15 August 2011

My Top 10: Most Hated Anime

I have been neglecting this project of mine for a few months now. The last top 10 I did is about my favorite Bleach characters back in June. That was harder than I thought it would be. This one would be much harder still because I usually just pretty much dropped any anime that pissed me off.

So this will pretty much be a list of anime that I have watched and completed but because of certain factors, like it's character or story line, I ended up hating it. I still rated it justly though and so the rating might not reflects how I really feel about it unless I wrote a review about it. So in a way, this post help me justifies why I hate them (this list does not include OVAs, special or movies).

By the way, before we proceed, let me tell you guys that this question is provided by Glo the Legend, the owner of the greatest ISSS in the world: EyeSedso. With that out of the way, let starts the countdown of my top 10 most hated anime.

10. K-ON!
Episodes: 13 (Spring 2009) and 26 (Spring 2010)
Producers: Kyoto Animation
Genres: Comedy, Music, School, Slice of Life
My Rating: 8/10 (my review)

At number 10 is unsurprisingly, K-ON for both seasons. I love Ritsu though and because of her alone, I subject myself to torture by watching the mundane things that the rest of them do while acting all moe and shit. Instead of getting the 'fuwa fuwa' feelings that Yui talked about all the time, I get a strong urge to choke the rest of the girls to death. What can I do, I have a character-driven syndrome. I hope one day they will find a cure for it but until they do, I think I can live having it.

she's a savior!
(c) Kriss Sison

9. Junjou Romantica
Episodes: 12 for both seasons (Spring 2008 and Fall 2008)
Producers: Studio Deen
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai
My Rating: 6/10

It is not often that I get pissed off watching yaoi but Junjou Romantica, for both seasons, managed to do that simply because I cannot stand two of the six male protagonists: Misaki and Usami. Their story is just too mushy for me to stomach and them having sex all the time, it's like watching child pornography because no matter what everyone said, to me Misaki looked like an underage kid. Also, what the fuck is up with the teddy bears? These are men for fuck's sake. But I hope this won't stop people from watching the other two stories (egoist (my favorite) and terrorists) because they are actually very good.

(c) Luvpixel

8. True Tears
Episodes: 13 (Winter 2007)
Producers: Bandai Visual, Lantis, P.A. Works
Genres: Drama, School, Romance
My Rating: 9/10 (my review)

I adores Noe and that's all the more reason why I fucking ended up hating this anime. I was rooting for her from the get go and when the fucking bastard chose the whore instead, that pretty much broke the camel's back for me. I fucking hate the ending. Hate it hate it hate it. But the good news is, Noe get to be with her brother brother who is in love with her. Incest that I approved of!

7. Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann
Episodes: 27 (Spring 2007)
Producers: Gainax, Aniplex, Konami, Bandai
Genres: Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi
My Rating: 8/10

I am a Kamina fan and when he was killed, I was devastated. I postponed watching the rest of the episodes for almost 2 years before Baka-Raptor and Glo finally managed to convince me to watch and complete it. Nothing much changed. I still hate Nia and though it was kinda awesome when Simon took over, it just wasn't the same anymore. I hated the ending too. It was too WHAT THE FUCK, even for a show of it's standard and when Simon married Nia, I just have had about enough with the bullshit. Kittan an Viral are hot though :3

(c) Jes

6. Blassreiter
Episodes: 24 (Spring 2008)
Producers: Gonzo, FUNimation, Nitroplus
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi
My rating: 6/10

Sometimes I wonder why did I bother myself and wasted my time with shit like this when I can watch better shows in my backlog list that keeps growing with every new season? I remember a friend on MAL (nickname: Shurtugal) who was adamant that I watched this shit because she needs a friend to spazz about it. Maybe I am too kind and thus indulged her in her request. I should just have said no. The Amalgam and what not only made me spasm with rage.

Don't let this fool you

5. Chaos;Head
Episodes: 12 (Fall 2008)
Producers: Madhouse Studios, FUNimation
Genres: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Harem, Supernatural, Psychological
My Rating: 6/10

The blood is a lie! Chaos;Head has this humongous idea that they want to play with but it just fell short for me. To be honest, I have never met a male protagonist who is as useless as Takumi Nishijou. This fucking otaku is such a fucking loser that everything he does just pissed me off. He should just stopped breathing in my opinion. Why is it a loser like him always has a harem is a question that I have been wondering for quite some times now. Because I hate this show, I ended up ignoring Steins;Gate because I thought it was the sequel. When I learned how great that show is, I am already too busy to play catch up with the 20+ episode. This makes me hate Chaos;Head even more. Also... those gigantic ass sword which supposed to be/look cool...well, it wasn't.

