24 November 2010

Star Driver: episode 7 and 8

Wako was obviously in distressed about Sugata and Takuto was feeling helpless about it. I hope he realized that it's morally ethical not to snatch Wako away from Sugata at this point otherwise it would be a cheap shot as a protagonist.

Tha President kinda soothed him though. The trio hold so many promises, she said to Takuto. Before when there were only Wako and Sugata, she can't picture them having a happy life in the future but with the arrival of Takuto, that changed. Whether or not he was a third wheel will remain to be seen.

On the other hand, the Glittering Crux were having a meeting regarding the King's Pillar. They are sending the freckled girl to finish the job which mean she needs to kill Sugata to ensure that the King's Pillar will not reawakened and threatened them.

And so the fish girl started to sing and the battle begin. This time even Sugata is present in Zero Time. He's still unconscious though so I really do hope Takuto can protect Sugata from getting killed. I mean the battle was getting fiercer with every episodes and this time around, the bad Cybody can freaking swim. It was cool as hell. Takuto and Tauburn had a hard time defending themselves. Further more, they had Sugata to worry about as well.

Heh, what do you know. Their plan pretty much backfired because it just brought Sugata back to life. But that happened in Zero Time. In real time, Sugata apprivoised again. He might be awake but he has lost his will. He is now like a living zombie. I take it back. He better off dead if this is how he ended up. I don't wish this kind of things to happen to anyone. It's the worse imo.

What worst is the fact that the pink haired girl get to him first. Since he has no will, with only one kiss, he is under her control which mean Samekh is now under the Glittering Crux command. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Yes, I did literally scream that and it's half and hour past midnight.

Argh Sugata WTF?!

As for the story of Sam, he asked for the Galactic Ship and his wish was granted. However to sail it, he has to kill the girl he loved which he did. In the end it was not the girl that he loved but the longing to venture out to the galaxy. After a while he begin to regret his decision but it was all too late.

The end.

Sounds familiar? Yes, because that's pretty much sums up what I think is going on with Sugata. It damn breaks my heart.

But the fish girl is now free. Head is not happy with how the story ends. I am still pretty much intrigued with Head. He's so fucking mysterious. Mysterious is good.

In episode 8, Sugata, like what I've been afraid of, totally changed. He's no longer give a damn about Wako and is a total jerk overall. I would be surprised if no one put two and two together. Did they do not know the power of the pink haired girl? Did Takuto really think it was just a kiss? Jeebus.

I want Sugata to fucking snap out of it already!

tbh, if I had the same power, I would have done the same thing towards Sugata but totally for different reason XD

Of course Takuto won't do nothing even if he didn't understand. He tried to talk face to face with Sugata and even tried to punch him for refusing Wako's present. And just like true men, they let their fists do the talking. I got to admit, if I wasn't such a fangirl for this show before, the following scene definitely made me one *squeals*

Just as things were about to get awesome, Scarlet Kiss started Zero Time and kidnapped Sugata in order to use his power. I was underestimating Sugata. He freed himself from Scarlet Kiss' mind control and take over the cybody to kick Tauburn's mecha ass. I love the fight. No complains because they need to do this to move on and be friends again. I hate seeing the two of them at each other's throat. They need to do this to understand each other a little better, if that make sense.

I literally go Awwwwwwwwwwwww =3

The animation once again impressed me. For example, when fish girl was telling the story in episode 7, Head was playing with candies. I love what they did with the animation. It is certainly caught my attention. And look at the silhouette of Takuto and Sugata up that hill in the above screen caps. Aren't they pretty? Also take a look at this:


This show just fucking blew me away. I'm gonna fapping my way to bed in a moment :D


You know, watching Star Driver reminds me of the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena, due to Takuto saving the day week after week against the Glittering Crux in a totally FABULOUS way with a rinse-and-repeat cycle, but other than that, the show is pretty refreshing due to the character and mecha designs. And if you are not yet convinced, you should watch some of the videos around the net, for you to be convinced.

Convinced about what actually? Star Driver or Utena. If it is the later, I have no doubt that it is a good show from all the comments I've seen on the interwebz. Unfortunately my time is limited as it is right now so picking up a new series, an old one at that, is kinda impossible at the moment.

As for Star Driver... Kiraboshi! <.v.

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