06 June 2012

Bleach: Chapter 495

The war has officially started at Soul Society and many shinigami has fallen. The weak stands no chance against the Stern Ritter - this included Kira Izuru, the vice captain of 3rd Division. His captain, Ichimaru Gin Rōjūrō Otoribashi or better known as Rose, received the news calmly, just as expected from a captain. He himself is in a fight of his own, against someone who looks like a Tousen when he transformed into a giant fugly demented fly. This fugly enemy has a name: Stern Ritter "U" Nana Najahkoop.

I am laughing my ass off at the moment. That name is just great Kubo. LMAO just how much effort did you put I wonder? XD

I feel sorry for Rose who have to fight such an enemy. It is sort of degrading for his artistic side. Well, sad news is, Rose kind of confirmed the death of Kira Izuru. Lets mourn for him for a few silence seconds, and with a fanart of him as my last tribute.

Kira Izuru: You will always be remembered as Gin's sex slave ♥
(c) Anbe
At the other parts of Soul Society, more shinigamis are being slaughtered by the Stern Ritter. Instead of numbering system like he did with the espada in the last few arcs, Kubo decided to go alphabetically this time around. We have already met "U", there are several others:
  • "F" - As Nodt, a sadistic lady who kind of reminds me as the darker side of Unohana. It would be interesting to see if these two ladies will face each other. She sends spikes that either kill the victim instantly or put them on extreme pain. At the moment though she's fighting Abarai Renji. Oh fuck, is he going to die too? LOL and pardon me, apparently she is not a lady. XD
  • "E" - Bambietta Basterbine who looks the same age as Rukia but totally has no compassion as she went on a killing spree. Thank goodness that Kimamura is around to stop her madness. 
Looks like the fight is pretty set by now as the show a slight preview of who the Captain and Vice Captain of Gotei 13 are up against. Hisagi is up against a big built guy, Shunshui versus an old man while Soi Fon is up against some dude wearing an European warrior helmet. The Stern Ritters are yet to be officially introduced.

As expected the lesser shinigami i.e. the Vice Captains are no match for the Stern Ritter. Kira was a fine example of that as Renji struggles to land a hit on his enemy. What makes matter worst is the fact that it's two against one as one more Stern Ritter appeared.

Not for long though as Byakuya comes to the rescue, as calm and stoic as ever. He immediately caught Nodt attention. I must admit that when Byakuya appeared, he makes me faps. So good.


So this chapter pretty much shows us who is fighting who and sort of what to expect from each fight. I hope the shinigami will do what Byakuya just said, pulverizing all those Quincy bastards. Kira and Gin's death need to be avenged!

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