07 January 2011

My Top 10: Anime of 2010

edit: I keep forgetting to post this one up. Oh well, who cares if I'm outdated anyway?

This has turned out as a tradition for most of us. I feel obligated to name my top ten anime for 2010 since I did the same thing for 2009. It's good to keep track, is all I'm saying and after watching the first two abysmal anime for the winter, I feel like it is even more important to pull out that gems from all the rubbish and gave it a proper recognition.

As usual lets start from the big numbers. Noted that this is my own personal preference. Be damn if you disagree :D

10. Seitokai Yakuindomo

(c) koga

If it wasn't for Glo, I probably wouldn't have bothered with this show. I glad that I let his opinion gets to me and thus I marathoned this show, something that I wasn't able to do for quite sometimes. The reasons that I was able to enjoy this show a lot are because of two things: the characters and the sex jokes. It might get old to some but I just freaking loving it. Too bad the last episode was just some reminiscing shit otherwise this one could end up with 9 for ranking.

9. Arakawa Under the Bridge

(c) eriyama

SHAFT did it again. This one is fresh and something different from the usual. I like different. This one certainly has that originality feel to it whether it's the art style or the story line. Can't say that I enjoy the second season more than the first one though. The quality of the two is too far apart. They tried to deepen the romance plot between Nino and Ko but it all just seemed too forced. If I feel the first season was lacking, the second season is worse.

8. Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen

(c) haco

This one is totally picked for bias reasons. Reason number one is because I really did enjoy it a lot. The first season of this show can be considered my getaway anime for the sports genre. Needless to say, I was grateful to A1-Pictures for brought in the second season. I hope there is more :)

7. Star Driver

Kiraboshi! .v.>

When I first saw this show, I didn't take it seriously. I still do not taken it seriously till this day but there are just something about this show that made me enjoyed every episode so far. Maybe it's the Glittering Crux signal that I've been saying and implementing to unsuspecting people in real life, or the potential of yaoi between Sugata and Takuto or simply because of the absurdness of the exaggerations. Male mecha wearing heels? Only available in this show, man. Even with all that, the production team still takes anime seriously and produces quality anime. Kudos.

6. Giant Killing

(c) inudic

These made two anime sports in the list. Awesome. Giant Killing is basically one man show of Tatsumi. I just love how witty and cool he is. He reminds me of Jose Mourinho, who is one of my favorites, so it really is a plus. By the end of the show, I feel like I have bonded with the rest of the players as well. That was how I felt exactly when I finished Oofuri season one several years ago. That's a sign of a good show.

5. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

I just finished watching the whole show last week. I kinda put it on hold half way through. I forgot whether it was because I'm too busy with work or the story kinda put me to sleep but either way I glad I picked this one up again. It was still kinda out of this world with the whole occult and alien thingy but that's not why this show ended up in my top 5 anime of the year. This show reminds me of how important character development is. I kinda lost track for a while and never really give a damn about it but it goes to show how character development can turn a show around. Abe in the last episode is not the Abe you knew in episode 2. That was cool. And then there's the fact that it was produced by A1-Pictures and I just love Kozue as a character.

4. Durarara


I still have a couple of episodes to go and I'm saving the episodes for my moody day but as far as what I've seen so far, this one definitely deserved to be in the list for the sheer awesomeness of Izaya and each of the characters alone.

3. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

(c) kanata daiki

I love the hilarity of the whole show except when Himeji being moe and shit but whatever, Kouta still rocks. I wasn't expecting to like this show when I saw the preview chart but I ended up couldn't get enough of it. There are not much going on but the story is cleverly written to make it seems interesting and with a touch of funneh, this was a perfect mix for comedy. I am waiting with anticipation for season two. Hopefully it won't focus on Himeji and Yoshii because that would ruin the whole shit. I have high hopes indeed.

2. Kuragehime

(c) inoue mop

When I saw Kuranosuke, I sold my soul to the devil. When I saw Shuu, I bargained with the angel to let me in. I'm torn and that's why this one is so deliciously gooooood.

1. Working!!

(c) 48

The only show that I thoroughly enjoyed. I love the love triangle, the scheming, the androphobic, the cross dressing, the characters development, basically I love everything about it. Even with Kuragehime I raged at some point. Not with this one here. Every episode is entertaining and I really didn't have any idea what to expect. Just like Abe, I totally have different opinions about Takanashi by the time I've seen the last episode and just like Baka to Test Shoukanjuu and Kuragehime, I can't fucking wait for the second season. I hope there's one. There will be one, won't it? RIGHT?

Honorable mention: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya


Simply a master piece.

Honorable mention: Cat Shit One

Fluffy bunnies carrying machine guns killing camels. You'll be crazy not to like this one.

And that ladies and gentlemen, concludes the year of 2010. Making this list made me realized how shitty the shows are as the year keeps adding up a number. Something needs to be done. Instead of doing some really lame and super dumb anime, they should stop producing and focus more on the quality of the anime and think of a plot that can put you on the map.


I don't think I could disagree with any of these selections, aside from the ones that I haven't seen (star driver, giant killing, Ookiku) High School of the Dead, would replace one of those for me. as for the other two slots I'd have empty, I have no clue...maybe Panty and Stocking and then possibly Angel Beats or Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls....idk I think I dropped a lot of stuff, I really can't remember any other shows besides those.

You win for adding Oofuri Season 2.

I kinda drop Working! once the guy start to dress a woman maid. LOL Why no bleach? You drop bleach off totally? Same here. I get upset about the fillers years ago.

Oh god, I would love a second season of Working!!. And Kuragehime. And Durarara, too. A season with those sequels would be epic...

One of the most unique lists I've seen, certainly the only one to have Working as number 1. Props to that!

I dropped a lot of stuff too. Thank goodness I have my first impression posts to remind me.

Panty and Stocking was unique but I didn't enjoy it that much. Angel Beats just missed out to be in the top 10 but the ending made me rage so that's that.

Mr. Anon, Oofuri is the shiznit.

I suggest you pick up Working again, LEon. Takanashi wearing cross dressing was just win. It wasn't for sexual thingy with him so that's why I enjoyed it a lot. As for Bleach, I can't say that I've totally given up on the anime. I will watch the episodes when I feel like it. Maybe when Aizen arc is over I will pick it up again.

A season with those sequels would made me wet my pantsu every other day, Mint. That's how fucking epic it is.

I yield to nobody, Yi! LOL yeah, my taste of anime kinda unpredictable. It's all comes down to how much I enjoy the show, I guess.

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