28 July 2011

Bleach: Chapter 458

Alert! Ginjou is down! Ichigo has the right to worry since he has been cut down by Tsukishima's fullbring. Ginjou could very well be his enemy now just like that two betrayers. But that would be too cliche now, wouldn't it? Thankfully Kubo decides that Ginjou is not affected (yet).

While Ichigo rushes towards Ginjou, he forgets to watch his back and Tsukishima is a son of a bicth who will stab you in the back if he gets the chance. Fortunately Ginjou still has some wits with him to warn Ichigo about it.

you can say that again!

Since there is no visible wound where Tsukishima has cut Ginjou, that just means that his fullbring power hasn't taken any effect yet and Shuu might has the ability to activate it at his own will. So Ichigo and Ginjou decide to take care of Shuu as soon as possible before Ginjou too succumb to his fullbring power.

Just as they are about to attack, Ishida arrives looking mighty pissed. Kubo wants us to guess whih side he's on and thus he lets us wondering for at least another page or two.

But come on now... It's not like we can't tell which side he's on already. Seriously Kubo, your story is not THAT unpredictable and he knows it which is why he lets Ichigo doubts Ishida's words. I don't blame the kid. His two most trusted friends betrayed him so what makes Ishida any difference? Beside, since the beginning of Bleach, these two pretend they can't get along.

That should wake Ichigo up

Then BAM! As expected, Ginjou comes from behind Ichigo looking like a rapist eying his pray.

What happened next: Ichigo got cut by Ginjou while Ishida, who just came out from the hospital, got cut by Tsukishima. Then, like I have suspected, Ginjou starts laughing his ass off. He has been conspiring with Tsukishima all along. Hah! I fucking knew it! We all do!

I really feel sorry for Ichigo (how many times have that been since this arc started?). He's being played so easily and just because Ginjou wants to obtain his power, his family and friends are once again dragged into the mess.

Well, now that Ginjou finally got what he's looking for, he has no use of keeping Ichigo alive anymore. Sayonara~

But wait, he gives a hint on how to turn things back to normal though. Tsukishima just have to cut the same person twice for his fullbring to negate it's power. Thanks for the tip!

I'm sure Isshin, Urahara and that mysterious shinigami finally make a full out appearance in the next chapter. They must have known what's going on. I mean, the shinigamis are around patrolling Karakura Town even though Ichigo doesn't have the ability to see them anymore. Surely it is in their best concern to stop people like Ginjou from obtaining the getway to gain shinigami powers. Or by any luck, Grimmjow or Ulquiorra will come and fucked thins up instead. Jeebus, I haven't been this excited for a very long time. Glad to know that you still have it in you Kubo :)

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


maybe ichigo will die and come back a shinigami a la neo in the matrix.

maybe we can finally get rid of this stupid arc.

I think this arc is moving in the right direction now IF Isshin/Urahara will appear in the next chapter.

Or maybe the next chapter will be dedicated to Ginjou explaining his evil plan while Ichigo bled to death.

Besides Ichigo's stupid costume, everything else is relatively okay in my book.

Isshin and Urahara had better show up soon. On the other hand, the last time Ichigo was hit in the chest with a seemingly fatal blow, he got a ridiculous power-up (vs. Ulquiorra), so maybe that'll be the case (which would be stupid).

the power ranger get up does not sits well with me too, Tom

@TJ, he got stabbed in the chest by Ginjou during the fullbring training too, didn't he? Ichigo should have been dead countless of time but survived. this shouldn't be any different

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