11 July 2011

First Impression: R-15

I said in Glo's summer preview that this is something that I won't bother myself with but when I wrote my own preview, I changed my mind for two reasons. I saw potential of crude sex jokes and perhaps some yaoi/BL. I might be wrong but my friend Monroe is adamant that I should watch this today or I shall continuously receive verbal attacks from him. Damn, he can be persuasive.

First few seconds of the episode, I asked myself, why the fuck am I watching this hentaish anime that is ruined by censorship? Then the OP. Another idol-ish type of song. I hated it too. That's three things I hate in a row in just a matter of two minutes.

Monroe better has damn good reason why he wants me to watch this so damn bad *cracks knuckles*

This show is about Taketo who writes porn. Naturally "normal" society would shunt him but he is accepted to some Inspiration Academy where people can shine doing what they do best. Taketo is in a newspaper club and when he is assigned to write about the clarinet girl, he changed. Instead of writiung porn, he starts to write novella shit. That doesn't stop his mind from thinking lewd things though.

Taketo reminds me of myself, as I'm sure of many other persons out there. I write novels too in my free time and I can only write romance stuff. I never write lewd stuff though, only implying it since I don't have the experience to write about sex. That would be pretentious. Every so often, I get inspiration out of nowhere and all I need is pen and paper. Though I never write anything lewd, my brain is corrupted as such that most of the time, it's all I think about hence why the innuendos and crude jokes. People who know me would agree completely. They don't want their child to has anything to do with me but I hope they love me for it lol

Having said that, I do not enjoy R-15 at all. As I predicted, it is made of shit. The animations are bad and the story is trying to be what it's not. It should just stick with Taketo having porn and lewd thoughts and further develop the comedy (oh the potential comedy!) more instead of making him into a poetic novelist. It's too fake for my liking. There is a hint of BL but it isn't strong enough to make me jizz in my pantsu. The show is further butchered by the censoring that took half of the screen. What's the point of making an ecchi anime then if you censored all the good stuff?

I feel so inept now

Bad. This is bad. It's so bad it's not funny. I don't care what you say Monroe but this is just plain hideous. You owe me half and hour of my life I just wasted on this shit.

No more noming. Time for my reapage.

arts and animation 5/10
story 5/10
characters 5/10
sound 4/10
enjoyment 4/10
overall 5/10


I wanted to watch this out of curiosity (I don't see anime about porn writers often, anime perverts are too many to count though, haha) but since I see so many opinions about this being shitty, I suppose I should save myself from headaches >_<

I know it would be shitty too but Monroe kept saying that it's funny. I shouldn't trust him with my life now XD

Here's a silly twist.

I planned to watch this and you didn't.

Weeks later, I've already decided to never watch this show ever (after I read another review on it a couple days ago or something maybe yesterday), and you are the one watching it.

I was hoping that this would be kind of like Seitokai Yakuindomo, but it apparently just sucks.

I should have listened to my instinct and not let friends influenced me. I'm (almost) always right anyway. Consider that this shit is dropped.

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