21 July 2011

Bleach: Chapter 457

The chapter starts with the Xcutioners attacking Ginjou. They aren't playing fair either, attacking Ginjou all together at once: four against one. Kubo takes the opportunity to explain that Sushi guy's full bring (I seriously need to remember the name of these new characters but they are so blah) called "jackpot knuckle). It has something to do with jackpot and probability. It sounds stupid and is stupid.

your fullbring is as dumb as your face

On the other side of the room, Ichigo has his hands full dealing with the betrayers as well as Tsukishima. Ichigo manages to land a couple of blow at him, which kinda funny since he's all "I'm better than you" attitude as he taunts Ichigo. He is quite surprised that Ichigo has developed so much. He can even use Getsuga Tenshou to attack Tsukishima.

Ichigo would have succeed at defeating Shuu-chan if it weren't for those two MOTHERFUCKING MORONS who fucking insist to protect Tsukishima. In order to do so obviously they need to attack Ichigo. Oh boy, I'm fucking pissed. Let the guy fight his own fight you fucking pigs!

Ichigo obviously having a hard time dealing with the betrayal thus making himself vulnerable to his enemy. He would have got cut too if it wasn't for Ginjou.

oh shit

For the first time since he made an appearance that I want to believe that Ginjou is a good guy in his arc. The next coming chapter should be entertaining what's with Ishida finally joining the party. Unlike the other two fucking pigs whose names I refused to utter, Ishida is one friend that Ichigo can rely on. Just look at the Hueco Mundo arc for example when Ichigo was fighting (my) Ulquiorra at the top of the dome. He earned a new found respect from me then.

With Ishida now in full speed to help out Ichigo, I guess it means that we are not going to see Isshin, Kisuke and the mystery shinigami anytime soon. Damn it.

I wonder what he means...

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


"Unlike the other two fucking pigs whose names I refuse to utter"

haha so mean, but can't blame you. Giving credit to Tsukishima for Ichigo's triumphs was pretty stupid. Wonder if anyone can smack some sense back into those guys.

Urahara and Isshin are sure taking their sweet time... damn it Kubo.

oh... why don't those-two-who-must-not-be-named-because-it-pisses-the-hell-outta-us just DIE already?! haha! that was quite a mouthful... huh..

go ishida! please be useful this time!

i miss the old bleach, with shinigamis and all... :P

I am having a really hard time caring about this arc AT ALL. I just want ichigo to turn back into a shinigami, and leave this idiots behind, and preferable go back to soul society etc.

@TJ, Isshin and Urahara will eventually smack (and hopefully) murder them both.

Bleach is just not the same without the shinigami and with Ichigo not being a shinigami. The series has revolved around that theme for 10 years and to abandon that for something so trivial like this arc... well, its taking two steps back and straight into the fucking ditch :(

This chapter was so damn awesome.I was so happy to see the whole Xcution crew fighting and shishigawara's fullbring is awesome as hell.what i like about him is the fact that he doesn't even look like a powerful guy and yet he has a powerful ability.Nice Kubo.I have to see that Ginjou taking a hit for Ichigo was the sweatest thing so far in this arc.This makes me really sad.But now the real shit is about to begin as Ishida is heading to the battlefield.

Believe it or not, this arc is planned since 2008 and everything seems well calculated even the fact that Kubo use the "777" on shishi's hand for the title.lol.Cool right?

anyway, i can't wait for the next chapter.
And ur blog is really cool.(it's a blog right?)lol

You are the first person who actually like this arc, Anon. I am amazed to be honest. Yeah I know about this being a planned arc but imo it still sucks. But hey, I'm still a big fan of Bleach. Cool right?

And yes, this is a blog and not an ISSS.

U know actually many people like it in Bleachasylum not just me even in Japan Bleach volume are selling quite well around 650.000 copies for each volume.So people are really enjoying.But u know i'm aware that many other people don't like it due to the fact that there are no shinigami or their fav character.U know i have been following Bleach now for more than 6 years and it's a good things that the plot actually change to humans with power because we had shinigami for more than 9 years.But it just me through.
Actually Kubo is doing what he wants and not what the editor wants.Doing what the editor wanted make many people disliking the arrancar arc but now KUBO is BACK with a great plot.It's just that it's a bit slow but i don't really mind that.I'm used to it.

