05 June 2012

My Top Ten: Sexual Fetishism

On December 11, 2010 I was bored with nothing much to do so I ended up writing a note on facebook and started a personal project of which I challenged people to ask me anything (personal or anime wise) and I will answer them by listing a top 10 answers. I have done with quite a few already;  the most famous obviously being the best sex position post and whether or not size matters.

As you can see, a year has passed and I still have quite a few questions need to be answered. I promised the people that I would be candid with my answers, and truthful and be just that I did. You are all still welcome to ask questions though and I will eventually reply to it in my top 10 format because as of now, I'm starting phase 2 of this Top 10 challenge.

This question was asked by my husband Glo.

"Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object, or from a specific situation. The object or situation of interest is called the fetish, the person a fetishist who has a fetish for that object/situation." - Wikipedia

I don't think I have that many fetishes. I can identify one but that's about it however I am not going to back down from this question especially since it's from Glo so I took a few hours of my busy time to look back at all my favorite characters *.jpeg and see if they have something in common and finally found some.

Bear in mind though that this list does not limited to the anime world only. Let's get on with it, shall we?

1. Megane

This shouldn't come as a surprise. As far as I can remember, I have always been attracted to male characters wearing thick-rimmed glasses. Maybe I have a thing for nerdy type of male or maybe they just look so freaking delectable when they wear them. Or maybe it's the illusion that they are smart people. I don't care really. I just know that I ALWAYS have a b0nar for these characters, and this applies in real life as well.

(c) pixiv id  971741

2. Twin (male)

Whenever I see a twin in an anime, especially when both are males, the BL sense in me is always tingling with excitement which mean, I expected hot bloody incest. Of course there won't be unless I'm reading a yaoi but I can always let my imagination runs wild and thank goodness apparently I am not alone. You just have to search the image boards to find that they are actually quite a lot of sick minded persons out there - just like me - who puts their drawing talents to good use. I like to take this opportunity to thank them.

one of the hottest twins
(c) CK

3. Gray/white hair

Guy with white hair (applies only in anime though) turns me on like no other. I mean, if you look at my list of top 10 favorite make character (of which is non-existence at the moment), you will see that it is dominated by guys with white hair: Ichimaru Gin, Sakata Gintoki, Accelerator, Zero, Akise Aru, Allen Walker and... well I think I've made my point. I'm not sure exactly how the color of their hair makes me sexually aroused but yeah, it totally does.

(c) pixiv id 2069765

4. Crazy-ass-bat-shit-insane

The insane-r they are, the better. Case in point? Okita Sougo from Gintama. He's unpredictable and when he gets serious, HE GETS SERIOUSLY CRAZY-ASS-BAT-SHIT-INSANE. That's what I like the most about him. Plus you can see how he hungers for blood and other people's misery. I love it. Does this makes me sadistic? If so, so be it. Yuno from Mirai Nikki is the female version of him to an extend. In order to be that kind of insane, I think they need a bullet-proof confidence and I sort of admire them when it comes to that.

(c) CK

5. Zanpaktou/katana

Maybe because I love shounen anime, and have always been attracted to awesome characters like Kenshin, Mugen, Shiki, Yuu Kanda and perhaps all of Bleach's characters, that I find people holding a katana looks so awesome and easily turns me on. It's that sleekness of those blade and their sheath, so smooth and so made for killing (Kenshin would disagree)... it's too damn sexy!

6. Wrist watch

This is a real life fetish. I have a thing for wrist watch. I collect them as well. When it's pretty and something of my fancy, it gets me excited which clouded my judgement which consequently makes me has a crush for the guy who wears that watch. It's as simple as that. So I often bought my jerks (read boyfriends) wrist watch as a security that I won't fall for other guys TROLOLOL. This fetish could be the result of me hating anyone who isn't punctual and just like the megane, it gives me the illusion that whoever wears them are punctual persons and punctual persons are hot.

Ginpachi sensei is such a teaser ♥
(c) pixiv id 2352119

7. Blood

I used to decide whether or not I want to watch an anime based on the amount of blood in that said anime. For example, Sword of the Stranger does not only have katana and awesome fights, it also shed lots of blood in that movie which easily makes me fap non-stop. At first I thought that the act of violence itself turns me on but after I saw what Caster and Ryuunosuke did in Fate/Zero confirmed that it wasn't. Thank goodness. I think it's the idea of blood being shed for the sake of fighting for something that gets me all excited and such.

(c) Mochinue

8. Bishounen of different era

Which mostly means bishounen from the Sengoku Era. It has a lot to do with their attire and the way they behave. They are seemingly more respectful and somehow still have the "I-am-gonna-kick-your-ass" attitude. Besides, these characters must have some sorts of weapon on them ready for a fight and I find that rather alluring.

(c) Amama

9. Long, lean body of half naked male

I will be honest. This fetish developed because I read yaoi manga and then watching shounen heroes. They all have that kind of body and that gives me an instant bOnar. This also makes me more attracted to real life male with that kind of body instead of some buff buffoons that looks like he's the heavy weight champion.

(c) Shibue

10. Kimono/hakama

Thanks to my obsession with Japanese not too long ago, I find their culture fascinating and hence their traditional attire as well. It makes them look unique and their origin easily recognizable. And then there are fanfics that makes my imagination run wild as they peel off the kimono/hakama layer by layer. I thought it is incredibly sexy and so damn hot. Oh gawd just thinking about it makes me blush XD

(c) Air-bird

Welp and derp. That's all. I don't have any weird fetishes like feet or ears like that so I think I can be considered normal... Am I not?


I wear glasses :3

picture or you are shit XD

so i'm getting fitted for a tux for a wedding in july. i remember you wanted to see me in a suit...so i thought about REALLY making it good. Even before reading this list, I'd thought to have a pic with glasses and one with my sword. Guess I know what makes you hot pretty well eh?

I don't actually HAVE glasses, but i figured i'd borrow dad's and take the pic of me cleaning them and looking all sophisticated.

...the big trouble is that i don't have a camera. there will be wedding pics but if you want the klux-targetted pinup collection... recommend a good cheap one?



Megane is probably my biggest fetish besides a girl with short hair. I like short hair on a girl (if they can pull it off). That being said, I also like really long hair. Pretty much any kind of cool, unique hairstyle a girl has is awesome. The more unique a girl is the better. I also kind of like the emo look of some girls. EX: Lisbeth Salander (google it).

Might go ahead and throw blood in there too.

Things I despise include S&M and all that weird shit. I hate that stuff.

Oh Klux -_-" lolllll. I think those are pretty standard save for the blood thing.

@Rogue, I'm using Nikon D40, the cheapest Nikon DSLR (from few years back and wasn't in production anymore). I had a Canon 5D Mark II at one point but since I'm not a pro photographer, and has no intention to be one, I sold that and picked the cheapest DSLR instead LOL. If you want point and shoot camera, I suggest you go for Canon.

And I want that picture of yours by hook or by crook!

@Glo, Number 9 do exist in reality. I had a crush on the guy for quite a long time until I move on to a pedo LMAO. Also, of all people I thought you would like the S&M thingy. I guess I guessed wrong :P

@Nuu, blood is pretty standard too. Just asked Glo.

Lol well I guess I do admit I had this thing w/the virgin category for a while. Although, it's not something I get really excited over like most. Although I would be excited if my girl were a virgin before getting married.......but I doubt that'll happen lol. The test-driving a car analogy works so well, but at the same time, if you get it brand new lol, it's BRAND NEW hollaaaa lol.

hence why I am saving my virginity ^_^

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