06 June 2012

First Impression: Kuroko no Basket

To be honest, I am watching this hoping that I get to see some hinted BL. This is resulted from some BL fanarts of this series that I found online. They look so hot I just have to give this series a try. I didn't write anything at all regarding this series in my preview for Spring. I must have missed it and thus I hope this one could pull a (good) surprise.

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The series managed to grab my attention for the first six minutes when they introduced Taiga and Tetsuya. This is a good sign indeed which mean I can sit back and enjoyed the rest of the episode without having to rage (too much). Plus, the Tetsuya Kuroko character intrigues me. Though he's unforgettable for the audience, it seems like he's pretty unnoticeable/invincible (and not in a good way) kind of character which sort of hilarious if you think about it. After all, he is supposed to be one of the main protagonists of the show, and one of the Generation of Miracles.

The other protagonist is of course Taiga, who is the complete opposite of Tetsuya. He's loud and is good at basketball though Tetsuya already said that he will be crushed if he goes up against the Generation of Miracles. The only way Taiga can beat them is if he let Tetsuya be his shadow, which is his specialty by the way. Tetsuya is so good at passing ball, people don't even see him touching the ball.

I expected something great in term of arts and animation though, since this is produced by Production I.G. but what I get is a pretty mediocre looking anime which kind of a shame. Thank goodness that the story ain't shit otherwise there is no reason for me to continue watch this show. OK, that's a lie. I will continue watching this show just because I want to meet the other five members of Generation of Miracles. I mean... I've seen the fanarts and they are definitely worthy of faps.

I laughed once which means this show gets instant approval and I am surprised to find out that this show is actually quite good and enjoyable. If only the art is excellent...

arts & animation 5
story 7
characters 6
sound 7
enjoyment 7
overall 6.4/10


Honestly, after watching 9 episodes I would say this is an average sports anime. I thought it might be a little better than usual, because of the idea of the main character being a support player, which I thought was an interesting idea. As you said, the art is not great (not BAD, just not better than average). The other thing is that the underlying story is still the same underlying story of every other shounen sports series: they are underdogs trying to win the high school championship.

Hmm it was to be expected though like I said, the only reason I might continue watching this is because the Generation of Miracles. I expected bishies. LOL

But you put it so bluntly that it sort of killed my desire to watch the rest of the episode heh.

this anime reminds me of slam dunk. yet, it is still good anime to watch and each character of generation of miracles is well described. for me this is good anime since i love shounen sport series and basketball. u should watch until it final episodes = )

If I watch this (as I planned to), it would totally be for the BL. LOL!

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