07 December 2009

My Top 10: Candidate Waifu

Yes. Waifu. Get that right.

blur kinda asked this nonchalantly in his blog: which anime characters would you pick to be your wife. Before that I chanced upon Glo whose-ancestor-is-so-freaking-hawt's marriage list thingy. These two entries got me thinking.

I know I have a very long list of favorite characters but to pick only 10 seems almost impossible. Thus I spend couple of days plus some sleepless nights to come up with the list (these are not limited to anime, since characters from manga are included)

1. Grimmjow Jaggerjacques (Bleach)

fanart by jiuge

This one is very tough indeed. I had to choose between him, Ulquiorra, Gin, Shinji and Ichigo. In the end, I chose him because he's a guaranteed to be so damn good in bed. Plus he is a natural born bad guy *drools*

2. Gracio Michael (Ares)

Yep, from mercenary to prince and he turned cold-blooded badassery in one night too. Who wouldn't want to marry a cold-blooded prince who has the same cold-blooded bad ass armies behind him, right? Right. I thought so.

3. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

fanart by shel_yang

Oh hell yes. If there is a man on earth that can make me laugh at any given time, it's Gintoki. I love men with a sense of humor. They are the best. At the end of the day, you want to grow old with someone who can makes you laugh, while sitting on a front porch drinking tea. Tea FTW. But that's not all, Gintoki is good at fighting too. He can knock you out with his wooden sword or raped you with his hexagon analog stick XD. He has similar background with Kenshin but the details are not known yet. Mysterious guy is hot @_@

4. Kuchiki Rukia (Bleach)

You read that right. I will marry Kuchiki Rukia. In a heart beat. Just look at the picture. She can hold it on her own among some of the badass male characters. She has tonnes of money thanks to Byakuya who adopted her and I don't need to be delicate around her. Plus, if I marry her, I'll get Sode no Shirayuki thrown in for free. Threesome is awesome :P

5. Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

fanart by GabSL

There would never be a dull moment in my life. I am practically married to a God! Also the thought of self-cest is kinda arousing :3

6. Konata Izumi (Lucky.Star)

fanart by fepo2001

It would be insane not wanting to marry Konata. She is like the epitome of greatness. Just thinking of the child we could produced together makes my mouth watered. Our babies would be the epitome of everything awesome.

7. Shinonome Kon (Amatsuki)

Kon... *eyes shimmering* He's such a hottie. And he's a great cook too. I believe men who cook must be great in bed too but I was just making that up XD

8. Ryougi Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai)

She's a killing machine with eyes made of win. What other reasons do you need?!

9. Sengoku Shishimaru (Hyakko)

Don't let his appearance fool you. Shishimaru is badass. He's very good in Kendo and can gives Tama-chan a run for her money in a tourney. When he likes someone, he'll be so damn loyal. Not to mention that he will be totally goofy around the person that he likes. I personally think those are pretty charming traits.

10. Zero Kiryuu (Vampire Knight)

Duh. This one is a no brainer. I want my babies to have vampire abilities and also because vampires genetically are the smex. OK, one would argue that he is not really a full fledge vampire, but a vampire killer who happened to turn into a vampire. Same different.

So there you go. I did not include Kamina-sama because I don't want to be married to a dead guy. If he's alive then he'll be in my list. But since he's not, RIP Kamina-sama T__T


Two links? Stop making me feel popular.

If good cooks are good in bed, maybe I should look into becoming a porn star.

watofock ..?
bisexsual kluxoz

the last list shuld be change with EDWARD !!

btw im quite scare reading konata reason lol ~

; _ ; i shuld make my waifu list like this too : /

imo, the ones who have the most fun are the ones who can hit both ends of the spectrum.

Does shiki NEED a knife to trace the lines she sees with her mystic eyes of DP? Couldn't she, say... cut someone apart with her tongue?

@Glo the King of Porn, shuddup. You are already popular without me has to do anything XO

@deady, Edward is gay and I don't do fag.

@Ningyo, that is a pretty disturbing mental image of Shiki. LOL

LOL - great list of mixed characters. This is something that I may have to review as well. My first choice would have to be Yoko from Gurren Lagann as she has my wife's personality - shoot first and worry about the rest later!

Female who has been blessed with plum oppai is not something that I go gay for. If it is, Yoko would have been the first in my list XD

Agreed about Grimmjaw, but yea Bleach is really hard to choose. So many hot guys.
Also I love Ryougi Shiki too. She's too awesome and I love her type.

RAWRrrR! I SAW LINKY! Lol!.. Thanks!

Out of everyone there, I'm most surprised with Zero Kiryuu. Isn't he like, emo all the time? Xp

And I expected Haruhi to rank higher than Rukia. But just 1 spot away. Close enough. :p

@Yi, which part were you agreeing with? That he's good in bed? XD

@blur, yes Zero is emo. Why I like him more than Kaname? Because he's not a fag. And Rukia trumped all female characters :P

I love low-maintenance women like Shiki. Her room is basically a bed, a phone, a refrigerator, and a sink. No frills. Better yet, she wields a knife, because bullets cost money. What's not to like?

ah... someone who understands =3

only some are gals while the rest are guys...I think it is okay if you are a gal doing those votes...else it feel....

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