13 July 2011

Bleach: Chapter 456

Oh boy, I should have seen this coming, whorehime has healed Shuu-chan back to normal. He's no longer wounded. His hand which was decapitated by Ichigo in the last chapter has return. No more handicapped. Shit. I'm pissed and it's only the first page of this chapter. Fuck, just fucking kill her already, Ichigo.

This spread just reminds me of how much I love these characters except for a few. Damn Kubo enticing me so...

Everyone thought that Shuu has helped them defeating Aizen hence why they feel so grateful to him and couldn't understand why Ichigo is doing what he's doing. So for them, it's okay for Shuu to attack Ichigo as a defense. That's just bullshit but hey they are stupid enough to be mindfucked by Shuu.

Shuu further explains how his fullbring works. He doesn't altered or manipulated anyone's mind but instead he inserted his existence in past event. Only those who has been inflicted with his fullbring will be affected which is why Ichigo and Ginjou are the only odd ones. Shuu has no intention of wounding Ichigo though. He just want to insert himself in his past is all. As if that will happen. I'm sure someone will come along and save his ass just in the nick of time. Someone like his father, Urahara and that mystery shinigami.

Since whorehime and Chad's loyalty have now switched side, they have no qualm attacking Ichigo. I feel sorry for him, for being betrayed by his friends like that. That must have hurt like hell, and the wound runs deeper than any sword can inflict.

Fuck, I have never wanted to stab my zanpaktou into Chad and Inoue so badly as I feel right now. Fuck, that would feel awesome, as Eika vibrated under my hand and their blood splattered everywhere.

While Ichigo is busy dealing with the mindfuck, Ginjou has to face the other Xcutioners including Shuu's wing man, that punk ass kid whose name I have forgotten. Apparently he has a fullbring too which does comes as a surprised but not enough to get me excited about it.

And thus, this chapter ends.

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


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