It's really cool that u are still doing this every week even if u doesn't enjoy this proves that u have still faith in Kubo.And don't worry he won't disappoint you.Once isshin Urahara and Ishida appear, i'm sure u will be excited again.

wait... this is the first time I heard about people actually disliking the arrancar arc. Most of the Bleach fans I know enjoyed those time because the arrancar themselves are amusing and entertaining. They bring so much to Bleach imo. Compared to the current arc, which is just blah (I don't even bother to remember the name of those characters).

Kubo is back with such a boring arc? I wish he never return then and stick to the shinigami/arrancar. Grimmjow's fate is still in limbo and I refused to believe that Ulquiorra or Gin is dead.

I love Bleach. Make no mistake about that. I have faith in the series but Kubo makes it hard to do so with week after week of predictable and boring chapters.

I'll get excited when the shinigami returns. Or to be more specific: Rukia ♥

Many people hated the arrancar arc because they ( not me, i enjoy everything about Bleach) thought that every chapter was too short.Because Kubo didn't really thought very much about some important things and i have to admit, Kubo didn't plan the arrancar arc, he even admit it.It's a kind of improvisation.

Anyway, i wantd to ask you something.
Why do you think that this arc is boring.Is this just because Rukia is not there yet or because of the plot?Or because you don't care about Fullbrings?

They thought the chapter is too short because they are enjoying it. It's the same more or less 18 pages per chapter so I dunno why they are complaining about THAT or even hated it *shrugs*

You are forgetting one most important fact. Kubo is the King of troll. But even if he's telling the truth, arrancar arc is way better than this new arc simply because of the characters.

Why do I think this arc is boring?
a) because they are merely human. Human with powers? That plot has been used too many times. Yu Yu Hakushou anyone? It lacks originality unlike the arrancars and shinigami arc.

b) Rukia is not there. Correct.

c) The shinigamis are not there. They shouldn't be neglected just like that. They are somewhat the pillars of Bleach.

d) The plot is just stupid. Ichigo losing his shinigami power just to regain it back? BULLSHIT! He shouldn't lost it in the first place then. You know what would be awesome? If Urahara tinkered with him and help him get shinigami power. That would be awesome.

e) Fullbring is shit. Zanpaktou is still the best.

f) the characters are just. so. fucking. insignificant with personality of a golf ball >_>

But I repeat: I still love Bleach despite it's flaw because I'm a character driven person.

Oh i see.
a- But Inoue, Sado, Ishida and Ryukken are also humans with powers right?But that doesn't make them less awesome.(i know u don't like orihime by reading your thought about chapter 448, 449 and 450 but still, i think she is awesome.)Personally, i don't know Yu Yu Hakushou but it sounds cool.You know other manga like Naruto or OP feature humans with powers too right?This is something i don't really understand.When Kubo use this plot people complain but if it's others manga no one say something.I know that Bleach is mostly about Soul with power but still.

b-lol, i knew it.For me Rukia is just like Orihime or Sado, she is just Ichigo's nakama even if she changes his life.

c-No.I'm sorry to say that.But it's not really true.Bleach is about Ichigo and his friends (Ishida, Inoue and Sado).They are the main core of Bleach.Even if the shinigami are more cool.Everytime, they appear i think they "steal" the spotlight.This is one of the main reason why i don't want them back yet.This is one the reason, some die hard fan hated the arrancar arc.Kubo only focus solely on the Espada and the Gotei 13.This makes people forget who is the main core of Bleach.But now that he is focusing on them.Everything should be back to normal.If u remember the 1st arc, you will see some similarities with this new arc.

d-Firstable, Kubo wasn't sure if the Final Getsuga Tensho would have remove all Ichi's power or just reduced them.But now that it removed them, i tend to think that he did it in order to match with Isshin's situation.This is a way to introduce Isshin's backstory.I don't know if you noticed it but actually, Kubo focusing on Isshin's doings show that we will get answers soon.Urahara could not have helped Ichi because Ginjou already made some doubts popping up in Ichigo's head about Urahara's doing in Chapter 428 when he saw his sister visiting Urahara's places.(This is show that Ginjou is a manipulator)
We still don't know what Urahara and Isshin are up to but we will have to wait.

e-Again, because it's something new.Of course some people won't like it for now.After all, the concept have been around for 30 chapter.

f-Really?Don't you like Ginjou or Tsukishima?Despite being a girl?lol I though every girl would like Tsukishima because he seems "hot" to them.Then i guess, u just don't like them.But did you at least try?humm, i'm not really sure.lol

U know u seems really cool as a fan, i would have really wished that you like this arc.Too bad.

