30 November 2010

Bleach: Hell Arc Special

I want to thank Chester for pointing out what I have been missing. Obviously I have no ideas about this chapter until he linked it to me. How the fucking fuck did I miss it? Damn, I should have read manga more often nowadays...

Anyway, this chapter is dedicated to the movie that is coming out. Did the other three previous movies have these kind of chapters/promotions too? Did I miss them too?

Seriously, if someone who is in charge of hell look this fucking yummy, I wouldn't mind buying a ticket to enter. By the way, his outfit kinda reminded me of Rukia's when she was possessed in the third movie. I'm just saying... oh never mind.

Yes, master :3

The appearance of Syazel and Aaroniero surprised the fuck out of me. So I guess this movie is dedicated to the fallen arrancar. Is that why we saw Grimmjow and Ulquiorra in chapter 428 spread? Dammit. Are you saying that these two are dead? I REJECT THAT IDEA.

Syazel and Aaroniero weren't really the best of friends. I think none of the espada trust or really a friend to each other. That is one of the reasons why they are so appealing to me. They were ready to kill each other when Aizen is not around. I kinda lol'd thinking that they really are scared of Aizen, these low ranks espada...

First of all, I love the fluid motions of Syazel's clothes. Second, Syazel is so gonna get raped in the butt by these guys:

They are fugly =\

Anyway, the four of them are looking for a key to open up the gate of hell and for that they need the full bodied hollow of Ichigo. That, ladies and gentlemen, will be what the movie is all about. I'm looking forward to see more hollow Ichigo, or should I say Hichigo Shirosaki since he'll be the on in charge of that hollow body. Of course the Soul Society will try to save his ass or they might just see a new ruler of hell because the way I see it, if Shuren needs Hichigo, that means Hichigo is obviously more powerful than he is.


Gonna wait for the movie to come out which will be a year from now. Fucking hell indeed.


I did not know about this at all! Nice find.
I love the character designs.

Yes, I love Shuren. As for the fugly, get them away from me.

I didn't know Syazel died. I thought he was supposed to be tortured over the course of a thousand years or something. A PLOTHOLE IN BLEACH?!?!

He was supposed to feel the pain of the zanpaktou piercing his heart for over a century but yes, he eventually dies. It was all in his imagination. In real time, the zanpaktou kinda pierced through his heart in less than a minute.

Superhuman drugs... Pfft, even Mayuri knows how to deus ex machina.

You're very welcome. I like to bring news to friends. =D
Also, I HOPE this next movie is as good as "Fade to Black." That was an excellent Bleach movie for realz. ^0^

Excitement in my pants no homo.

Fade to Black is fap worthy. Quite possibly one of the best movies for me personally so they have to go to great length to make sure that this movie is up there with it if not better. But with the likes of Grimmjow, Nnoitora and Ulquiorra in the picture, I'm sure it will be just as epic.

Gah, myself is getting wet already. Glo. Homo.

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