25 July 2011

No. 6: Episode 3

lol never in my life I have seen mouse so obedient and so smart. Nezumi is a good rat trainer. He should be in the circus. He even makes the rats/mouses understand human language. How fucking genius is that?

But of course I should have known that they are just robots. Nezumi is playing us all. Not to mention what great of an actor he is.


kissu! kissu!

As if we need anymore reminder that this show is gaaaaaaaayyy. I'm not complaining though. In fact, I wish other shows would be more like this one too :P

lol but let's gets serious and pay attention to what this episode is all about, shall we?

Nezumi the first to notice abnormality in Shion because of the infection and as if on cue, Shion is affected by it. I don't remember the other victims to be in pain before. Hmm... but anyway, Nezumi helps him out and get rid of the shit. This presents a good opportunity for Nezumi to expose the corruption of No. 6.

Shion is not too happy though. He's freaking out just because he's now an albino and have some cool marks on his body. If Nezumi doesn't knocks some sense into him, he would probably lost his marbles.

so meek >=3

I like the fact that Nezumi isn't sympathetic to the fate of the people in No. 6 even though he knows that they might be dying with the infection. In fact, he rejoices it and looks forward to see the city in chaos, with screams hanging in the air. He said all those things without regards of Shion's feeling, which just makes him even more appealing.

Shion did ask him why does he hates No.6 so much but Nezumi chose to keep his silent, at least for now. He brings Shion to a run down hotel that is run by a Dogkeeper. He asked that kid to retrieve a message from Shion's mom which quickly puts ideas into Shion's head. He thinks that they can send out message to the Bureau of Health to warn them about parasite bees.

He has basically declares war with Nezumi. Shion just doesn't get it, does he? *sigh*

Oh well, from the preview it looks like the show will get even more gay as it progresses. Yay! ^__^

can't blame ya, Nezumi!


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