17 December 2009

Bleach: Chapter 386

Well, Tousen's resurrection is basically a demented fly... WHAT THE FUCK?! I lol'd so hard man, it just seems so appropriate for a man with twisted sense of "justice". The coincidence is too fucking hilarious XD

*craps in my pants from laughing so hard* XD

So people was right. He really craved the eyes to see. All that see-from-the-heart shit was bullshit. He was a hypocrite. What a shock! NOT.

Komamura who claimed to be Tousen's true friend because he had lost his loved one, further explained himself to the fly. What a waste of time if you asked me *rolleyes*

Tousen of course wouldn't hear any of it. Like I said, what a waste of time. So they continued with the fight and as expected, Tousen's resurrection ability was pretty sick. He defeated Komamura's bankai in a single attack, which means that Komamura was defeated that easily too.

I was REALLY expecting Komamura to be killed because that would be so much awesome (a good guy need to die once in a while, dammit!) but as always Kubo fucked that up for me >=(

I am not too sure whether to say that it was lame as fuck because Shuuhei did mention the reason why Tousen was so careless but then again it was just too fucking easy. On one hand I really like the fact that Kazeshini managed to kill him (with style I might add), but on the other hand, I expect that it would be more badass, I want to see Tousen suffered!

dammit >_<

I would have rant even more if not for the fact that Kubo provided a spread for us fans as bribe. He must have known that we fans want his head on a spear or something thus why he provided us with the spread to cool us down. I think it might have save him his life.


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I was really disappointed by Tousen. As one of the three traitorous captains, I expected him to at least require someone super super strong to take him out, not a mere vice.

Gin better get some decent fights or I will be soooooo mad.

Anyway, funniest moment was when Tousen called Komamura ugly. Does he realize he's a giant fly?

I was mad too but then it got me thinking how humiliating it is to die by the hand of his own former vice which he belittled earlier. Sure he didn't suffer like I wanted him too but his pride sure was crushed >=D

Lol Tousen was so weak sauce in this fight. His appearance was quite appropriate though.

Tousen badly needed a mirror lol.

Tousen sure got ugly lol and talk about insta-kill!

guess that brief moment of having sight dulled his acute senses XD

did anyone else think it was total bull that komamura was taken down and then a VICE captain coudl go in and one shot him?

Like rockleelotus said, it must have fucked up his senses. Besides Komamura the wuss decided not to kill him, didn't he?

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