25 November 2010

Bleach: Chapter 428

Urgh, finally the chapter is out. I have been waiting for it since morning. It's 6:19pm atm. Well, better late than never I guess because we have a JUMP covered and a colored spread of Ichigo.

Oh yes *squirts*

I thought that was definitely it but then we got served by another colored spread of Zaraki, Ikkaku, Renji and Ishida looking mighty hot and what not. And then another color spread?! My brain is melting I think. I mean, there they are: Ulquiorra and Grimmjow and Byakuya and Nnoitora. Fuck, now I can't wait for the fucking movie to be out which will be a year from now. Argh thank you Kubo for these damn teaser. At least I got something to fap to. My pantsu exploded. KABOOM!

And of course what would a movie about hell be without the gate of hell itself. I know a friend who would really appreciate these teasers. Unfortunately he refused to read the manga and a phobia to spoilers so I can't show him any of these. He's so gay.

But enough of me fapping. Lets get back to the story.

Ginjou was in the process of intimidating Ichigo when the shop owner intervened. She was obviously wary of him as well. Before he left, he did ask Ichigo to check out Urahara shop where Karin is at the moment.

Looks like Ginjou is not alone. He has his sidekick waiting for him outside the shop. The Kutsuzawa guy looks like 1st Division Vice Captain who have died his hair black and borrowed Kenpachi eye patch while Rurika (WTH) looks like Inoue's cousin. She is definitely confident with her overall appearance. But looks like Ginjou is still the superior one between the three of them despite Riruka saying that they are equal and shit.

I don't like them already

They are kinda mysterious and shit at this point but I got a feeling that they aren't really the bad people. Remember when they first introduced the Vaizards? Isn't this kinda the same? Well, more or less.

Anyway, back to Karin. She was at Urahara not because she wants to become Shinigami like we hope her to be. Actually it was the contrary. She was buying all sorts of spirit/hollow repellent. But really, who is Kubo kidding? We all know it is only a matter of time before she will become one who will kick ass, just like her brother. Well, not as powerful but you get my drift. She even said to Urahara that this time it is her duty to protect her brother. Awwww....

Urahara as usually was up to something. He never gives anything for free so to treat Karin like that, I'm sure something will come up soon. He even offered her anything that she needs if something do happened.

Of course, just like Ginjou planned, Ichigo went to Urahara and was surprised to see Karin there. Then Ginjou showed up and messed with his head. This time around, he made Ichigo doubted Urahara. It kinda pissed me off how fickle Ichigo is. I mean, he has known Urahara for 3 years more or less now and suddenly this fucked up guy who tried to emulate Izaya and Crocodile's fashion sense showed up, he's questioning them? Even his own family? Jeebus Ichigo, you definitely need Rukia by your side to knock some sense into you, don't you? Don't worry I understand. I miss her too.

Sounds formidable. Not.

And that's about it for this week. Nothing much happening except that we now know Ginjou is not alone. He's definitely mysterious.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


OMG! am I the first one to comment?! YAHOO!!!!
I definitely agree with you about the Ginjou guy and his sidekicks... i mean these peeps have this somekinda - fishy aura about them... dunno... and YES! Ichi needs RUKIA badly by his side at this time! i mean, even if Urahara - san is a weirdo (and i lurv him for it!) he still helped him through and through though it's not for free!?!?! right?! hahaha!!!

oh, did i ever tell you... you've been in my favorites tab since July! and because I so love reading your rantings, I already developed a habit of simultaneously opening your site and the manga site where i'm reading bleach!!! OMG!! am i turning into a stalker?!?! WTF?! hahahaha!!!:)))))))))))

Hello Marie Lim, nice to meet you and you have made my day. Just saying =3

You are in IchiRuki fan too, huh?

Apparently, you missed this thing that ties in the movie:
Meh. Nobody cares about Aaeroniero and Szayel...

How the fucking fuck did I miss that? O_o

I'm the opposite. I like Riruka already. Her design is kind of cute.
Anyways, Karin made me go awwww too.

She reminded me of Inoue and you know how I feel about Inoue. But I'm willing to see how her character developed.

Really?!! I'm so glad to hear that!!!
YES!!! I'm an IchiRuki fan!!!! As in SUPER-DUPER FAN!!!! hahaha! :)))))))))))))

marie lim, you are now my newest best friend. IchiRuki unites!

aww, you're so sweet!!! *gives hug*
yes that's right!!! let all IchiRuki fans unite!!!!

mission: CRUSH ORIHIME!!!!

hahaha! XD

peace everyone!XD

Well, Inoue surprisingly aren't as obnoxious as she was back in the days of HM. So I don't really has problem with her atm

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