AND fire-bending? FUCK NO! I'm green with envy! Fuck... Fire-bending is the shiznit. It makes me jizz in my pantsu and squirts and what not ^__^


I want Zuko's babies terribad ♥

On the side note, am I the only one who is annoyed and pissed off about the confusion between Avatar: The Last Airbender and James Cameron's Avatar? Since that movie came out, whenever I said Avatar, people quickly assumed its the movie instead of the series. I want to smack their heads for that. I am not exactly a fan of that movie. It was good but that's about it. It was quickly outshone by other films, like Toy Story 3 for example. So really, stop getting confused people. There is actually a better Avatar than that blue freak dude.

Get it right!


Should be so much better than the Shyalaman movie. Trailer looks awesome.


I was JUST thinking about checking up on the status of this a few days ago!!!

Bad Ass Female Lead who Smirks when she kicks ass!!???? I MIGHT LIKE THIS MORE THAT THE FIRST SERIES!!!!!



I dunno about liking this more than the first series though just because Zuko ain't it it :(

FFFFFFFFFF------- you just made my day! <3

glad that I did :D

According to rumors, there'll be a firebender who broods almost to a Zuko level who will be hanging out with Korra. Think of it as Zuko knockoff. =D

*already drooling*

yeah I never saw The Blue People Movie, and I don't feel like I missed much. The original Avatar is the only one worth mentioning. As for Shamalalala's version, well, I didn't even have to see the trailer to realize that we were dealing with something about as inteligent as Dragonball Evolution.

I rank the REAL avatar as A++++ for a kid's show and B+ by more average standards. In short: good, but I was shocked by the craze. There's a chance I may like the new show more though. Korra looks like a strong female, in body and spirit...and both of those turn me on. I'm sure she'll end up fap material.

btw klux, she knows all elements but wind.

oh btw I got here from Google image search. It found the demotivational poster pic and when I clicked it, lo and behold: conspicious klux. If that's not epic win I don't know what is.

All but wind? Wait, how do you know these things? I'm suddenly envious of you.

And that is epic win. Hah, but it shouldn't come too much of a surprise for you because you already know how fucking awesome I am ;D

I have this super secret source for hardcore fans only: wikipedia.

btw, I hear some footage was leaked? but they seem to have brought the banhammer down on
youtube and removed it from there. let me know if you find it.

I tried looking for the leaked footage but it was futile. Now I'm frustrated and horny. Damn it.

ditto. everyone is talking about it but I can't find it. You can find the new intro easily enough though. The four element benders are Roku, Kyoshi, Aang, and Korra. is awesomesauce.

O_o link please because I'm a lazy fuck!

sorry that I'm just now reading your latest post. i don't exactly get notfications that someone has replied. if you want to be sure i get something then facebook it too me.

Will do that next time!

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