20 July 2011

No. 6: Episode 2

The episode picks up from where it left of.

That was a lie.

Shion is all grown up and working at some sort of robotic department that picks up trash. He calls his job as park supervisor. Talks about time elapse.

He was disqualified from getting into the gifted class four years ago when they found out he was hiding Nezumi. All the privileges were taken away from him and he was banished from Chronos. He spent the last four years at the Lost Town. At least he didn't turn Nezumi in. He let him escaped. Atta boy!

If I can sensed his discontent before, it is clear that he's living a life of no regrets, or a carefree life now. At least he has a clear conscious. Safu is adamant to ruin that for him though. Who's Safu? That childhood friend of Shion who is going to study abroad. She's only 16 and yet she's wanting sex. Kids these days...

Yeesh! I'm so gonna use this as my pick up line

I was afraid that he would say yes but I should not get my pantsu in a twist. Shion's heart is already stolen by Nezumi. There's no way he would betray him and just have sex with a girl, who, let's be honest, is not the slightest bit attractive.

bingo! You are rejected!

Nezumi, who has been watching from afar, couldn't be more delighted. He sends his rat and Shion quickly abandons Safu without second thoughts. This is the bond of yaoi love, ladies and gentlemen lmao.

On a different note, Shion and co-worker found a dead man in the park. Shion suspected the authority is hiding something since obviously the man did not die from an "accident". There is a rule in No.6: you are not allowed to question authority since you pledged your loyalty to the city but when his co-worker also died with the same kind of death, there is no way Shion is just going to sit around and do nothing.

The cause of death is some kind of parasite flying bug that looks like hornet. It eats up the human body and hatches from the neck. Since Shion is the only person at the crime scene, they quickly suspect him of murder and a malcontent. On his way to the correctional facility, lo and behold, Nezumi shows up and saves his ass. Aww... so romantic :3

I jump from my seat with both of my fist in the air! *victory dance*

It is Nezumi's turns to help Shion escape. He brings him to the outside dump of N0.6 and thus things just get even more interesting. Not to mention that Shion has been infected by the killing bug as well.



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