19 July 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 14

Summer holiday is here. The normal students are allowed to go home for the holidays but not for the Esquires. They have to attend a three day combat training camp. The training camp will also serves as a test to see if they are ready for missions. Good news is, Yukio will be joining them. Bad news is, Shura will be there too. Urgh...

his pantsu? :3

They are given a task and they must do them separately. They need to bring back a lit lantern in three days time. There are only three lanterns though so each man to himself. Despite Shura's advices not to use his demonic power, Rin still uses it to save Shiemi, who is the first to go down. Thank goodness Bon doesn't know what to make out of the blue flames that he sees. So despite that they are going into the forest with "no helping each other" attitude, they all gather and help each other out nonetheless. That was sweet.

They are not the only one in the forest though. Mephisto brings Amaimon along who is so anxious to play with his little brother again. While the five of them (Konekon, Shima, Shiemi, Bon and Rin) busy dealing with the peg lantern, one of the other two members of Esquire light a firework which requires Yukio (since Shura is a lazy bitch) to save him/her. At the same time, the giant moth of a demon takes Rin hostage. Oh shit.


To be continued next week. Things are getting interesting, judging from the preview.

Anyway, there are two instances that show me the other side of Yukio. First when he noticed how Shiemi is so observant of Rin. I bet he's jealous. Again, I wanna pat his back. Secondly, when he gets mad at Shura for getting drunk. I wish he would draw his pistols and fucking fire a bullet in between those jiggling boobs (I bet she has a matrix boobs and can fucking dodge that bullet -__-).


Shima's fear of bugs is adorable. Shura getting drunk was still the highlight of the episode, regardless.

I have a phobia of bugs too so I feel for Shima in this chapter though like you said, he's adorable! As for Shura getting drunk... it's wwas a fucking cliche >.>

When they started talking about people going on Summer holiday, I was a bit worried. Up to now we have had beach episode, amusement park episode, anything with Shura is a fanservice episode... But it turned out to be pretty decent with a legitimate challenge, and some actual monsters for a change.

I did a facepalm when Yukio said they are going camping. I asked myself just how much longer can I take it if they don't start being serious. Thankfully, they have moved on from there and get back into the action that really matters.

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