29 November 2010

I am willing to give up my virginity for Shu. Kuragehime episode 6

I was away during the weekend and only got back home today so obviously I missed lots of the anime over the weekend. I'm playing catch up now and the first one in the list is of course Kuragehime. I was very agitated during the weekend because I REALLY want to see this episode. This show is just that fucking awesome.

Episode 6 is the continuation from last episode where Kuranosuke changed the outward appearance of the Nunz. As people who turned to stone whenever a hipster is around, the Nunz were pretty enthusiastic with their new look. Even Chieko was practically begging for a transformation. Hypocrite much? But it is for the best.

I found it hilarious that Kuranosuke is still the prettiest even after the transformation

After they transformed, Kuranosuke took them for a late night drinks at a cafe. Of course at first they were all was like

>my face when

But once they got used to it, they pretty much blend in with the rest of the world except maybe when they started talking. You can take the hideous clothes away from them but you can't take away their otakuness. Maya got to be the funniest I think. The three-kingdom shit just became alive again!

I lol'd

The reason Kuranosuke went for all these troubles was to help the Nunz keep the place. You gotta love his fighting spirits. But to be honest, I think he did this for Tsukimi. He is in love with her after all. Just looking at her blowing her sweet hot drink or her looking at the half mood made him cum blushed like mad. If that isn't love, I dunno what is.

lol, love... it's uncontrollable rage XD

Kuranosuke almost gave his true identity away when the Nunz asked him of his name since he doesn't like it when Baba called him Meat. Now he ended up with Kurako as his new name.

Towards the end of the episode, we got to see Kuranosuke getting confused with his feelings. Things at home weren't helping him sort it out either. When he reached home, that psycho uncle of his kinda did a child molester thingy, interrupting his bath for a "private" talk. But he left without finishing what he was set up to do which forced Kuranosuke to turn to Hanamori. LOL I made this sound so wrong, didn't I? Anyway, he explained to Kuranosuke why Shu-shu has a phobia with women. Apparently when Shu-shu was 9, he saw his dad sexing Kuranosuke's mom. If he's like any other shouta, he would have fapped to this imagery but since he's the innocent and very naive Shu-shu, he was pretty much traumatized by it.

Speaking of Shu-shu, he was molested by the whore. Well, not really molested but the whore was definitely trying to get in his naked so she can blackmail him and control him later. She even drugged him and pretended that she raped him afterward.

I am actually very pissed with the fact that she stripped him naked. I should be the one who did that!

Face sucking, it's NOT a new way to kiss


Too bad that Shu-shu is a virgin and loyal as fuck so his heart is pretty much belongs to Tsukimi. So his reaction after she fucking sucked his face was priceless. Where is his clothes, dammit! But yeah, the shit is going to hit the fan for Shu-shu. Even more so when he left his glasses at the whore's place :(

So he did what every men in love would do. He went to see Tsukimi. Lucky for him Tsukimi hasn't washed out her make-up yet. All he did was ask for her hand and held it for a few second. I swear, in my book, that is one of the romantic thing a guy can do. I would definitely gave up my virginity for Shu now. Don't know what I mean? Read this and watch the fucking show!

This show is awesome as fuck. Plot thickening. Dum dum dum... I can't wait for Friday to come


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You're not into anime and I don't know you. Why would I be interested to read your daily life activity or care of what you feel?

I like Tsukimi, theres no way she can look bad and it seems the same goes for Chieko lol

I see that Shu shu has become your prince too :P he is a genuine nice guy, traumatized as a kid and now again thanks to that whore... im glad she got shoved to the ground but that isnt enough!
and I have to agree that last scene was super super sweet.

this show is pure awesome! :D

this show got me fangasm nonstop. This show is like Bleach, Working, DMC and few other anime that I have a high regard for. I couldn't stop talking about it whenever someone mentioned about it.

Shu-shu is just my type. Nerdy and naive yet still a looker :3

Shu-Shu is gay, there's no way a man would resist suck a woman like this.

By the way, love is on of that rare things that can change the world as it is, isn't it ?

Oh shush, Thi. Shu isn't gay. He's a gentleman. And I dunno about love can change the world kinda thingy because it has never been kind to me. In fact, it just made me spiteful towards it.

it has never been kind to anyone, anywhere...just pretend love can make impossible things possible, tonight ;)

For that I need a dakimakura!

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