28 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist ED: Take Off

edit: this is a filler post, just like Ao no Exorcist episode 6 is one.


So yeah, I said in my first impression post that I like the ED right away just because I learned that 2PM is the one who sings it. This is not entirely true. The song itself is very catchy and it is hard not to hum to it after you listen to the ED. It can be addictive.

I guess I want to correct the misconception that I am a fan of 2PM because I definitely am not. I don't think singing is their forte at all. They are not even that good at dancing. If anything I am a fan of Super Junior. Also, please be known that 2PM is not a Jpop boy band. They are from Korea and the only reasons they sing in Japanese is because they are breaking into the Jpop market.

But that besides the point. The reason why I am writing this post simply because of the music video. Have you guys seen the shit?

That was stupid as fuck :lol:


that freaking "take off" pose x_x. I always immediately pause aoex before I even see that frame from the ED.

they are known to have strong dance ability. That was just shit. It's not like they don't even try. If I am a japanese fan, I would have feel cheated

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