23 April 2011

My Top 10: Anime You Musn't Miss Out On

I just happened to see the latest post from Sankaku Complex about Top 10 Anime You Musn't Miss Out On and I felt compelled to check it out. I shouldn't bother though because what I saw pissed the hell out of me. Sure, it was written in plain sight that the list is not for Type A anime fan but still... I feel like I was challenged. Here is the list:

  1. K-ON
  2. Angel Beats!
  3. Bakemonogatari
  4. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
  5. Gintama
  6. Toradora!
  7. To Aru Majutsu no Index
  8. Haruhi
  9. Durarara!!
  10. Evangelion
You know there is something wrong with the list when K-ON topped it, unless it's for the most useless anime ever produced. This list is misleading especially for the n00bs who are just venturing into anime and looking for some really good stuff. Though it does includes some of the anime that even I will recommend, most of it are just average anime at best.

But then again we can see the trending in Japan and this kind of answered my question as to why they produced so much garbage lately.

Obviously the list can be subjective, depends on the person who makes it but I think my list would be light years better than this crap they pulled up. I will not rank them by numbers though because it is impossible to rank these 10 anime that I have chosen. They are all oustanding.

Haruhi Suzumiya

(c) deco

Death Note
(c) denchi

Detroit Metal City

Honey and Clover

Samurai Champloo

(c) enami katsumi

(c) adachi shingo

(c) kio shimoku

Code Geass
(c) mecco

I would have included Madoka, unfortunately though I haven't seen it yet. I am also tempted to include Ao no Exorcist and Ano Hana but that would be unwise and too biased even for me. All in due time because this list is bound to change as more anime are being produced every season. One of them will eventually blow our socks off.

So there.


I love your list *_* (I'm not familiar with some of them, but I do love majority of them~)

And very few put my Baccano! in their list... *tears of joy*

Agreed with all the series on your list.

While the Sankaku one has lots of good series, I just can't justify putting K-On as number one.

I like you list but I think it could be improved if this was done per genre instead, not as collective :)

As for Working... hmm... I don't think it's actually that unmissable... I'd gladly trade it off for Ika Musume haha.

a list of "anime not to be missed" without series that changes anime, hallmarks that is forever engraved as some of the most important animes ever.
what blasphemy.
of course i am talking about:
gundam 0079
SDF macross
ghost in the shell

i find your lack of taste disturbing

@Bass, putting K-ON on top of that list is just a trollfest.

@foomafoo, you're right. I'll be doing this list either by year or by genre next because coming up with these top 10 is hard and I believe I missed some few important one like Hellsing for example. I want to kick myself for that.

@Anon, I totally agree with you that those anime are the one that changes the industry. Though I like them, I'm not really a fan of mecha hence why I don't include them in MY list. And why the hell do I feel sorry for disappointing you? LOL *facepalm*

Why not just call their list what it is? Top ten most popular anime of the past few years for teens who already like anime, plus Evangelion for some street cred?

I mean this is Sankaku.. the second they implied it was a type-B list it was obvious they were just trolling. They aren't exactly known as a tasteful bunch.

And yes, if you are going to recommend anime to people you had better at least group them by target demographic, if not specific tastes.

I'd get metaphorically punched in the face if I recommended any of their picks to my non-anime-fan friends, since they think it's just a bunch of childish, fanservicey bullshit about giant robots or annoying highschoolers.

I have some favorites on that first list but I agree that it's very biased towards otaku-aimed anime and not friendly to the casual anime fan.

And as for your list, of course Haruhi would top mine and Death Note and Code Geass would be in my top 20. I think yours is the only top 10 favorites list I've seen that has Working!! in it. That's good since I feel it's an underrated show =)

I almost completely agree with your entire list, and would have done it the exact same way.

That being said, if it's "ten anime you shouldn't MISS OUT ON," I might want to include a wider variety, so in that sense, I'd probably only include one of either Deathnote of Code Geass, simply because they both share a common theme in that they both have tons of surprises and BAM Moments.

I might throw a slice of life like Lucky Star or Azumanga Daioh out there, just because.

Never seen Genshiken....don't know what it's about.

After a day of writing and saw people's reaction, I am going to make a new list that will cater to wider audience by selecting the best on each genre. That should be fun.

@Hogart, non-anime frieds of mine always thought that I'm a super cool biatch because of my (partial, but they don;t know that) knowledge on anime. If they watched the anime as listed in that SC post, I'm sure they'll change their mind about me hence why I am compelled to write down my own list.

@Yumeka, I love Working!! and it should get more recognition because of how brilliant it is. It shouldn't come as a surprise though. I did list Working!! as my number one anime of 2010.

@Glo, Code Geass almost get the cut and I really tempted to put Lucky Star on that list but Honey and Clover is already in for slice of life and Gintama for comedy. Maybe it'll get the cut on my 2nd attempt of making the list?

Never seen Azumanga Daioh but really want to. Soon. I promise.

yeah but Honey and Clover has a continuous plot whereas a show like Lucky Star or Azumanga Daioh is 4-koma based.

And you know how I feel about H&C.

Sankaku's list is pretty bad. Can't agree with Angel Beats, Index, or Evangelion.

On the other hand, I haven't seen a lot of the series on your list, so I guess I'm missing out.

Agreed about SamCham though. It's great!

just curious Yi, but do you have a list of completed anime that I can look at?

No sure I agree, but we all have what genre we like and don't like. I will have to check out some of them as I have heard good things.

Personally, I keep with Mecha anime and know my list would show that as well.

Thanks for the cool list and some of them may be ones I look up to in the future

Cool, I've seen most of the ones on your list. I'm watching Durarara!! right now and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it!

Usually, I don't really agree with everything on people's lists.

But it's weird because I can call each of those on your list either above average or a masterpiece.

yay for people who have similar opinions

@bluedrakon, it would be interesting to see your top 10 mecha anime that people must not miss out on. At least it will be good for a non-mecha lover like me to pick up the right one.

@Miku, Baccano and Durarara are pretty similar. I would have included Durarara if not for that reason. Both are awesome.

@Nadja, smart people think alike XD

Thanks for this list, im on of those garbage collectors who watched all of the 10 sankaku listed, but your list reminds me i need to watch baccano and genshiken

lol you are such a moefag

All right, nice list. It's certainly a notch above the Sankak-

Holy Mother of God, why is Working!! on there?!

lol fuck you. Read the disclaimer XD

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