17 November 2010

Bleach: Chapter 427

I was about to go to sleep since I have to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning to drive home which is 400km from where I am right now, when I found the latest chapter of Bleach is already out at mangastream. Without wasting anymore time, lets dive in, Bleachtards!

The chapter starts with Inoue being a dumbfuck that she is, thinking that Ichigo was really kidnapped. Thankfully the ever so patience Ishida explained the situation to her. I am disappointed really since I was hoping Ishida/Inoue would have happened by now because you know Ichigo can't get over Rukia.

Looks like they all have a part time job by now, even the klutzy Inoue. That's something normal that I love seeing to be honest. These characters are more relatable like that.

Having said that, these guys have been feeling something is off with Ichigo. Inoue called it a "weird aura". Ishida noticed it as reiatsu. It must have lingered from Ichigo's contact with the ramen guy, or perhaps Rukia is around looking after him.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the town, Ichigo is "communicating" with the ramen guy. He doesn't seems like a bad guy but I've learned from Aizen that look can be deceiving. He sure have that cool persona about him though which of course reminds us of Aizen yet again but lemme tell you that he is NOT Aizen.

Guess what? The ramen guy has a job for Ichigo and he's hired to do a background check on someone. That someone is no other than his own that, Kurosaki Isshin. Heh, this is only one of the methods for Ichigo (and us) to learn more about Isshin's past and how he was dismissed to the real world. Was it really because he chose to marry his wife, who might or might not be a normal human being without any power what so ever? What's with his family that the guy hinted he shouldn't know the truth yet?

Question, question, questions!

As Ichigo busy being in shock and shit, his sister Karin is at Urahara's shop. Heh, she really does reminds me of Rukia a lot for some reason. I can't wait to learn about her/Ichigo's family secrets. Can it be that they were all adopted? That would be so fucked up.

Next week's Hell Arc can't come any sooner >>

Speaking of Urahara, Ururu has all grown up and has entered high school. Same with Jinta. I must say the she looks rather cute in the uniform and Jinta reminds me of Naruto for some reason. They are both still live and help Urahara around.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


first of all... that guy is CLEARLY Crocodile from One Piece (they look exactly the same).

but in all seriousness he is probably Isshin's brother.

ALSO, FINALLY something is happening again. Although it kind of feels like Kubo thought "well i wrapped up the series and I had no way to fit in Isshin's past. Well everyone is gonna be pissed if I dont, so heres a random arc explaining everything!"

Damn, I dunno who Crocodile is because obviously I am way behind on One Piece.

In all seriousness, he's Isshin's brother? For real? That would be interesting. The lady boss could be the long lost aunt if Ichigo too >>

I have lots of hope for this arc so hopefully Kubo will not butchered it. Speaking of nothing relatable, what happened to Grimmjow? And Gin? And Ulquiorra?

Oballer does have a point; the ramen guy does resemble Crocodile, minus the hook for one of the hands.

I'm looking forward to seeing the secrets behind Ichigo's family. Maybe it'll turn into a complex family drama lol.

As people have mentioned, Ramenguy is totally the lovechild of Crocodile from One Piece (http://www.shopncsx.com/images/products/detail/op_croc.jpg)
and Aizen's smug face.
Odd that those little kids are high schoolers now...gah feeling old! >-<
And indeed. Revelations about his old man's past would surely set the fandom afire again.

I guess Bleach does need to tie up the loose end with Ichigo's dad.
Agreed about Ururu.

I don't mind if Kubo gives us drama TJ. Maybe he can throw in some real romance in it too while he's at it?

I've checked out who this Crocodile guy is and dayyum, they can be twins! O_o

The revelations will only rekindle the sparks of love everyone once had with this series, Chester. I can't be happier but at the same times worried that Kubo might just be retarded enough to fuck up this second chance.

I like how the characters kinda evolve from being the awkward teenagers they once were. Just look at Ishida and Ururu for example. They exude confidence and they actually look good. I remember being gleeful when I saw how Naruto's characters matured. The same feelings here.

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