21 September 2011

My Top 10: Anime Blog or ISSS

It's time to continue on my quest to list all of the top 10 item/people/whatever that people have asked me. My last top 10 list of hated anime was from Glo and the top 10 list I'm doing today is also to respond to his question.

I don't really have any criteria on how I pick these top 10 anime blog/ISSS as my favorites. In order for me to enjoy reading an anime blog/ISSS, the post has to be something I can relate and resonate to not only based on the content of the post but from the flare and personality of the writer as well. If s/he managed to convey his/her personality into that post, I think s/he has done a great job as a writer.

The list will only consists of blog/ISSS that I frequent and it may or may not include some of the deceased blogs. Though I rarely ever posted comments nowadays, trust me I have been lurking and stalking whenever I have the time to spare. I reckon this list will have the usual suspects of some of the most well-known/popular anime blog/ISSS in the aniblogsphere. It's hard not to have them in the list, if you know what I mean.

So I guess... here goes, in no particular order!

For whatever reason, when I visit Sekijitsu, I get this tranquil and serene feelings. Maybe it's the whole layout of the blog but yeah, I love it. Sekijitsu has several writers but I gotta say that Bass has to be my favorite among them simply because I enjoyed his posts the most. And since I'm writing this, I might as well point out that Sekijitsu has one of the best seasonal anime previews in aniblogsphere. I would love to leave more comments on the blog but unfortunately my computer is gay and for some reason it doesn't allow me to post my comments. I think my computer is secretly envious of you guys.

Somewhat the only blogger who agreed with me that Detroit Metal City is one of the top 10 anime of the decade. It is always fun to read his opinion about certain anime and most of the time that opinion resonates with how I feel about that anime as well. Too bad he has been slow with anime-related posts nowadays. I hope his eyes get better soon, and hopefully he's not just using that as an excuse not to watch anime.

Glo is the one and only ISSS in my list. He's a big fan of Rie Kugimiya and is on a personal quest to watch every single anime that Rie has a role in. He is a brave man indeed. He is one of the earliest anime ISSSer (read blogger) that I followed and I never get tired of his rants and well... his bitchiness. He is most probably the only other ISSSer who has similar writing style to me as in we cuss a lot and just write whatever the fuck we want regardless if it make sense or not. I'm glad that he's picking up with his posts and watching anime like nobody's business again. Oh by the way, have you seen him in a pink flamingo suit? You MUST because he's GAR like that. Gosh why the fuck am I gushing? lol

Snark no longer watch anime, in fact he pretty much hates it now. Thus nowadays his blog is rarely updated and even if he did write a post, it wasn't about anime anymore. It was a shame really because I totally enjoyed reading his opinions on them anime. If Glo is my first ISSSer, Snark is my first blogger who I first followed and got me excited about writing my own anime blog, not that I need much persuasion at that moment but yeah, it was sort of kinda inspiring. Having said that, I still enjoy his once in a blue moon posts now. I hope he will come back from his anime slump and entertain us once again with his witty remarks and what not. Despite "deceased", Taikutsu Remedy remains as one of my favorites

The only blog I visit to read someone else's opinion about Bleach latest chapter. TJ is a guy who writes objectively about those chapters, something that I can't do because I'm too biased when it comes to the characters. Sadly though, Bleach is the only common ground we have because I have neglected Claymore, Naruto and Gantz for way too long. I plan on catching up though!

Those who doesn't know Scamp gotta be a n00b. He is practically the grandfather of the aniblogsphere. What amazed me is the fact that that 3 long years of surviving this harsh metaverse weren't wasted on pointless posts. Scamp's posts are often time controversial and open up many small discussions which are just a joy to read. What he says goes :P

There's another reason why The Cart Driver is my favorite. I fell in love with his writings. He is always so fluent with words. In all honesty, he makes me a tad envious maybe because he and I have a different style of writing. He affected me in real life. He makes me strive to write better stories and so I want to take this opportunity to thank him personally :)

If you want to read an editorial blog, there's only one name in this aniblogsphere that came to my mind which of course is 2-D Teleidoscope. This teacher is truly gifted in my opinion. I put him on a pedestal simply because I can't write a fucking editorial post lol. His topic of discussions are fun and most of the time reflects what I think. To put things simply, he practically stole those words from my mouth! XD

Omo writes it like he sees it. It feels like reading a diary. I love it. I think his way of writing is fresh and creative. However I still don't get that SAME joke. Do I have to watch Nichijou to get that joke? Orz someone explain it to me please!

Look at that moe header. Didn't you just go HHHNNNNGH? Admit it.

21stCenturyDigitalBoy needs no introduction in my opinion. He has absurdly deep knowledge about anime. Reading his post is like learning something new every single time and that what makes this blog interesting. If ever want to call a fellow aniblogger an otaku, it's him. However I am not entirely sure if he's comfortable with that tag. Oh man, this guy right here loves his tags.