Chaos;Head just reminds us how unfair this world is

4. White Album
Episodes: 13 (Winter 2008)
Producers: Seven Arcs
Genres: Drama, Music, Romance, Harem
My Rating: 7/10

If there is something that I can't tolerate, it's cheating and oh boy Fuji is definitely cheating on Yuki. He fucking fucked her manager for fuck's sake and he dared acted like he didn't have a fucking choice in that matter. That just pissed the hell out of me. Although I don't like Yuki (and thinks she's too clueless for her own good), she doesn't deserved to be stabbed in the back like that. Having said that, why do I think it's okay if Fuji ended up fucking Rina instead? lol me and my biased opinion. I still haven't watched the second season though and hopefully that whore of a manager gets run over by a truck or something.

I'd do her :3

3. Ikkitousen & Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny
Episodes: 13 (Summer 2003) and 12 (Winter 2006) respectively
Producers: J.C. Staff, Genco, FUNimation
Genres: Ecchi, Martial Arts, School, Super Power
My Rating: 5/10

I watched this because of the promised of action and martial arts but oh man I have been lied to. I hate the first season because of the ecchi and the stupid story line. When the girls fight, their clothes mysteriously disappeared. OTL. And I don't know what the fuck was wrong with me, I bought the DVD for second season. I hated it even more. I still have the third season somewhere in my external hard disks. Maybe if I have lost my sanity, I'll watch that too.

A regular sight in Ikkitousen >_>

2. Green Green
Episodes: 12 (Summer 2003)
Producers: Studio Matrix, Pony Canyon
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Slice of Life
My Rating: 5/10

They don't have torrent back in 2003. Can you fucking believe it that I bought this piece of shit? The protagonists were okay and the story was average. What I hate about this show thought is the two (or was it three?) friends of the Yusuke. They just annoyed the fuck out of me, especially the fat ugly dude. I think he made me puke once. Urgh fuck this shit. It wasn't even that funny.

1. Clannad
Episodes: 23 (Fall 2007)
Producers: Kyoto Animation, Pony Canyon, Sentai Filmworks
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural
My Rating: 7/10

Clannad is my first harem anime and I love it up until episode 16. Then the story starts to take the wrong turn and I fast forwarded the rest of the episodes while raging my ass off. Yes, I hate Nagisa with a passion and she ruined Clannad for me. Urgh why the fuck does Tomoya has to end up with that slut? >=(

So there you go, my top 10 most hated anime (to date). There are few of the recent anime that I hate with a vengeance but since I have been a much wiser person, I usually just dropped them after the initial first impression. I'm not sure whether to include them in this list since I personally thought it wouldn't be fair to judge them before I completed them.

Thank goodness that I do have a shitty anime list though. I called it anishit so you guys just have to click the link to see the anime that made the list. For my other top 10 list, click here.


I think this is one of those rare cases when I can say I have not seen 9 of the 10 titles. ^ ^

So much hate for K-On makes me kind of sad though. :(

I had heard a lot of people saying good things about Clannad, so I'm a bit surprised to see it grace the number one slot. You must have been really really annoyed with Nagisa to dislike this anime so much.

Lemme guess... you have only seen K-ON? Hehehe... and K-ON is at number 10. That's mild if you asked me.

Like I said, I enjoyed Clannad up until Tomoya wanted to fuck Nagisa. The show could have ended up as one of my favorite if it wasn't for that slut.

Green Green UGH. I remember the OP was awesome as fuck, and the characters seemed kind of cool, but this entire show was just a huge botch job from start to finish. I still haven't finished it because it's so bad.

TTGL is indeed overrated, although it's still not a bad anime. Kamina wasn't even THAT awesome if you ask me.

Everything else on this list looks pretty bad, though I'd still say that K-On should be 1.

Clannad at number one? Okay I can kind of see that.....Clannad After Story was awesome though.

I bought the damn DVD so I don't have a choice but to finish watching it or money goes to waste. What the fuck was I saying. It already is a fucking waste of money!

I'm not saying TTGL is a bad anime. I just hated it because of the reasons I mentioned up there. Yes, Kamina ain't that awesome I agree but I like him nonetheless.

I heard that Clannad After Story is about Nagisa? If it is, fuck get that shit away from me before I combust with rage.

Gahhhhh, Junjou. I haven't actually watched the anime (significant other keeps pushing me to do so and I keep going ehhhhhhh) but I've read the majority of the manga, and while I don't particularly HATE Misaki and Akihiko, they do annoy the shit out of me. Yet I'm stuck cosplaying Akihiko for the sake of the brat. We're doing Shinobu and Miyagi for my sake though, since they're my favorite of the couples.

We've already been through our opposing feelings toward Nagisa, lol, so I won't bother. But After Story is really focused on Tomoya, so you know. Like hardcore.

