14 February 2012

My Top 10: Characters That I Dislike in 2011

2011 has it ups and down but as an anime fan, I am pretty much satisfied at what the year has forked out to entertain us. Granted that not all the shows deserved praise but at least we have few decent and dare I say brilliant shows in between the seasons. Fall 2011 in particular has been quite rewarding for us fans.

Despite that though, there were characters that managed to ruin the shows for me and hence forced me to either rage quit or... oh wait there's no other option. As I have repeated so many times before, I am a character driven fan so despite the fact that the shows are good, but if there is one character that annoys the fuck outta me, most often than not, I won't bother to watch the show unless I have nothing better to do and need an outlet to rage.

So, here I am going to list down those said characters that in my opinion, should be burned at the stake. There won't be any editorial content that can justify this list. It is just how I felt.

anime: Mayo Chiki
character: Konoe Subaru
season: Summer 2011

(c) Re:N Ne

She was alright at first until the part that Kinjirou "accidentally" discovered that she's not exactly a male. I mean, who the fuck took a shit without closing the damn door? I could forgive her if it's her house but that was the fucking school for fuck's sake. That pretty much said to me that she's a slut and I don't do well with sluts.

anime: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
character: Poyo
season: Winter 2011

Yes, I am that big of a dick. I hate this round cat with a vengeance. A show revolved around a fat cat that does nothing in my opinion is fucking stupid, no matter how short the airing time for the episode is. It's not even funny... which defies the logic for such shows.

anime: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
character: Touwa Erio
season: Spring 2011

(c) Masui

To some her moeness might be one of the reasons why they love this show but to me, from the beginning, her moeness is the reason why I dislike this show. To me it was irritating. When I saw her eating her pizza inside that folded blanket, the only thing that came to my mind is that she sure as hell would have an unpleasant smell. I imagined the blanket to have all sorts of bacteria living in there and it must have smelled moldy with her sweating inside there. I don't think she took a bath either. Jeebus, get her away from me. But that's not the only reason. I think I don't like the idea of Makoto falling for her. In my opinion, he just wants her pussy because despite the retardedness, she's pretty as fuck. Urgh, reminds me that life isn't fair...

anime: Deadman Wonderland
character: Igarashi Ganta
season: Spring 2011

No justification needed in my opinion. Ganta is a fucking wimp.

anime: Mawaru Penguindrum
character: Takakura Himari
season: Summer 2011

(c) Loxcia

This might comes as a surprise to many but yes, I put this show on hold because I really don't like Himari. It wasn't her fault though. It just my fujoshi kicking in and I wanted yaoi incest to happen so very badly. Himari was that obstacle that ruining my fantasy and so she ends up in this list of mine.

anime: C³
character: Fear Kubrick
season: Fall 2011

(c) Aoba Senkiri

Just the fact that she appeared naked in someone's kitchen then acted like she owned the fucking place and made the person living there as her slave was already good enough reason for disliking Fear. Then add the fact that she is unbelievably rude and yet have people treating her so preciously. It just doesn't make any sense, does it? Also, I don't have respect for characters who practically begged to be fucked by the way she dressed, or behave. Who would fall and spread their legs conveniently for the male protagonist to see? She would and already did.

anime: Astarotte's no Omocha!
character: Astarotte Ygvar
season: Spring 2011

(c) Mutou

I guess it wasn't her fault but the fact that she has to consume semen in order to stay young and beautiful just makes her a slut by birth. It doesn't matter if she claimed that she hates men because eventually we all know she's gonna make Naoya cum in that small mouth of hers and for all the lolicon she will swallow it till the last drop!

anime: Dog Days
character: Millhiore F Biscotti
season: Spring 2011

(c) Ryo

SHE IS TOO PINK! Also, how the fuck am I supposed to take a character seriously when the name biscotti reminds me of the cookies? I hate women who appeared weak and seemed like she needed protection 24/7. Millhiore fits that description and by summoning Shinku, she proved my theory to be right.

anime: Sacred Seven
character: Aiba Ruri
season: Summer 2011

(c) pixiv id 1558005

Everything was going great but then she has to fucking ruined it by giving Alma that heart shaped stone. Suddenly Alma is no longer badass but a tamed fucker. She took over the school, forced herself on Alma and then used the sympathy card. That was too much for me. She should just fucked her butler and be done with the horny-ness.

So that's my top 10 most dislike characters in 2011. Do you have that one character that annoys you so much that it ruins the pleasure of watching that show?

Before I signing off for this post, here is an honorary mention for another character that successfully made me ragequit.

anime: Chibi☆Devi!
character: Sawada Honoka
season: Fall 2011

Another short show with airing time of 5 minutes, Chibi☆Devi! proved to be another disaster. For a show this short, it needs character that can carry it through flawlessly. Sawada Honoka is anything but that. She was bullied not only by her classmates but apparently by the Devil himself. It failed to make sense to me how she can calmly took the responsibility of raising a devil's baby. No wonder she got bullied a lot. She's a push over. Can't say that she didn't deserved the bullying...

Does any of the above characters pissed you off just like it managed to piss me off?


Your reason for hating on Himari is hilarious!

We have some very different opinions (poor Erio!), but at least we have some common ground, like with Ganta. He's not just a wimp, he's an annoying one with no personality. I also can agree with your choices of Fear and Ruri.

Isn't Poyo a character from 2012 though? The anime only started this winter 2012 season.

I always considered shows in Winter belong to the year before it. wasn't that why it's called Winter 2011/12?

You don't deserve to get bullied if you're a pushover. That's the kind of thing a bully would say.

Boo Fear! I can agree with that. This made me lol.

Apparently I'm a bully then, Anon.

Loved the critique of Poyopoyo. Genius.

Everyone in Astarotte's Child Porn House sucked that show was garbage of the worst kind Rie Kugimiya's biggest mistake.

I am usually right about this kind of things. You should listen to me more often. Apparently your waifu is a genius XD

A lot of girls in this post...

"A show revolved around a fat cat that does nothing in my opinion is fucking stupid."

Not much for Garfield, eh? :P

Not that either...

and I'm a girl. Naturally I won't fall for the moe, etc.

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