Yumeka... the girl with all the ideas. Her posts are always about something that I wish I would have thought of. Unfortunately I just don't have the freaking time to spend and think of things to write which is probably my blog is deteriorating. Even if I did think of something to write, I simply doesn't have the luxury to write it because yet again, my free time is just freaking limited nowadays. So if ever want a topic to write about, I could always expand her posts :P

Also, she is a big fan of Haruhi Suzumiya. I think we get along just fine ^__^

And that is the end of the list.As you can see, I am not a fan of episodic anime blog/ISSS because I tend to fall behind on the episodes and will try my best not to see/hear/read any spoilers about the show that I'm watching. This mean, most of the time, I have to ignore the episodic blog/ISSS unless I have caught up with the episodes.

There's also another reason why I don't feel attached to anime blog/ISSS. It's because they have several writers and thus in my opinion, the blog as an entity kinda lack the personality and less consistent in it contents.

This blog of mine has been around for six years. Though the essence of the content has changed since it was first started, I am still happy with the fact that I manage to run it this long. This blog is still my most convenient way to express how I feel whether it is about anime or real life situation.

However lately I have been too damn busy to keep up with the aniblogsphere and has a lot of episodes to catch up. It affected my input and thus the output turned out to be quite pitiful. Hopefully one of these days I get my rhythm back.

As an end note, here are more anime blogs that I think worth mentioning because sometimes they provide me with a good read as well:

I like Yi and I enjoyed her post when it has nothing to do with yuri. She has great eyes for details when it comes to fashion in anime. That is just something I usually don't give a damn about but she touches the inner girl in me so to say lol. I wish I can relate more with her posts though.

Just like the name suggested, I visit Canne whenever I want an anime review. I think she has been so consistent with her contents. It also has some very interesting editorials in the mix. Hmm, come to think of it, the blog has been running for 3 years and more now. Thanks for keeping it up Canne!

And that concludes this list of My Top 10: Anime Blog or ISSS ^_^

ps: I doubt that anyone care about this list though.

pss: I edited this list and added Canne. I dunno how the fuck did I miss Canne in the first place Orz >_>


This list is the same as mine almost. I'd add Canne's and flomu....aka Mikootoism aka sometimes aka 60 other things because fanzhou aka flomu aka whatever the fuck his name is always changes shit up.

Then of course substitute mine with yours.

I think we're pretty lucky that there are a lot of very good anime blogs out there. In addition to the ones you list, I'm sure there are more than ten that I check out regularly.

I do enjoy reading what other people have to say about new series and even specific episodes. Many years ago I used to hang out on bulletin board sites for that purpose (ANN forum, and AnimeSuki, but I almost never have a chance to check them anymore, because there are so many quality aniblogs to read!

I heard all the anime sucks these days anyway.

Oh shit how the fuck did I miss Canne? O_o

I think most of the bloggers have pretty much the same list with an exception of my blog. These blog/ISSS are in my list for a reason :)

@abandonedfactory, true. I have around 80 anime blog in my blogroll and I frequent them often (depends on their entry). I love reading other's opinion about certain episodes etc. Aniblogs give us an outlet to discuss our favorite subject and like you say, we have so many quality aniblogs to keep us entertain. feels like we are in one close-knit community.

Not all, Baka-Raptor. There are still few anime that are great like Usagi Drop for example. Don't give up yet.

SAME is "shark", Hakase's favourite animal.

ah I see... which mean I have to watch Nichijou to get it. Thanks.

It's an honor to be among your favorite blogs ^_^ Thanks so much for the mention and compliments. Also, female Haruhi fans are rare so it's nice to know another one ^^,,,

Awww, I'm honoured and touched~

But grandfather? Me? What on earth does that make Kabitzin?

Omg I am seriously honoured to be included in this list, it's so gratifying to know that people actually take to the crap I call writing lol Thanks so much for including us :D

And it sucks that the comments system won't let you in. Does it do the same on Trzr's blog too? Cos we use the same comment system >_<

Is there a male Haruhi fan, Yumeka? I certainly haven't met one.

@Scamp, Kabitzin would be ancient. So do I lol but it just a saying. I hope no one is offended.

Yeah Bass, I can't comment on T-Razor's blog either unless it's from my iPod and honestly that's just too much work -__-"

That's funny 'cause I only know male Haruhi fans. I know females who have seen and liked the series but none that especially love it. You can find a lot of male Haruhi fans on the AnimeSuki forums, and I know a few male bloggers such as Toonleap (from Cartoon Leap), Ultimatemegax (from Ultimatemegax's Blog), and Lloyd (from Polychromium) who really like it.

Most of my anime friends called Haruhi a bitch and doesn't like the fact that she's bossing everyone around. That's like saying they don't like me in real life lol but yeah I'm under the impression that most male fans prefer the other two females in the brigade.

Clearly I need to make new friends now :P

Lol, at least I got a mention in the comments :D

I read through Taikutsu and I quite liked his posts. I even agree with most of his "I hate anime" points. Huh.

Oh, and I've never actually commented but I'm a big fan of Yumeka's work as well - very fresh content :)

Snark did put up some valid reasons for hating anime, even more so when 'great' anime is so scarce nowadays.

An honor!
Thank you for your long and lasting friendship :)

The pleasure is mine :)

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