14 June 2011

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Baka to test to Shoukanjuu Chi is probably one of the few shows that I look forward to for the Summer 2011 season. There is no doubt that the characters are dumb but that in actuality made this show so brilliantly funny and random. Yes, random. Just like Gintama kind of random. That is enough indication on how awesome this show is.

However, I see some people who doesn't even going to give this show a try. They missed out on the first season (that was aired in Winter 2009) and quickly brushed off the second season. So here I am writing this post to convince people like Bass and TRazor. Make yourself a favor and quickly watch the first season now.

Not only we have Yoshii, the most dumb protagonist in the history of anime (more or less, I didn't check stat) that will not get on your nerves, we also have Hideyoshi, a trap male character that is so feminine in appearance that you can't help but what to finger his prostate. He's not your typical trap either which just make you succumb to his charm even more. Then we have Kouta, the voyeur that provides blood for the most part. The dedication he showed is something we all must admire. Then we have the OTP Yuuji and Kirishima that is so made of win, you can't help but want it to happen XD

If that's not enough, we have bloodfest in EVERY FUCKING EPISODE!

So before you made up your mind about this show, ask yourself this question. Would you want to miss out on something that can make you laugh? Do you still want to brush it off after reading how convincingly epic this post is?

If you said yes, you are obviously mental and all the more reason why you should watch Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

art 9/10
story 8/10
sound 9/10
character 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10


Do I need to watch the first season? Cos it's not a matter of me brushing it off without trying. It's about me not having the bandwidth to watch a whole season while downloading other shows >_<

I've never completely understood nor liked the concept of nosebleeds. I've always felt that traps shouldn't be used for comedic purposes as it might really offend them in real life. And lastly, anime comedy is a genre that I always think twice before picking up.

But since you and my blogmate seem to laud it so much, I shall give it a shot. And I'll be sure to let you know what I think. I'll go for S1 first of course.

This series is all just slapstick comedy, with a lot of reused jokes. It's a really fun series, but it gets old really fast too.

That being said, I too will be looking forward to the next season :P

In order to have a better understanding of the characters, I suggest that you watch the first season Bass. Otherwise I am afraid you will be too confused to enjoy the second season. Or maybe not XD

Nosebleed means that you just see something that give you a b0nar but since it's hard to draw (and not to mention censorship) a b0nar, they opted a nosebleed instead to convey the message. At least that's my theory lol. Also, I am quite surprised that you don't enjoy comedy, TRazor.

@Tsuki slapstick and reused jokes can be fun if it's done right. Coupled with cleverly written story, the show turns out brilliant.

-_- I just left a huge comment and the stupid comment fucked me over so I'll just say this: I'm tired of nosebleeds. Seriously. Btw it's me FaS from finallyanime. Long time no comment. I got hit by a car and am trying to get my legs to work

Hey there FaS! I'm sorry to hear about the accident. Here hoping you will fully recovered. As for the nosebleed, maybe I was tired of it too. Seeing Tsuchiya having that nosebleed moments in seasons two aren't as funny anymore -__-

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