20 July 2011

First Impression: Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000%

The second anime produced by A-1 Pictures for this season. Naturally I feel oblige to watch this show just for that reason alone, though I must admit that I'm not looking forward to the story itself. I think the studio can do much better than this. I hope the bishies are fappable enough to make up for what it's lacking. Pfft, who am I kidding. There will be BL in this show! I demand it!

What klux-sama wants, klux-sama gets!
(c) Porry

I expect a lot of things but I didn't expect a show about J-Pop idols. I should have but it just doesn't cross my mind. Since I'm not a fan of J-Pop (only J-Rock) and is much more familiar with the K-Pop, I found this show extremely hilarious. It's like watching behind the scene shiznit about the groups, which quite frankly I don't mind at all. Watching them perform on stage with groovy dance moves like that, and fans chanting... yup definitely K-Pop idols. 2PM perhaps? They definitely fits the bill. lol they should used their song for this show instead of the first ED of Ao no Exorcist.

These six idols are students at Saotome Academy, the most prestige performing arts school in the country. There they met this lucky bitch named Haruka who is the subject of their affection for some reason that's lost to me. Who gives a fuck about her anyway?

Since A-1 Pictures produced this, I know I won't be disappointed with the characters. They are known for beautiful, pretty and hot characters and for a harem show, they definitely make the characters desirable. I certainly want them boys to be in my pantsu so naturally that warrants me to be jealous of Haruka who by the way, looks a bit off with that pupil of hers. She reminds me of Paprika but in term of personality and likeability, she is the tasteless gum at the bottom of Paprika's shoes.

Meet my new fappable characters
(c) kanzaki8

The story itself reminds me a little bit of La Corda D'oro Prima Passo and Miracle Train. It is predictable from the get go but I convinced myself that I'm not watching this for the cliche story line but for the characters and possibility of BL. To be honest, I tuned out the part that has Haruka and only focus on the boys. I am so used with yaoi that doing that is a cinch which mean I am enjoying this one more than I should have.

In order words, I am disappointed at how bad the story is. Not to mention that aside from the character, the animation and arts are definitely below the usual par that A-1 Pictures set for his anime. It's like this show has the lowest budget in all of their anime. Well, can't blame them really. I won't spend so much on shit like this too.

Oh well. I'm being honest here. I am gonna watch this because of the bishie characters as well as the seiyuu. If those aren't your thing, best to stir clear from this show.

Watch at your own risk.

arts & animation 5/10
story 4/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6/10


Loll at the captions. Have fun~

your review of this anime is way to biased on your point-of-view.. have you seen a wide selection of animes? from sports to harem or reverse harem? if you haven't i suggest you watch all types of animes before you start to say shit about a great one btw: i respect the fact that you want BL in this anime because i think all girls do..but still

actually I've watched all sorts of anime and if you bother to check my completed anime list, you'll see what my preferences are. A harem show (be it reversed or otherwise) like this is definitely not my fav.

I appreciate what you were saying but I am biased when it comes to reviewing the anime I watched, especially for the first impression post. After all it's what I thought of it. If I want a consensus, or something that is agreeable to everyone, I would have not bother writing the post at all because it would have been faked.

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