Hehe, looks like there are still plenty of fans out there that aren't Nagisa fans. I don't hate her, but she has to be the most boring character out of the entire Clannad series. Why is the canon route always with the goody, sweet yet generic and boring heroine? That trend has been changing more recently though...

I think Clannad and K-on should swap places, though it's kind of a tough call with White album up there too. Who did Fuji end up with anyways?

I haven't seen nearly all of these. I quite liked TTGL (I preferred Simon to Kamina :P ). I will say that K-On! and True Tears and Clannad are quite infuriating, although for me it was the artificiality and melodrama and moe that did them in for me. >_<

I'll stay away from the overtly ecchi and harem. XD

Whoa Arianna... you're cosplaying Akihiko? I gotta see that! And when you said Clannad 2 focused on Tomoya, I bet that included Nagisa in the equation too, no? But if you say there is also Fubuki in it, then I might consider watching that shit :)

Thank you Tsuki. The fact that canon always take that route makes me hates characters like Nagisa even more. It poses a question of what happened to us who is much more interesting yet not sweet enough? As for Fuji, I have no idea who he ended up with. If it's up to me, I say Rina XD

Simon is hotter than Kamina, I give you that lol. Artificiality, melodrama and moe huh? I should have mentioned that in my reasons as well but I thought that was well-known fact already. Though I must say, I actually love Fubuki for her moeness =\

Now you know why I despise ecchi and try to avoid harem :)

I agree with you on that Chaos;Head was a miss only because Takumi is a LOSER. A LOSER FROM THE LOSEREST PLACE IN LOSERLAND! I still can't find much connection between it and Steins;Gate as far as the characters are concerned because the setting hides indeed some similarities.

I also raged that Tomoya had to end up with cockroach-ahoge Nagisa not to mention, screw her and make a child you bears terrible similarity to her mother. I am dissapoint but, overall, everything else was good~

whoaaa wait what? Tomoya fucking got Nagisa pregnant? Please tell me he didn't get married to her and they have a bastard of a child instead. Is that the sequel for Clannad? Urgh fuck I don't want a mini Nagisa. No thank you.

H-haven't you watched the second season of CLANNAD (CLANNAD ~After Story~)? O_O; I suppose that spoiled you bad time...

I heard about it and because how Tomoya ended up with Nagisa in Clannad I assumed it has something to do with them both which is why I avoided it in the first place. Then fanarts of them with kid keep popping up. That gave me a certain idea too that they actually have a baby together. All the more reason why I should not watched it. If I do, I probably has the urge to kill babies at random

K-On! just annoys me to no end. I think it derserves to be in a higher spot than that. Anyway, the movie is going to either make or break it for me. I hope they get around to playing at least one song and not sip English tea the whole time...

I find it entirely fitting that this was one of the firsts posts I read after returning.

And you and I are united in our hatred of Green Green.

@MkMikku, the only reason K-ON is that far down on the list is because I'm still watching it albeat one episode per 2 months. It's all because of Ritsu though. Apparently I haven't paid attention to the blogsphere... K-ON IS GOING FOR A MOVIE?! o_O *slits wrists*

OMGGGGGGGGGGG SNARK YOU'RE BACK! *huggies* God I missed you and Green Green is like the fate that brought us together lmao XD

I've yet two things to say to you:

I endorse your list and respect your opinion, but:

1. Clannad isn't all that bad, but it's sequel Clannad After Story is the MOST OVERATED BULLSHIT EVER, but your predictions are right anyway...

2. I love TTGL, i love how i could see characters dying and don't coming back from afterlife as in a mentioned anime of this comment, of course, it is not a masterpiece, cuz as u said, it's ending is too much of a WTF ending, even for me, robots throwing whole galaxies at each other just don't cut it. it was too much shit for anyone to handle... but if you take this aside, it's a strong and good series.

Oh i forgot to sing:

"Daaaango, Daaaango, Daaaango, Daaaango ... no dai kazofuckingku"


Now i read some comments,

didn't you read my ancient and legendary post about Clannad Afterstory i wrote a few years ago ? it spoils the story hard, but it is a good reading that advise people to stay away from this series.

I got a lot of hate comment from this post, which kinda unmotivated me to keep using that site... damn clannad fantards !

It's still avaiable in my myanimelist blog if you care:



Thi, I did enjoy Clannad up to episode 16. Then it was all nothing but SHIT! Same goes for TTGL. It was good but I have no love for it, only rage towards the end of it.

I just read that review of yours. WTH? Both the mother and the daughter are dead? Hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha LMFAO.

@Glo, she really is dead? O_O All is fine in the world once again! Huzzah!


But then they come back to life because of magic and everyone's happy. GOOD WRITING.


Indeed, Nagisa dies. And then the daughter dies too. Then they all come back in a separate timeline in which everyone lives happily ever after and only Tomoya remembers all the shit that happened to him in the other universe.

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