26 July 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 15

lmao [gg] at the OP advertising. I was like... what the heck? This episode is supposed to be all serious and shit. lol marketin done right? Anyway, allow me to say that the BGM for the flashback scene is really nice. Anyone knows who it is from?

The episode resumes itself with Rin getting tentacle rape treatment by the moth monster. He wants the others to run along just so he can use his power discreetly but of course Bon refuses and determines to save Rin. This just goes to show that you don't need a demonic power to defeat the monster distracts the monster just enough so they can run away. This should serves as a lesson or two for Rin, and also to reassure Rin that he's not alone in his quest to kick Satan's ass.

oh yeah... that...

Rin shouldn't worry to much. Of course they are going to get pissed at him at first but they too will forgive him eventually and helps him with that quest of his. I mean, even Yukio has to deal with that stage and he's his twin little brother.

Apparently everyone is successful with their mission which mean no one from their group shot the firework which also means Yukio is in trouble. At the same time, Shiemi is being bitten by something but no one makes a fuss about it when Amaimon crashes the party with his pet, Behemoth.

He is quickly taken care of by Shura though who doesn't hesitates to draw her demon swords and her familiars. She's quite powerful, I must admit but that doesn't mean I have to like her because I still don't.

As expected, Mephisto is watching from afar while drinking tea and eating scones. Interestingly, he doesn't allow Amaimon to kill any of them. I wonder what his real motive is then. Gauging Rin's power?

he reminds me so much of Urahara

Everyone knows who Amaimon is. He's pretty famous for a prince of hell. Apparently he has 7 more brothers which I am sure Mephisto is one of them. So to protect them, Shura soaks them with Type C holy water. She does that to everyone except for Shiemi and Rin. Why does she not include Shiemi, I have no fucking idea.

Everyone starts panicking. This is Amaimon after all and they should know what he is capable of. Everyone excepts for the clueless Rin that is so Shura gives Rin the demon slaying sword again. This time she takes it out from her stomach. That's not a pretty sight at all.

Also, according to Shura, she sent Yukio away. Err... come again? Yukio is fighting the monster moth instead? This doesn't make any sense. Urgh my head!

And let's not forget about Shiemi. She's the tool for Amaimon as he has possesses her.

That's one way to tackle a girl effectively. Pyon~ ♥

sex her up, Amaimon!

With Shiemi under his commands, he whisks her away which force Rin and Shura to come after him thus canceling the effect of the protective circle. Well plan, Amaimon. Damn, he's charming. Even more so when he sends Rin flying with a flick of a finger.


Again, Bon just can't sit around in the circle and watch Rin gets his pathetic ass kicked so badly by Amaimon. So he goes after him. Wherever he goes, Shima and Koneko are right behind him, such loyal friends that they are. However we already know that their efforts gonna be futile in front of Amaimon. He doesn't even break a sweat kicking their ass (only grows a brocolli on top of his head).

This makes Rin determine to use his sword. He doesn't care anymore if his secret as the satan's son is reveals just as long as he can save his friends. Yukio tries to stop him but there's no way he's going to listen.

I'll play with you Rin :3

Amaimon gets what he asked for, much more than that in fact. A pissed off Rin is very dangerous indeed. He shows no mercy as he fights with Amaimon which is just bloody awesome. Mephisto sure is enjoying it as much as I am.

The fact is Rin has lost control of his flame. He destroys the cuckoo clock that Mephisto takes out to retrieve Amaimon. I am not sure whether that means we have seen the last of Amaimon. I sure hope not.

Gah, things will surely get much more interesting next week. It looks like the Vatican has learned about Rin's true identity and Mephisto getting a hold of the demon slaying blade. I just wish Yukio has more prominent role to play from now on. It's just not fair :(

Also, Reverse Vampire in his review of this episode mentioned something about the animation in this episode is flawless. I have to agree. No wonder A-1 Pictures Summer anime (The iDOLM@STER and Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji Love 1000%) look so crappy and below par of what the studio used to produce. All the budget for Summer anime has gone into this show. Tis' awesome.

p/s: Gintama in the middle of Ao no Exorcist makes me laugh so hard. [gg] you are just made of win sometimes :D


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