Oh i forgot to add something.Forgive me if my post is so long.I hope u don't mind.

Actually since everyone knew that Bleach will last at least more than 5 years then it was obvious to everyone that Ichigo will regain his powers.
We as readers knew that he will regain them but the fact is Ichigo didn't know that.For the sake of defeating Aizen he sacrifies his power.The power that he work hard to obtain in order to be able to protect people.Did you read the chapter named "Side-A The sand?" if not then you really should.You will understand how much he sacrified to defeat Aizen.
What was interesting to notice at the beginning of this arc was Ichigo saying that he is fine without powers or that he doesn't miss Rukia.All that was obviously a lie.
Because as we saw,right after Tsukishima attacked Uryuu, he rushed toward a guy he doesn't know anything about who gently told him that Urahara is a shady guy.This just show that Ichigo is still a kid.

Anyway i guess you get the big picture, what is really interesting in Bleach for me is to see the way the nakama handle the dramatics things that happens to them and How are they going to live with them.This is what i like about Kubo's writing despite what some people say about him.

Don't worry about the long post. I enjoyed it :)

a) exactly. What makes Bleach different is it's about the soul of a human and not just mere humans have power. Why do you think I dislike whorehime and chad so much, besides the fact that they are fucking useless? The plot of human has power has been reused too many times and unless Kubo can comes up with something different then it will just be another copy of that so and so manga.

b) Rukia is Rukia. She made Ichigo a shinigami. I dunno who your favorite pairing is or if you even have one but Ichigo/Rukia is my ultimate OTP. If Kubo eliminates her, I will drop Bleach in a blink of an eye.

c) I see what you mean but each to his/her own. I think the Ryoka is only an accessories in Bleach. It has been that way since the beginning and should have stayed that way but Kubo decided to give them their 15 minutes of fame. Lets hope after this stupid arc is over, Kubo will go back to the old ways...

when you see the first arc, was it when Ishida challenged Ichigo with the hollow hunting and whorehime/chad discovered their powers? Urgh... don't remind me >_<

d) Kubo and his elaborate way of telling a stories. Not that I'm complaining with the suspense, at least we have something to look forward to then this stupid arc about fullbring. Let's hope you're right and this arc is actually just a side story to reveal the back story of isshin. But I doubt it. Also, I can't believe Kubo made Ichigo believe the shit that Ginjou was saying about Urahara. That made Ichigo looked like he's someone who doesn't know gratitude. Which is probably why I don't like Ginjou at all. Thanks for reminding me :)

e) 30 chapters is a long time to judge whether or not we are gonna like something. When zanpaktou was first introduced, everyone was excited about it. With fullbring, everyone just wished Kubo just get this arc done and over with. When I said everyone, I obviously mean the Bleach fans who are on the same boat as me.

f) Ginjou looks like Shiba's stupid brother that has similar name but too insignificant for me to remember. Was it Gunjou? I think so. As for Tsukishima, he looks like Ishida's older brother. So really... both are just too bland for my taste. I like Yukio at first but ever since Kubo revealed his full-bring, I have lost interest in him. As for that boss lady, reminds me too much of a cross matsumoto/whorehime. Like I said, I don't give a shit AT ALL.

Yes, I did read chapter 0 and love it. Why do you think I haven't give up on this arc yet? Because of Ichigo (and hoping of the return of Rukia).

I wish whorehime and chad will commit suicide when Ichigo (more like Urahara/Isshin) finally managed to turn everything back to normal and they regain their "original" memory back. That would be dramatics indeed.

You are saying as if you are hating me as a Bleach fan? Is that it?

And who knows if by any chance, Kubo gets a strike of brilliance and write an awesome comeback to make me liking this arc. Miracle does happens right?

Also, if you look at the Japan's weekly manga ranking, Bleach isn't even in the top 20 where else they used to top the chart back in Soul Society arc. That gotta mean something. imo, kubo has just lost it magic, and sometimes it's marbles.

I repeat though for the umpteenth time that despite all the flaws, I am still a Bleach fans.

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