13 June 2012

Bleach: Chapter 496

When I saw the Syazel shinigami (because I forget what's his name is >_>) trying to stop one of the Stern Ritters from advancing, and acting like he's capable of stopping him, I wanna do a major facepalm. Seriously, don't these shinigami get what is happening around them at the moment? Are they really that clueless/stupid/in denial/all of the above?

But lets forget about that fight. We all know he's gonna die anyway. Lets get back to where Byakuya, Renji and that dude who I first thought was a lady. It sort of uncharacteristic for Byakuya to talk that much in any occasion in my opinion but I guess he is dealing with this shit his own way, and he always said what's important anyway, so I forgive him ♥

Captain level is different from the other lesser shinigami level I guess. For once, a taicho's blade managed to cut the Stern Ritter. I'm not sure whether it is because of Byakuya or the level of his opponent is not on par to his level, which I doubt. Whatever it is, I am sure the counter attack will be fierce as fuck. These shinigamis tend to underestimate their opponents. We have seen they making the same mistake over and over again. I hope Byakuya won't make that mistake this time around.

I mean, he is already prepared to get his bankai sealed by these Stern Ritters assholes. This actually makes my heart drops. It feels like, if they sealed his bankai, then that could also mean the end for Byakuya. Just that thought makes me sad as fuck. Like, I have tears in my eyes as I write this. And it is not just Byakuya. Looks like every other captains with a fukutaicho fighting besides them are having the same plan. It just damn breaks my heart T__T

Oh me, stop being so melodramatic.

And by doing that, they had walked right into the enemy's plan. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK

Mayuri miscalculated. It's not like they sealed away their bankai. It's more like their bankai was taken away. Being an RP player for this character, I can understand why even Byakuya is on panic mode. Bankai, or your zanpaktou, is something that is born from your inner soul. If it is taken away, you'll lost part of yourself.


Suddenly I feel very scared for these shinigami. I feel like hugging Byakuya and tell him everything is going to be alright, that Kubo won't dare to kill him off.

On the other side of things, this is definitely a set up for a much more interesting battle/fight/plot. I would be surprised if they survive this at all, seeing how unbalance the power scales are at the moment. Let see what brilliant idea Kubo has in store for us or if it is just another weak attempt for a twist.

I am quite excited to be honest.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


you don't just steal someone's powers. that's the most assholeish thing...

I don't know how to explain it, but it infuriates me. I mean, I felt a tad sorry for Firelord Ozai and he definitely had it coming.

with shinigami it's even worse, for the reasons that you stated. they worked hard for those bankai. those bankai reflect their personality. they aren't just weapons

"that dude who I first thought was a lady"

I don't think Kubo's Art Evolution over the years was for the better. Nowadays, I don't recognize many characters anymore because of their faces, but because of their hairstyle. Somehow, most of his characters look like women to me.

And about the "sealing Bankai" thing: I actually thought they stole it from the beginning and that's why I thought the captains' plan was stupid, lol. Must have misread it. But they still have their Shikai, haven't they?

Whatever, I just hope Kubo won't waste one chapter for like 2min "in-story" every time now because else I'll get very... impatient. I already said it a few times, but his panels are imo too big and they don't advance the plot much further. The flow and the pace of the story are terrible and not really exciting. And where is Rukia, goddammit? :p

Offtopic: Germany just won against the Netherlands, yay! ^_^

it infuriates me as well Rogue. That is just low, and to see that dude smiling while he's stealing it, I want to stab him in the ass for that.

@Reiki, Kubo just getting impatience. It seems like he just can't wait to finish Bleach as soon as he can. That infuriates me as well. Oh btw, I doubt they will still have their shikai, since logically bankai is the extension of shikai. Once you stole the bankai, there's basically nothing left.

2-1 baby! *does a fuck dance* XD

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