09 July 2011

The World God Only Knows II

Having watch the first season, I am no longer clueless about this show. I am already well acquainted with Keima Katsuragi and Elsie who remain as the two main protagonist in this second season. There is not much of a variation either when it comes to the story in which these two still continue saving girls whose been possessed by loose souls.

(c) Piromizu

All in all, this second season is not as good as I hope it would be. I was hoping that Haqua would play a bigger role than just an occasional tsundere who visits Keima for assignments. The truth is, Haqua was appealing at first but she quickly falls flat as the episodes progressed. The first couple of girls that need saving definitely play a part of making this show enjoyable at first; Kasuga the martial arts chic and the free spirit Chihiro (Shiomiya Shiori is still my favorite though). After her, the story just went south. The one that bores me to death was the one with Nagase sensei in it and her story took 3 episodes to conclude. That pissed me off to be honest and thus will effect my rating for this second season.

And not to mention that last episode... WHAT THE FUCK WITH THAT RETARDED CHIC FROM THE GAME?! Also I was hoping they develop his relationship with Ayumi further. They teased us during Chihiro's arc but didn't really go through with it.

But anyway, I still think Hiro Shimono does a good job carrying this show and make it an enjoyable piece. I think it wouldn't be fair for me to continue ignoring the role of Elsie either. I do find myself enjoying her a bit more this season thus credits to Kanae Itou for bring the goofie Elsie to life. I want to say good things about the other seiyuu but I can't. Once their character role is done, I totally forgot about them. It's not that they aren't good but they aren't strong enough to leave a lasting impression that makes me want to take notice.

Design wise, Keima is still looking nerdy hot which what I like about him in the first place. That makes me less critical of the other character designs though there is nothing I like about Nagase. There's not much to add about the art an animation in general but since maybe I am a bit more familiar with the franchise, I don't think the characters are forgettable at all. Also, since they did a lot of parodies, I actually feel more gratitude towards the art/animation team. Those scenes definitely one of the best things about this show.

You won't go around mistaking the OP either because it is very Kami nomi oriented. It was sang by the same people that did the OP for season one. The ED, just like the first season, still failed to leave me with any good impressions.

"I can see the ending" is one of Keima's most favorite phrase and he always looks so cool while saying that. Fortunately though I can't see the ending just yet with this show. At the end of the final episode, they show several new girls who are definitely the characters that will (hopefully) entertain us in the third season of Kami Nomi. Yes, this show is getting a third season by the look of it. Does it deserved it? After this season I don't think so but I am here hoping that they will make it up to us fan in the next season.

Though I find this season enjoyable to an extend, it doesn't blow my socks away with the comedy. Part of it is the influence of featuring girls who are just annoys the fuck outta me. On the other hand, it isn't so bad. This is the first show I completed for the Spring of 2011. That gotta count for something, right?


Till we meet again.

art & animation 7/10
story 6/10
character 7/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7/10


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