24 November 2010

Just die, Kirino - Ore no Imouto go Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 8

Urgh, so in this episode, Kirino's novel was already published and just as expected, she got tons of fans. Well, the same with what's going on atm, isn't it? There are tons of Kirino's fans out there who worship her for reasons that I can't think of besides them being a pedobear and a lolicon. If that isn't bad enough, there was also rumors of her novel getting the anime treatment. Seriously people, just WHAT THE FUCK? You guys seriously need to stop producing all these garbage. You are just encouraging people like Kirino who thinks they got what it takes when in fact, the kind of story she wrote are fucking cliche and shallow and stupid and annoying, just like the kind of anime/eroge that she got her inspiration from.


It surprised me that she doesn't have that much knowledge on studio, seiyuu and all the shits that go into an anime. Oh wait, all she cared about was fucking the imouto. My bad.

So she forced Kuroneko and Giant Girl to accompany her to the anime meeting. If I were them, I won't go after how she conducted herself. She needs to get on her knees and get the fuck off from that high horse she had been riding nonstop. Unfortunately I can only dream. She still ride that horse in the meeting with the anime staff. She sure loves to hear her own annoying voice.

I'm so glad that the anime staff didn't go with her ideas. Someone needs to put her back on her place.

She was so shock by the treatment, she fainted. HAH! Does she really thinks everything in this world will go the way she wanted to? Does she really thinks that she can make everyone a doormat like she did with Kyousuke? HAH think again bitch!

The truth is, they only decided to make her novel as anime because they don't have any other choices. It was meant to fill in the gap because the anime they set their eyes on got canceled. This explained why the staffs don't give a rat ass about her ideas besides the fact that the ideas were suck and rotten.

Once Kyousuke got the wind of the situation, as a doormat he can't simply sit around and do nothing.

No, Kyousuke. You can really not do anything about it. Seriously. Really!

So once again Kyousuke disappoint me. He went with Saori and Kuroneko at the next meeting as Kirino's proxy. But he didn't do shit. If it wasn't for Kuroneko, the anime would have been canceled or proceed like the staff planned it. Kuroneko puts her foot down and be frank with what she thinks. She was awesome.

She asked questions that Kyousuke too afraid to ask himself.


In the end, it was Kyousuke who went down on his knees for Kirino's sake. Needless to say, I was appalled. Even more so when Kirino thinks that they accept her original work because of her.

Die, you fucking bitch.

I can talk about how anime adaptation can ruin the original work of a manga/novel but I'm pretty sure we have a lot to talk about that already in others' review of this episode. The issue they raised here was a valid one but this show is about the imouto so I'll focus on that instead of what the story is trying to tell us.


Kirino is a jerk sue, she treats everyone like shit but everyone loves her :\

Kirino's sense of entitlement and arrogance really get on my nerves. I didn't like her at all in this episode.

That's why it bothers me so much, Higanzakura. Anyway, welcome. I have never seen you before :)

Yi, you finally understand where did my hatred stems from. In real life, she probably would had been raped multiple times.

She didn't faint from the shock; it was just her first time sitting through a boring meeting! Kirino needs one of those 5-hour energy drinks.

I was kinda surprised at how little Saori did at the meeting. Kyousuke doesn't know what to do when declaring himself to be a dirty siscon won't solve the problem, so I don't really blame him for striking out in the meeting.

You are just making excuses for the bitch and the doormat. But yeah, Saori was useless. She better off be a decoration or something.

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