18 July 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 13

I remember now why I am so reluctant to watch this episode... Knowing that Shura will definitely be in it. Damn it, why must she appears and ruin this show for me. This is like Whorehime and Bleach all over again. A proper lady won't go around by just wearing a bikini two size smaller than her melons or shoves people head onto her jiggling breasts. Urgh... what a cheap character.

My feelings aside, Rin is brought to the Japanese Branch of the Order of True Cross. Phew that name is a mouthful. Shura, as she has introduced herself in the last episode is a High Inspector and she's there to question Mephisto for hiding the son of satan. She and Mephisto obviously don't see eye to eye. That pleases me greatly for some reason.

Shura brings Rin in for an interrogation, if you can call it that. Instead of interrogating Rin, she's bitching about how her life condition was before Fujimoto saved her. Apparently he begged her to make Rin her pupil so as his apprentice as well as her savior, she obviously can't say no. She is to teach Rin what she knows about using a demon sword since she has one herself, which she puts in between her breasts. Is this the reason why she can't wear a proper dress? Bullshit.

even her sword looks cheap >.>

She wants to kill Rin because that's her "order" but we all knew better. She's just evaluating him. Because I don't like her, I hate how predictable this stint is. With that being said, her demon sword reminds me of my zanpaktou that I made up for my role playing. Though with different power, the attacks are quite similar.

Interestingly in this episode, Rin is able to use his demon power even when the demon sword is sheathed. Is this sign of him getting stronger? Amaimon would be pleased though Shura decides to hold on to his demon sword until he can fight a proper fight. All is good perhaps but it breaks my heart when I saw how Yukio gets over-shadowed yet again. I wanna reach out to him and pats his back.

Thanks to his encounters with Shura, Rin is all power up to try his best and not disappoints his late dad. Also. since Shura decides to stay, she becomes one of the teacher. She's 18, with that sagging boobs ? Pfft, as if I'd buy that lies.

I gotta admit, Shiro is one hell of a cool person.

p/s: I'm digging the new OP and ED.


It's called fanservice, boyo - it's the lifeblood of shonen series when all else fails.

I'm glad someone else finally realized the almighty Shiro's magnificence.

Fanservice? I called it exploitation! XD

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